Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Report: Rinkal Kumari Case


KARACHI: On Monday Sindh High Court sent  Rinkal Kumari to Daar-ul-Amaan till 26th March when she will be produced before the Supreme Court.
Though final verdict of Sindh High Court will be made today .
Rinkal Kumari’s uncle’s lawyer Amar Lal demanded of the court that she needed an independent environment before March 26 as she had been detained by Mian Metho.

During hearing of the case, court room was replete with politicians, civil society, scholars, journalists and her parents. As Rinkal Kumari was presented she was surrounded by a group of gun men of Mian Metho.
Iqbal Haider gave his remarks that Rinkal Kumari’s case is of kidnapping rather than conversion to Islam. He said that I would request to the court that if she is presented an independent environment as she has been under terrible influence of Mian Metho and she did not look relaxed to give her statement frrely, because the press conference on 11 March is completely against her previous statements at local Court of Mirpur Mathelo.

While the hearing Iqbal Haider asked how he would believe the girl standing in veil was actual Rinkal Kumari. Judge ordered to Rinkal Kumari to remove her veil and let the court recognize her and Rinkal Kumari uncle’s lawyer demanded that she must put off Bluetooth from her ear and she did as court had ordered her.
Iqbal Hiader and Noor Naaz Agha said “if she had been married to Naveed Shah then where was marriage certificate that was signed by witnesses and who were the witnesses. It showed this case was of kidnapping and forcibly conversions to religion and I would request to the court to prevent the involvement of religious elements in this case.

Rinkal Kumari’s mother Sulchhani said that she only wanted her daughter back.

Published in The Frontier Post on 13th March/2012

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