Friday, March 30, 2012

Need help for Rinkle Kumari.

Need your five minutes for saving one life, Can you?

I really do not covet to disturb your precious time, I am knocking your door through writing at moment because need your wee bit help that you may up voice for 19 years old girl Rinkle Kumari. I wish you would know about her well, if one of you has no Idea; please take look at below link where you will be able to read about her case.

On 26th March 2012 she was requesting to Chief Justice of Supreme Court Mr. Iftkhar Ahmed Choudhary that I want to go with my mother, please do not send back me to Daru-ul-Amaan instead of kill me, you have no idea what is happening there, you can not imagine for staying in Daru-ul-Amaan at least one night even? She further said I know here is no justice for me, told Rinkle to Chief Justice. Chief Justice sent her back to Karachi Shelter Panah house thus he could have sent her Islamabad shelter house but none could do anything in front of Chief Justice and she was sent back to Karachi Shelter house, reported. 

We all can understand what is happening in shelter house and knowing well powerful hands have reached easily there those can kidnap girls in the name of religion they can do everything. Rinkle maybe under pressurized for changing her statement, well what will happen on 18 April, 2012 at Supreme Court until standing on waiting list with hope that we would not be heard that No one has kidnapped her.
Now why I am writing to you? Hence, need your help that you people you are civilized and educated and have known civil + human rights I believing if you people up voice for her it would be made strong wave of supporting for her and raise protest for her returning to mother.

We cannot do any thing but would we do some bit steps:

1: binding black ribbon unless Rinkle Kumari return her home,
2: On 18 April 2012, people must be gathered at their city press club.

By these two steps we can make sympathy wave for Rinkle Kumari that she is not alone. I know, this world is for richest people, poor people have no space and Rinkle is daughter of poor, she is not rich...If she was daughter of rich people, I would not have needed to remind you. 

I cannot do anything I have only small power of writing, I am writing whether it is good or bad.
Can you up voice for her?

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