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First Missing persons of Balochistan – Second Sindh than Shahbaz Taseer..


I will kill my sorrows, before they kill me; said Fatima Bhutto – Poet and Writer.

I recalled above line when my cell phone rang and it was call from my editor, asked me, hey Veengas one person is asking for your contact number; shall I give your number?

Personally I am very private person and hardly like to talk anyone. I responded, sure you can give my number but who is that person? My editor told, he is our reporter than my answered surly no need to ask for it.
Again my cell phone was ringed and I picked call with surety that it is my newspaper reporter’s number. My reporter wished and told me, Adi (it is Sindhi Language Word means Sister) one lady wants to speak with you, she is mother of Basheer Arisar who has been kidnapped by agencies of Pakistan than he passed cell phone her, Mother of Basheer Arisar, she said while thanking me that I am grateful of you that you have picked pen on my son’s case and have written on him. We are poor people and our voice has been rejecting for long time from various places but you wrote my daughter.

I pray for you and thanks a lot. When she was speaking with me; I was silent for a while and asked myself that here is no need to say thanks. Why is she thanking me? Then finally, I said please do not say THANKS, no need it. It is our duty and right that we ought to pick pen up on issues those need to be written and your son is brave who stands up against injustice. I wish, he would be realized soon. But she wished and thanked me in typical style of Sindhi.

A mother who was searching her child, nowhere voice had been reported; because of she had no high royal background. But she was trying to killing her sorrows by struggling and searching her child.
 Second day her husband Mohammad Arisar phone me that we have received call from Amena Junjowa, she was saying that we should come to Islamabad and protest there.

Adi, could you guide us, what do we do by now? On one question that is anyone party not supporting or guiding you? He answered and wept that none is supported us, we are alone and themselves trying to up voice; big people has not lost their kids, this is me who has lost his kid. Nor am I rich people that Camera of Media listen my voice. I sympathized and gave him contact number of Mr. Qadeer Baloch Chairman of Voice for Missing Persons of Balochistan, while giving number said him that he has remained in touch with Amena Junjowa and he can guide you very well. You must contact him before leaving for Islamabad.

When he reached in Islamabad, no one has come to us and none asked for help; though, he shared me. After some days Mohammad Arisar father of Basheer Arisar called and said me, do not share news with anyone I have heard, they are realizing my son, this news would like to share with you my daughter. I asked him who is realizing him. Men of agencies, he replied me.

When I got information that they have brutally beaten Basheer Arisar and he has drastically changed his physical appearance because they beaten him.

I called Basheer Arisar and asked him why did they pick up you and what did want from you?
He said, they were beating and asking me put off hand on politics and never involved again into politics. What did your stance? What should have my position! I told them, you can kill me but I will never put off my hand on politics. Finally they said me, we are now going to realize you but remember if we saw you again your involvement in politics, would pick up you, Okay. They have beaten and injured me after than ordering that now we are freeing you, said Basheer Arisar.

Why act of missing people have been started? In Dictator Pervez Musharraf who once said that first make list of big leaders and kill them, and than kidnap people, no one can blame at us; by this strategy we can finish political voice in Sindh and Balochistan.
While Balochistan people have been kidnapping around 4365 people, none has paid attention on it. It is like vegetable free market without fear; they can go and pick up people.
Would you call it state that has rule of law and six seasons of Sue Mottos?

They are unable to stop inhumane step of missing people because of this same strategy is started in Sindh now where 56 political people are disappeared and one of Basheer Arisar only realized with threats if he started politics, would be faced result.
In Islamabad Sindhi families of missing persons are raising voice for their people unfortunate is not being given attention still Mrs. Saima Bhutto wife of Muzafar Bhutto is requesting for her husband even her application is sent at international platforms and Scholar Noam Chomsky gave statement that Sindh is suffering and facing injustice and Muzafar Bhutto and all missing persons must be realized, said Noam Chomsky.

When international communities and scholars give statements against injustice then why is ignoring voice? Does Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Chodhoury think about file cases against ruling party PPP, would come justice? We do not know perhaps Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Chodhoury and Establishment of Pakistan know well.

When see people are kidnapped and throw out their dead bodies, does anyone call it STATE? We know only one thing that we common people have no access to basic rights it means they are living under the law of Jungle.

Nevertheless, Balochis-tan and Sindh people are missing even in Punjab late Salmaan Taseer who remained Governor of Punjab his son Shahbaz Taseer who has been kidnapped on August 2011, no news for him, where and how he is?

Now and then I personally sympathy with Taseer Family which is powerless and can not protest for Shahbaz Taseer as like families missing persons of Balochistan and Sindh. Mother of Shahbaz Taseer, Aamna Taseer posts her tweets on Twitter and requesting to realize her son. When you get threats and life is unsaved moreover you are unable to raise voice for justice and can not ask where my child is? I think of Aamna Taseer, how she feels whenever see protesting on missing persons and among them her child also is missing and her voice is to be silent because of fear if she spoke, they would harm her child.

A Mother whose son is missed, unable to up voice though; what a state of law? Meanwhile Chief Justice of Pakistan had noticed on Waheeda Shah’s slap on presiding Officer Ms. Habiba Memon but his Sue Motos do not go on Missing Persons of Balochistan, Sindh and Shahbaz Taseer.

Where Former Governor late Salmaan Taseer’s son is not saved how we hope that common families would be safe.

Mr. Qadeer Baloch Vice Chairman of VMPB shared his suggestion on issue of missing persons that missing persons’ problem as Balochistan has as Sindh. We both can make one strategy and one platform hence we will be able to make our case in front of world. We will not get result, if we divide into small groups. We must come on one platform and tell case to the world about missing persons. We are ready to make one platform for missing persons. Would Sindhis be ready?

How will families of missing persons of Sindh response him? This is point that when Balochistan and Sindh have common issue and pain therefore why not solution ought to be one.

Now missing persons’ dilemma is not mystery. All people know who are kidnapping and for what? Most of Missing persons belong to political parties; everyone can understand that if hidden hands kidnap them than kill or disable them. Who will file FIR against them?

Those are thinking of that adopting step of missing persons and kill them, will give full stop to voice of indigenous peoples’ political will, so those have childish strategy instead of such actions give fuel and enhance political will and right of indigenous.

Missing persons problem must be solved if it does not get justice, families of missing persons will come on roads then we know when people come on the roads, what would be happened?  

As   wrote I will kill my sorrow before they kill me. And missing persons want to kill their sorrows because common people are not for dying in sorrows those are given by hidden hands.

Published in Bolan Voice Monthly Magazine on March/2012

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