Sunday, March 25, 2012

Editorial on Balochistan.

Balochistan is not Banana..!

What should be solution for Balochistan? Question has been running here and there, no one is ready to solve it with ground realities. Balochistan has right to use its own Right as other nations did and do. Why some people have problems and try to reject Right of Balochistan?
Nations’ problem must be solved in the light of history thus Balochistan’s history is bitter and has river of blood and bridge of broken promises since long time.
It is hardly to understand by common people who have no consciousness of history that how to solve problem of Nations?

In era of British, Muslim league roused slogan for separate states of Muslims majority later states converted into State by Mr. Jinnah. What was reason that Muslim league demanded for separate states? Not only this, in present era why Pakistan establishment is supporting Kashmiris?
Today when Balochistan is asking for its rights, why it counts in Traitor? While writing editorial and asking such question, we may be declared traitor and anti-state?

Let us ask questions those are not only from us but these are from everyone of common Baloch citizen that if we want to sit in chair or table what is big deal, why other non-Baloch try to oppose our rights.
How could they forget when same right was used by their founder of Pakistan?

Another question, Pakistan Establishment tells old tale All Muslims is Brother and Pakistan made for Islam therefore, must bind them in the chain of Pakistan. So, why not bind also Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and call all over Muslims from the world that they are compelled to live in Pakistan?

We understand it is not possible and silly question, reason is Nations have own roots with land. Slogan of Islam was political trick in the wave of religion in era of British ruling but slogan’s legacy is continued by establishment for maintaining its power, by this victimization of nations to be cried. If we are wrong, what happened to Bengal province that became Bangladesh in 70s?

Balochistan is burning and none would be dissented on this fact. Human rights violation has not fully stopped, it is increasing day by day.

Human Rights Commission and organizations are writing and saying that violation of human rights must be stopped. Missing persons around 4356 and many of them have been killed, if United State congress Dana Rohrabacher is supporting Balochistan’s voice on the bases of human rights, then Ambassador Ms. Sherry Rehman said, United State should not support terrorist.

We ask Ms. Sherry Rehman, would she call terrorist that mother who is standing picture of her child and asking for his/her recovery? Sherry Rehman said, USA has no right to involve internal matter of Pakistan. Why does Pakistan seek support of USA on the issue of Kashmir? 

If raises voice against violation of human rights, to be counted in line of terrorism so all international platforms must be vanished, will Ms. Sherry Rehman tell us how did she call terrorist word for Baloch? She is an ambassador and should have known well art of ambassador-ism, what is importance of words and language?

Would remind Ms. Sherry, that Table talks cannot be won under the abused and blames. We believe she ought to think on it because words have supreme power at international affairs if know how to use power of words.
On 8 March 2012 Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered, “ Jirga should be held for resolving the province’s issues and also asked the authorities concerned to consult Khair Bakhsh Marri, Attaullah Mengal and others tribal leaders for holding the jirga.”

Is he same Chief Justice who opposed strongly system of Jirga and by now asking for Jirga on Balochistan? It shows Courts system in Pakistan has no impact that Chief justice himself asked for Jirga. Where courts to be failed find out solution, how can Jirga? Balochistan is not living in the stage of stone where Baloch might agree for Jirga. Now Balochistan’s political consciousness has developed than ever.
How will long deny indigenous people rights? Let them right of their own will where they want to go and stay? Do not make mistake of 1948 when forcibly jointed Balochistan with Pakistan.

Balochistan! Is not banana that each can come and pick up or eat. If anyone, is serious and honestly want to be seen solution of Balochistan than must be seen pain of land.

Published in Bolan Voice Monthly Magazine on March/2012

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