Friday, March 30, 2012

Need help for Rinkle Kumari.

Need your five minutes for saving one life, Can you?

I really do not covet to disturb your precious time, I am knocking your door through writing at moment because need your wee bit help that you may up voice for 19 years old girl Rinkle Kumari. I wish you would know about her well, if one of you has no Idea; please take look at below link where you will be able to read about her case.

On 26th March 2012 she was requesting to Chief Justice of Supreme Court Mr. Iftkhar Ahmed Choudhary that I want to go with my mother, please do not send back me to Daru-ul-Amaan instead of kill me, you have no idea what is happening there, you can not imagine for staying in Daru-ul-Amaan at least one night even? She further said I know here is no justice for me, told Rinkle to Chief Justice. Chief Justice sent her back to Karachi Shelter Panah house thus he could have sent her Islamabad shelter house but none could do anything in front of Chief Justice and she was sent back to Karachi Shelter house, reported. 

We all can understand what is happening in shelter house and knowing well powerful hands have reached easily there those can kidnap girls in the name of religion they can do everything. Rinkle maybe under pressurized for changing her statement, well what will happen on 18 April, 2012 at Supreme Court until standing on waiting list with hope that we would not be heard that No one has kidnapped her.
Now why I am writing to you? Hence, need your help that you people you are civilized and educated and have known civil + human rights I believing if you people up voice for her it would be made strong wave of supporting for her and raise protest for her returning to mother.

We cannot do any thing but would we do some bit steps:

1: binding black ribbon unless Rinkle Kumari return her home,
2: On 18 April 2012, people must be gathered at their city press club.

By these two steps we can make sympathy wave for Rinkle Kumari that she is not alone. I know, this world is for richest people, poor people have no space and Rinkle is daughter of poor, she is not rich...If she was daughter of rich people, I would not have needed to remind you. 

I cannot do anything I have only small power of writing, I am writing whether it is good or bad.
Can you up voice for her?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rinkle Kumari Case

When Rinkal Kumari was slapped in the lodge “Autaq” of Chief Justice Courts..!!!

Indigenous people of Sindhi Hindu and Baloch Hindu are facing trouble for a long time and government does not pay attention at their problems. Why is being ignored? This question has been asking by Hindus that we are citizen of this country but we are not allowed to access to rights, nor able to live freely. 
With fears we live at our homes, many of families have flet to India. Who wants to leave his/her land, because of protect our lives we are leaving our land.
Such kinds of views are not only one or two Hindus whenever you meet any Hindu person he/she shares painful complain.
In Balochistan, Hindus have troubles and more families left Balochistan at other side in Sindh same problems have with Hindus, majority of Hindus live in upper Sindh and many cases have been reported from upper Sindh. Why Hindus are being targeted?
Hindus people are kidnapped, killed and now girls are also being kidnapped but State machinery seems helpless front of criminals who kill and kidnap.
On 24th February 2012, a teenage Hindu girl named Rinkle was kidnapped from her home by Naveed Shah and his gunmen allies from Mirpur Mathelo.
She was allegedly taken to Bharchoondi Shareef immediately after kidnapping by the involvement of PPP MNA Mian Abdul Haq (alias Mian Mitho) for harassment, forcible conversion of religion and marriage.

Next day on 25th Feb: 2012, a case was filed and initial hearing was held in civil court Ghotki for the statement by the kidnapped girl Rinkle.

In the court room the kidnapped girl Rinkle, told while crying about threats and harassment by gunmen to accept Islam and to marry Naveed Shah otherwise she would be killed along with her whole family.

However, the Girl gave statement in favor of her parents and requested the respectable judge that she wanted to live with her parents, but instead of obliging to the girl's request, the judge Mr. Hassan Ali Kalwar postponed the hearing till next working day due to pressure of the local MNA Mian Mitho in the presence of his gunmen in the court, though this action seems to be taken in pressure of gunmen and against law, as the girl should have been handed over back to her parents  as she wished  judge placed her judicial custody instead of Darul Aman .

Next hearing was held on 27th Feb: 2012, till then victim girl Rinkle remained in judicial remand/police custody, where she was allegedly tortured, harassed, threatened to convert into Islam and to marry Naveed Shah. In next hearing, no one from family members of the victim girl or from Hindu community was allowed to enter the court jurisdictions by local police along with gunmen of MNA Mian Mitho. The Hindus protested against this injustice, but they were beaten up by policemen  tear gas shelling outside the court.
The hearing was scheduled at 11:00 am, but under the influence of MNA and his gunmen, the court hearing took place at 8:15 am without presence of victim girl Rinkle's family and any Hindu community member then immediately the respected judge Mr. Sami Ullah Qureshi gave verdict in favor of Naveed Shah. It is allegedly claimed that no statement was taken from victim girl & straight
away the decision was put forward in favor of Naveed Shah and MNA Mian Mitho at 8.45am while electronic media telecasted this news at 9 am.
It seemed strange that Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Chodhoury who always takes quickly Suo Moto, in case of Rinkal Kumari where whole Sindh is burning and asking for Justice for Rinkal Kumari’s family.  Chief Justice Mr. Chodhoury took notice on her case and called her on 26 March 2012 on the application of All Hindu Council of Pakistan, besides Rinkal’s kidnapping case along with more girls also Pooja and Lata kidnapped.

Rinkal Kumari case was noticed also in Sindh High Court on 12 March 2012 at 1:00am On Monday Sindh High Court has announced to send Rinkal Kumari to Daar-ul-Amaan till the 26 March when she will be appeared  before the Supreme Court.
Though final verdict of Sindh High Court will be made
on 13 March, 2012. Rinkal Kumari’s Uncle’s Lawyer Amar Lal demanded the court that she needed an independent environment before 26 March as she had been detained by the Mian
Metho. During hearing of the case, court room was replete with Politicians, Civil Society, Scholars, Journalists and her parents. As RinKal Kumari was presented and surrounded by with a group of gun men of Mian Metho. 

Iqbal Haider gave his remarks that Rinkal Kumari’s case of kidnapping rather than conversion to Islam. He said that I would request to the court that if she is presented an independent environment as she has been under the trouble influence of Mian Metho and she did not look relaxed to give her freely statement, because the press conference  on 11 March  is completely against the her
previous statements at local Court of Mirpur Mathelo.
While the hearing Iqbal Hair asked how he would believe the girl standing in veil as actual Rinkal Kumari. Judge ordered to Rinkal Kumari to remove her veil and let the court to recognize her and Rinkal Kumari Uncle’s Lawyer demanded that she must put off Bluetooth from her ear and she did as court had ordered her.

Iqbal Hiader and Noor Naaz Agha said “if she had been married to Naveed Shah than where was marriage certificate that was signed by witness and who were the witness. It showed this case of kidnapping and forcibly conversions to religion and I would request to the court to prevent the involvement of religious elements in this case.

Rinkle Kumari’s Mother Sulchhani said that she only wanted her daughter back except anything.
Rinkal Kumari sent to Panah Shelter in Karachi City where she is not allowed to meet any family member and Naveed Shah or Mian Metho. IG Sindh knows instruction of Sindh High Court and
he by passed all instructions than called Ghotki Police with office Abdul Qadir Chachar who is already swayed of Mian Metho. According to source, IG Sindh has borrowed money from Naveed Shah and is following instructions of Mian Metho.

26th March 2012 will be held hearing of Rinkal Kumari’s case, due to presence of Ghotki police at Panah Shelter for Rinkal Kumari it would be remained shadow of Mian Metho and is totally violation of Sindh High Court, said Rinkal Kumari’s Uncle Raj Kumari.

A US lawmaker has written to Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari asking him to look into the matter of the ''forcible conversion'' of a Hindu girl and ensure her safe return to her family, reported. 
Though, Mian Shafique who is member of Mian Metho has opposed kidnapping of Rinkal Kumari and while talking us, said Islam does not allow forcibly conversion to Islam and she is innocent as she is being kidnapped and then by forced conversion to Islam it is unacceptable for us.

Kidnapping of Rinkal Kumari

Analysis by Veengas

In Sindh and Balochistan Hindus are facing problems but unfortunate in Sindh they have troubles like killing, kidnapping and leaving their land. Many families of Hindus have left from Sindh.

According to report in four months 47 Hindus Girls have been kidnapped. In November 2011 Chak incident happened where three Hindus brutally had been killed.

Why Sindh Hindus are being threaten and killed? Mostly people responded that this is preplanned by establishment that does not want see majority of Sindhis and Sufism in Sindh, they would plan to settle non-Sindhis than could be easily converted Sindhis in minority if this is wrong approach then why Pakistan Government allowed right of I.D Cards and right of vote only Sindh. This rule is not applied another provinces.

Pakistan National Media even does not coverage issues of Hindus, where was media camera when many families where leaving and Chak incident happened.

Pakistan Federal Parties also are not interested in problems of Hindus, it is being seen that on case of Chak and Rinkal Kumari all parties got silence but when United States Law maker Brad Sherman wrote letter to Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari after than Political parties looked at Rinkal Kumari’s case besides Nationalist parties have been raising voice for her.

In the name of religion, it becomes easy to kill and blame at anyone. Especially in Pakistan no rule that how to recognize real guilty here always non-Muslims get punish. In Rinkal Kumari and Chak incident both happened in the name of religion and girl matter made, by these matters Girl & Islam common people would be angered.

Main sources tell, this all incidents happened only to be damaged Sindh’s Sufism imagine and vote bank of Peoples Party.

Common people of Sindh donot feel difference among them whether are Muslims are Hindu Sindhis. It’s hard to give harm Sufism, but now PPP turns how it manage at least its vote bank it. PPP did not pay attention on problems of Hindus as humanitarian bases.

Benazir Bhutto once Thanked Mian Metho when he left PPP.

What will happen with Rinkal Kumari and others girls?

 Published in Bolan Voice Monthly Magazine on March/2012

First Missing persons of Balochistan – Second Sindh than Shahbaz Taseer..


I will kill my sorrows, before they kill me; said Fatima Bhutto – Poet and Writer.

I recalled above line when my cell phone rang and it was call from my editor, asked me, hey Veengas one person is asking for your contact number; shall I give your number?

Personally I am very private person and hardly like to talk anyone. I responded, sure you can give my number but who is that person? My editor told, he is our reporter than my answered surly no need to ask for it.
Again my cell phone was ringed and I picked call with surety that it is my newspaper reporter’s number. My reporter wished and told me, Adi (it is Sindhi Language Word means Sister) one lady wants to speak with you, she is mother of Basheer Arisar who has been kidnapped by agencies of Pakistan than he passed cell phone her, Mother of Basheer Arisar, she said while thanking me that I am grateful of you that you have picked pen on my son’s case and have written on him. We are poor people and our voice has been rejecting for long time from various places but you wrote my daughter.

I pray for you and thanks a lot. When she was speaking with me; I was silent for a while and asked myself that here is no need to say thanks. Why is she thanking me? Then finally, I said please do not say THANKS, no need it. It is our duty and right that we ought to pick pen up on issues those need to be written and your son is brave who stands up against injustice. I wish, he would be realized soon. But she wished and thanked me in typical style of Sindhi.

A mother who was searching her child, nowhere voice had been reported; because of she had no high royal background. But she was trying to killing her sorrows by struggling and searching her child.
 Second day her husband Mohammad Arisar phone me that we have received call from Amena Junjowa, she was saying that we should come to Islamabad and protest there.

Adi, could you guide us, what do we do by now? On one question that is anyone party not supporting or guiding you? He answered and wept that none is supported us, we are alone and themselves trying to up voice; big people has not lost their kids, this is me who has lost his kid. Nor am I rich people that Camera of Media listen my voice. I sympathized and gave him contact number of Mr. Qadeer Baloch Chairman of Voice for Missing Persons of Balochistan, while giving number said him that he has remained in touch with Amena Junjowa and he can guide you very well. You must contact him before leaving for Islamabad.

When he reached in Islamabad, no one has come to us and none asked for help; though, he shared me. After some days Mohammad Arisar father of Basheer Arisar called and said me, do not share news with anyone I have heard, they are realizing my son, this news would like to share with you my daughter. I asked him who is realizing him. Men of agencies, he replied me.

When I got information that they have brutally beaten Basheer Arisar and he has drastically changed his physical appearance because they beaten him.

I called Basheer Arisar and asked him why did they pick up you and what did want from you?
He said, they were beating and asking me put off hand on politics and never involved again into politics. What did your stance? What should have my position! I told them, you can kill me but I will never put off my hand on politics. Finally they said me, we are now going to realize you but remember if we saw you again your involvement in politics, would pick up you, Okay. They have beaten and injured me after than ordering that now we are freeing you, said Basheer Arisar.

Why act of missing people have been started? In Dictator Pervez Musharraf who once said that first make list of big leaders and kill them, and than kidnap people, no one can blame at us; by this strategy we can finish political voice in Sindh and Balochistan.
While Balochistan people have been kidnapping around 4365 people, none has paid attention on it. It is like vegetable free market without fear; they can go and pick up people.
Would you call it state that has rule of law and six seasons of Sue Mottos?

They are unable to stop inhumane step of missing people because of this same strategy is started in Sindh now where 56 political people are disappeared and one of Basheer Arisar only realized with threats if he started politics, would be faced result.
In Islamabad Sindhi families of missing persons are raising voice for their people unfortunate is not being given attention still Mrs. Saima Bhutto wife of Muzafar Bhutto is requesting for her husband even her application is sent at international platforms and Scholar Noam Chomsky gave statement that Sindh is suffering and facing injustice and Muzafar Bhutto and all missing persons must be realized, said Noam Chomsky.

When international communities and scholars give statements against injustice then why is ignoring voice? Does Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Chodhoury think about file cases against ruling party PPP, would come justice? We do not know perhaps Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Chodhoury and Establishment of Pakistan know well.

When see people are kidnapped and throw out their dead bodies, does anyone call it STATE? We know only one thing that we common people have no access to basic rights it means they are living under the law of Jungle.

Nevertheless, Balochis-tan and Sindh people are missing even in Punjab late Salmaan Taseer who remained Governor of Punjab his son Shahbaz Taseer who has been kidnapped on August 2011, no news for him, where and how he is?

Now and then I personally sympathy with Taseer Family which is powerless and can not protest for Shahbaz Taseer as like families missing persons of Balochistan and Sindh. Mother of Shahbaz Taseer, Aamna Taseer posts her tweets on Twitter and requesting to realize her son. When you get threats and life is unsaved moreover you are unable to raise voice for justice and can not ask where my child is? I think of Aamna Taseer, how she feels whenever see protesting on missing persons and among them her child also is missing and her voice is to be silent because of fear if she spoke, they would harm her child.

A Mother whose son is missed, unable to up voice though; what a state of law? Meanwhile Chief Justice of Pakistan had noticed on Waheeda Shah’s slap on presiding Officer Ms. Habiba Memon but his Sue Motos do not go on Missing Persons of Balochistan, Sindh and Shahbaz Taseer.

Where Former Governor late Salmaan Taseer’s son is not saved how we hope that common families would be safe.

Mr. Qadeer Baloch Vice Chairman of VMPB shared his suggestion on issue of missing persons that missing persons’ problem as Balochistan has as Sindh. We both can make one strategy and one platform hence we will be able to make our case in front of world. We will not get result, if we divide into small groups. We must come on one platform and tell case to the world about missing persons. We are ready to make one platform for missing persons. Would Sindhis be ready?

How will families of missing persons of Sindh response him? This is point that when Balochistan and Sindh have common issue and pain therefore why not solution ought to be one.

Now missing persons’ dilemma is not mystery. All people know who are kidnapping and for what? Most of Missing persons belong to political parties; everyone can understand that if hidden hands kidnap them than kill or disable them. Who will file FIR against them?

Those are thinking of that adopting step of missing persons and kill them, will give full stop to voice of indigenous peoples’ political will, so those have childish strategy instead of such actions give fuel and enhance political will and right of indigenous.

Missing persons problem must be solved if it does not get justice, families of missing persons will come on roads then we know when people come on the roads, what would be happened?  

As   wrote I will kill my sorrow before they kill me. And missing persons want to kill their sorrows because common people are not for dying in sorrows those are given by hidden hands.

Published in Bolan Voice Monthly Magazine on March/2012

Editorial on Balochistan.

Balochistan is not Banana..!

What should be solution for Balochistan? Question has been running here and there, no one is ready to solve it with ground realities. Balochistan has right to use its own Right as other nations did and do. Why some people have problems and try to reject Right of Balochistan?
Nations’ problem must be solved in the light of history thus Balochistan’s history is bitter and has river of blood and bridge of broken promises since long time.
It is hardly to understand by common people who have no consciousness of history that how to solve problem of Nations?

In era of British, Muslim league roused slogan for separate states of Muslims majority later states converted into State by Mr. Jinnah. What was reason that Muslim league demanded for separate states? Not only this, in present era why Pakistan establishment is supporting Kashmiris?
Today when Balochistan is asking for its rights, why it counts in Traitor? While writing editorial and asking such question, we may be declared traitor and anti-state?

Let us ask questions those are not only from us but these are from everyone of common Baloch citizen that if we want to sit in chair or table what is big deal, why other non-Baloch try to oppose our rights.
How could they forget when same right was used by their founder of Pakistan?

Another question, Pakistan Establishment tells old tale All Muslims is Brother and Pakistan made for Islam therefore, must bind them in the chain of Pakistan. So, why not bind also Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and call all over Muslims from the world that they are compelled to live in Pakistan?

We understand it is not possible and silly question, reason is Nations have own roots with land. Slogan of Islam was political trick in the wave of religion in era of British ruling but slogan’s legacy is continued by establishment for maintaining its power, by this victimization of nations to be cried. If we are wrong, what happened to Bengal province that became Bangladesh in 70s?

Balochistan is burning and none would be dissented on this fact. Human rights violation has not fully stopped, it is increasing day by day.

Human Rights Commission and organizations are writing and saying that violation of human rights must be stopped. Missing persons around 4356 and many of them have been killed, if United State congress Dana Rohrabacher is supporting Balochistan’s voice on the bases of human rights, then Ambassador Ms. Sherry Rehman said, United State should not support terrorist.

We ask Ms. Sherry Rehman, would she call terrorist that mother who is standing picture of her child and asking for his/her recovery? Sherry Rehman said, USA has no right to involve internal matter of Pakistan. Why does Pakistan seek support of USA on the issue of Kashmir? 

If raises voice against violation of human rights, to be counted in line of terrorism so all international platforms must be vanished, will Ms. Sherry Rehman tell us how did she call terrorist word for Baloch? She is an ambassador and should have known well art of ambassador-ism, what is importance of words and language?

Would remind Ms. Sherry, that Table talks cannot be won under the abused and blames. We believe she ought to think on it because words have supreme power at international affairs if know how to use power of words.
On 8 March 2012 Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered, “ Jirga should be held for resolving the province’s issues and also asked the authorities concerned to consult Khair Bakhsh Marri, Attaullah Mengal and others tribal leaders for holding the jirga.”

Is he same Chief Justice who opposed strongly system of Jirga and by now asking for Jirga on Balochistan? It shows Courts system in Pakistan has no impact that Chief justice himself asked for Jirga. Where courts to be failed find out solution, how can Jirga? Balochistan is not living in the stage of stone where Baloch might agree for Jirga. Now Balochistan’s political consciousness has developed than ever.
How will long deny indigenous people rights? Let them right of their own will where they want to go and stay? Do not make mistake of 1948 when forcibly jointed Balochistan with Pakistan.

Balochistan! Is not banana that each can come and pick up or eat. If anyone, is serious and honestly want to be seen solution of Balochistan than must be seen pain of land.

Published in Bolan Voice Monthly Magazine on March/2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Report: Rinkal Kumari Case


KARACHI: On Monday Sindh High Court sent  Rinkal Kumari to Daar-ul-Amaan till 26th March when she will be produced before the Supreme Court.
Though final verdict of Sindh High Court will be made today .
Rinkal Kumari’s uncle’s lawyer Amar Lal demanded of the court that she needed an independent environment before March 26 as she had been detained by Mian Metho.

During hearing of the case, court room was replete with politicians, civil society, scholars, journalists and her parents. As Rinkal Kumari was presented she was surrounded by a group of gun men of Mian Metho.
Iqbal Haider gave his remarks that Rinkal Kumari’s case is of kidnapping rather than conversion to Islam. He said that I would request to the court that if she is presented an independent environment as she has been under terrible influence of Mian Metho and she did not look relaxed to give her statement frrely, because the press conference on 11 March is completely against her previous statements at local Court of Mirpur Mathelo.

While the hearing Iqbal Haider asked how he would believe the girl standing in veil was actual Rinkal Kumari. Judge ordered to Rinkal Kumari to remove her veil and let the court recognize her and Rinkal Kumari uncle’s lawyer demanded that she must put off Bluetooth from her ear and she did as court had ordered her.
Iqbal Hiader and Noor Naaz Agha said “if she had been married to Naveed Shah then where was marriage certificate that was signed by witnesses and who were the witnesses. It showed this case was of kidnapping and forcibly conversions to religion and I would request to the court to prevent the involvement of religious elements in this case.

Rinkal Kumari’s mother Sulchhani said that she only wanted her daughter back.

Published in The Frontier Post on 13th March/2012

Rinkal Kumari Case


I belong to the land where Sufism and secularism have deep roots. Whenever I see and read about my land it gives me courage that I have healthy possession, while reading poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai who talks about Sufism and women’s empowerment, without any sanctions where women can listen their hearts’ voice.
Not only my childhood is eye-witness in my home city Shikarpur, I have had never seen discrimination on religious basis. Still I am astonished when I read one paragraph by a Pakistani columnist who wrote that Shikarpur has culture of Madarrasas, I think that writer must have seen heart of Sindh instead of controlled and exploited tricks by ill-minds.

In our country, violence on non-Muslims, (honestly; I dissent word of minority) is not a new thing, as we all know that Pakistan was achieved in the name of Islam. I am not going into depth; for a while leave this chapter and come to the crux stratum. Whatever we talk, fact is totally different that in the name of religion exploitation runs in Pakistan and all citizens are being victimized, whether they are non-Muslims or Muslim.
Nowadays power politics game has turned towards Hindus and day by day they are being treated like aliens and enemies of the country. In November last year a bloody-incident took place in Shikarpur where four respectable Hindus i-e Sindhis– were killed, point was not raised anywhere, and no suo motu taken. Mostly Hindus are leaving their homeland because they are feeling insecure. None has questioned why are they leaving the land and where is justice?

After such like incidents we again saw the kidnapping of Rinkal Kumari on Feb 25. A news report says: “A local court of Mirpur Mathelo, Ghotki district, allowed on Monday an 18-year-girl, whose actual name was Rinkal Kumari and was named as Faryal after being forced to embrace Islam, to live with her husband Naveed Shah, whom she had married after eloping with four days back. The court of District and Sessions Judge recorded the statements of Rinkal Kumari alias Faryal and her husband when the police produced the girl in court. She stated that nobody had kidnapped her and she embraced Islam and married Naveed Shah on her own.

 Rinkal Kumari and her husband Naveed Shah accompanied by some other persons from Bharchundi Shareef, lazed with guns, where the girl had embraced Islam, appeared in a civil court of Ghotki. Noticing that the girl was confused, the court allowed her two hours to meet parents as well as husband and make her mind. Later, the court sent her to women prison, Sukkur, under police custody from where she was produced in the court of District and Sessions Judge Ghotki at Mirpur Mathelo. The court also ordered withdrawal of kidnapping case registered against Naveed Shah. After the court decision, Naveed Shah, his lawyers and Pirs of Bharchundi left the court in procession. Strict security was maintained in Mirpur Mathelo for which police force from 11 police stations was called, as tension has been prevailing in the town since Friday last. The police had also blocked certain roads putting containers. Meanwhile, the businessmen of Hindu community kept their business closed for consecutive fourth day as a protest against what they alleged kidnapping of their girl and forced conversion to Islam.”

After this report I had telephonic conversation with Rinkal Kumari’s uncle Raj Kumar who is leading this case. This case is being painted by media as love affair and that girl was not kidnapped. Another picture of case tells that Rinkal Kumari was not involved with Naveed Shah, in fact he always harassed and threatened her. Rinkal Kumari was kidnapped from her home. I asked Raj Kumar that some sources say that she was involved through SMSs. He replied it was totally false, her father is primary school teacher and you know the condition of Hindus, how we are surviving? How is it possible that Rinkal’s father affords cell phone those have no access of PTCL service. Rinkal has no access to cell phone.

Mian Abdul Haq alias Mian Metho, MNA, belonging to PPP — is fully supporting this case, even during hearing in court we were not allowed to enter the court. In second session we were allowed. Though our daughter was requesting that she wanted to go with her parents and when we talked to Rinkal, she said that “they had kidnapped me, I am innocent; please take me with you (family).” She told them they have threatened her, if I go against them and give statement against their will they will burn Hindus’ homes and kill my family, she said weeping. “Tell me what should I have done?” Raj Kumar said.

He further added, she was kidnapped on February 25, 2012, and one of her shoes was left on ladder and second was lying on the ground of home with her Dopatta, what you should call it, he asked a question.
He asked that what reaction of Judge was when Rinkal Kumari was slapped in the Court. He said, Judge told me, “Look Mr, Raj Kumar you and I both are local people and Mian Metho’s people, around 8,000 to 10,000 equipped with guns are standing outside, and if I go in favour of you, it would lead to killing of people. We are poor and powerless people. That was the reason the local judge went against us and will of Rinkal Kumari, instead of sending her to Darul Amman he sent her to Sukkur Police from where she is taken back to Mirpur Mathelo. It shows Police and Courts are under control of Mian Metho, said Raj Kumar. He criticised media of being afraid of Mian Metho and none is ready to report reality, our voice is missing on media. He demanded: “I beg to high authorities of Pakistan and President of Pakistan that kindly help us, we will prefer to die but never take off hand on our demand for our daughter’s return.”

The local newspapers have reported the case as love marriage case, and because of this reason politicians avoid to talk on it. What can I say on Urdu electronic media, those prefer to talk on many issues but they are ignoring the issue of Rinkal Kumari. Media is seen worried about unnecessary cases about Maya Khan, Vena Malik and Memo gate. It is bitter reality that on electronic media issues are being discussed which have NOC (No-Objection-Certificate from hidden hands) and those having no NOC, are not discussed at all. Sadly, Rinkal Kumari’s case has got no NOC from any higher authority.

Question arises, why such incidents are happening in Sindh and especially by PPP unpopular members; one Chak incident Babol Bhayo in Shikapur and second Mian Metho MNA, PPP. One thinks it is pre-planned for creating disturbances in Sindh and to force Hindus leave their homeland, an effort to reduce vote bank of PPP in Sindh because PPP has majority of Non-Muslims.

Therefore, both these incidents have been planned to disturb Hindus and its benefit will go to other forces than PPP.
If this thinking is true then what is People’s Party doing? Why they do not expel black sheep from its fold?
In feudalism, Autaq culture is well known where Waderas and Chaudhries discuss topics of their interest. Therefore, there is a differentiate between Autaqs and courts. Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhury took suo motu notice of Waheeda Shah slapping a polling official during by-election to Sindh Assembly seat but what about Chak incident where four Hindus were slaughtered and Rinkal Kumari who was slapped in a local court.

Rinkal Kumari’s case is a simple case of kidnapping and harassment. If the girl wanted to go to her home, why she was not allowed to go with her parents? It is a fact that after Chak incident Hindus are very careful, so how it was possible that Rinkal Kumari could have taken such a step.
And who has given certificate to Mian Metho that he is protecting and converting people to Islam? This is people’s own will and must not be converted at gun point. Where is the law to stop such actions where people are being forced to accept Islam?

I bet if you call politicians and seek their comments on Rinkal Kumari’s case, their reply will be: “We condemn it.” But victimized people do not need condemnation alone; they need action and practical work.
How can we forget when Mian Metho’s father and his followers had opened fire on Sufi Bhagat Kanwal Ram on May 2, 1939. Fears forecast that Rinkal Kumari would get serious threats to her life. I am not sure what will happen to Rinkal Kumari?

We can knock door of people having humanitarian heart and request them, wake up and save innocent girl who is jailed in the Autaq of Mian Metho.
Will Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry take suo motu notice of abduction and forced conversion of Rinkal Kumari to Islam?

Published in The Frontier Post on 12th/March/2012