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Women's Rights & Hillary Clinton..!


Don’t open the door,Why?
I know, its knocking of queen of sorrow,
Oh! Really Mother,
After long time, someone has knocked our door,
If there is queen of sorrow,Let her get inside,
What she would take and give,
We both have same thing,
Queen of sorrow is our guest, and standing at door,
Allow her, she has nothing new thing that could harm us,
Mother, you know well,We are already in anguish;
Our hearts are injured,What happens?
If she puts in few drops of sorrows;Let her come with her grief. — Helena

Today the world has changed and still is going on edge of change. We have heard voices for change, new world order by power makers; but they cannot replace one thing that is sorrow and anguish. I have read somewhere that the world has two international traditions — love and sorrow.
Both have same language, pain and reactions. When I read the above poem I asked myself why didn’t sorrow reduce its impact. Whenever sounds for change run around us, I see innocent women’s victimization, their forced marriage and “Dishonour Killing” which is known as “Honour Killing”. I am very sorry to write about that innocent killing and injustice which cannot be justified through pleasant words, because as like Sindhi Poet Shaikh Ayaz quoted that “each word has long process of centuries”, hence how do I use responsible words for irresponsibility. I cannot forget words of a lady whose name was Ms. Sanam and belonged to city of Shikarpur – Sindh, she told me that her father sold her for Rs 45,000. Then she looked at around my mother’s big house and continued that I got married with an old man because my father had sold me and then there was no need to ask for anything. If old man killed me, what would I say? I was his property but my price is less than a goat. Wait… Have another bitter truth of young girl who was near about 24-26 years, she belonged to Afghanistan aftermath 9/11. She migrated to Karachi – Sindh. She had more reservations and harsh remarks against Taliban. She said, why are we women being only examined by our figure? Cannot anyone give us place except examining our figure? From Afghanistan to Karachi my journey was very painful that at each stop everyone was looking at us as we are alien or have four eyes and six hands. When I was in Afghanistan then Taliban forced us to live inside four walls and did not allow us to work out of houses. “Even I remember that I have ever seen my face in mirror. My mother was beaten. We are now in metropolitan city of Karachi but here people are like as in my village, Afghanistan. They see all women as toys and nothing else.”Why I have shared the pains of two girls with the readers? I want to turn stratum of pain that is part of women. Women are half part of society but this half part of society is in anguish. The subcontinent’s women are suffering more than the developed countries. Of course, in developed countries, women have problems and they are paying price for living but they are not paid price as under developed women are paid. What are the reasons? We can count in the list as like unemployment, education, gender discrimination, no participation in decision making and stereotype thinking that women are unskilled and fragile, etc.If women are unskilled and fragile, then I would request them to go and read poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai who calls woman as powerful, committed and always ready to give up her life for her beloved, land, and at promise. Women are always under threat, and blamed by selected group and power persuasion who want to build their hegemony. One basic reason I personally think of that is poverty, poverty of wisdom. When a person gets fear and insecure from anyone it creates psychology problems and always trying to be undermined another. Poverty of thinking is very harmful than anything else. This is a problem and how can we reduce or end this poverty of mind? Unless, our society improves its basic needs that can help out in improving mental level after then we will be able to start thinking equally, otherwise, half part of society will remain as alien and stranger in under developed countries.We do not have magic stick or advanced weapon to be used to remove poverty of wisdom; it will never end in minutes or hours but it will take ‘long walk’ to generate healthy approaches.Benazir Bhutto came to power, her ruling was declared un-Islamic and she faced lot of troubles. Though her contribution could not bring sudden changes but her struggle and sacrifices have shaken oldest layers of thinking. Nowadays we do not have such kind of courageous lady on stage of power – makers. But still have few powerful voices who are contributing their part.On the world’s stage we see Ms. Hillary Clinton whose life-story and name is very well-known in my country’s remote areas. How can I forget a lady of Jacobabad when she was supporting Ms. Hillary Clinton and called her Sassi (a very famous romantic character of Shah Abdul Latif’s poetry) that Ms. Hillary lives with her husband who cheated her but she is like us that she did not leave her husband. When I asked why? She, villager lady asked me, why are you asking that question? Do you not know we (women) are honest; we can die but never betray. She further said the innocent and poor Hillary is suffering as we villagers.That time I was able to say one thing that if Hillary was nominated as Leader in Pakistan, all women would vote her then Hillary can win all votes at least women votes. Nowadays Ms. Hillary Clinton has powerful position, she makes decisions and raises voice for rights but has she heard voice of voiceless society which is suffering and looking for help. Poor ladies compare themselves with Ms. Hillary but does Ms. Hillary know their anguish and unseen pain?I am not asking for state art here where only power-makers exist, would ask human rights art. Where is the voice for human rights art? Human Rights Art makes beautiful human lives and equivalent society. People need better living style of life and it can be possible if state provides human rights art.States need human rights art, when would world learn this art? Because injured hearts are unable to live and they die day by day. Have you felt that nowadays world has deepest problem of violation of human rights and everywhere voices are raised for human rights. Our political philosophy has state art but now time demands human rights art. Turn the new leaf of human rights which must be ensured for human safety and their basic rights.Hillary Clinton has been coming to Afghanistan and Pakistan; in both countries women are facing violation of human rights. Although, Hillary always comes and try to protect democracy with safety wall, she talks with statesmen on state art, maybe she hopes that democratic process will increase democratic values and promote secular state.Hillary and we all know well that this process takes long time. Because Afghanistan and Pakistan have state within state, our institutes become small states.

For example, Police stations are small states in each area of country where poor people are not allowed to lodge FIRs. If by chance FIR is registered then justice will take long time, and mostly people die and their generations grow up but cases remain in the list of date, date, date and date. In such circumstances, how can we hope that people will get justice either? Why Hillary does not talk of human rights art too?Consequently, women are suffering and their voices not heard in mini states. Half of the country’s population has no importance.
Will Hillary be ready to give protection safety wall to women’s rights?While writing this I am sure that someone will be beating his woman and an innocent lady being sold and killed in the name of honour. What can state do for women? At least enact law or issue ordinance. But who will implement these laws in mini states?Women are helpless and their voices being ignored, we cannot blame anyone but poverty of wisdom. People can live with half a meal but they are unable to live under sky of anguish. Imagine how are women living and dying in attacks by drones of poverty of wisdom. We cannot end queen of sorrow but at least we can reduce and remove poverty of wisdom, responsible for creating women’s problems and their violation. For now, will dear Hillary Clinton listen innocent women’s voice? Will she give voice to the voiceless? Let’s see, what will our dear Hillary Clinton do?

Published in The Frontier Post on Feb 16, 2012

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