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History is the key of consciousness..!


You will remain as child, if you do not know your past,” said one philosopher.
Consciousness is key of wisdom because it draws line between wrong and right. How do you get consciousness, at least can not buy it from the shop. Yes, if we enter into world of past and touch its sane things, what they had done and what they should not have done, and what should be done.

Past is alike mirror, you stand in front of it and see yourself that what is your identification and where come from? What had been your forefather contributed for betterment of world? Did they contribute or they ate, slept and died. We should know about past world that how did live and what was their culture? Past is important and its obligatory impact and guide-map for present and future. For this reason, nation is able to birth consciousness of past, politics, and righteous alongside creates dew of wisdom. Those don’t know history; will remain as child.

Unfortunate, history is going to story of past and people ignore its importance, why have forgotten that consciousness is mother of wisdom, and without past existence consciousness is not able to birth “Wisdom”. Look around the world those nations have saved and learnt from their past, today they have respectable place on the stage of world.

In my culture, one proverb is famous that “have property or possessions of our forefathers, and when their children would not save property or wealth of their forefathers; it is fault of children, not forefathers,” who are or not obedient babies?” I would not go into such discussion, nor Am I saying that only save money but saving consciousness of past is richest treasure on earth.

We can learn and save our past if developed history. Why only history and what is role?

These both questions are very important. History is not story of past, or tales of war, conquer and victory of sword. Though, mostly history teaches like it that A … B or Z person won that country and gave them identification before his conquered, people were living in animal cart and he was a person who was sent by God.

We do not talk about whole world but here would count only subcontinent. As our history book usually talks and tells us glorious of Mughal’s dynasty, battles of Sultan periods and Mehmood Ghaznawi and Muhammad Bin Qasim was a Hero, who came and freed subcontinent’s people from villain Raja Dahir a king of Sindh.

Let me share my interesting experience, when I was studying in six class, had one book on Social Science name was “Samajiyaat” its first chapter about Sindh before conquer of Muslims or Muhammad Bin Qasim. Our teacher was teaching us as like religious cleric (Molivi) whatever I say it is right. She was reading that Raja Dahir was ruthless and villain instead of Muhammad bin Qasim was a Hero who came when he was 17 years old, and in the name of religion he killed Raja Dahir. I stood up and asked question that teacher my mother was reading story that Raja Dahir was king; a hero of Sindh instead of Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked on Sindh and killed king of Sindh. Even teacher kindly tell us that why Muslims had 17 times attacks on Sindh?

Teacher harshly ordered me, You Kafir, get out of class and stand out side until I call you.
Same thing happened with me when I was studying at Quaid e Azam University – Islamabad, where same six class script was being repeated in History MSc syllabus. Fortunately, teacher did not order me, to go out of class but said, it is point of view of nationalists, and having long discussion on it, again point was labeled under biased approaches. I am not going to write  more examples but here given example for explaining that if our history wrote under selected approach and painted character as villain and a conqueror, can not be gotten consciousness and reality about past.

Now come on questions, what is role of history and why only history?

History is bitter you can neither swallow, nor easily throws out it. Without history, nation alike deaf, dump and blind also feetless, they would unable to move in present and future. Subcontinent region has oldest history but here only contemporary history has been writing, what had had been happened in oldest period it is neglected.
Especially in Pakistan, history is divided into regional and national level, regional history calls anti-Pakistan and its heroes are villains. Even not only this, one person coded that in Ayub Khan’s decade, he called meeting of intellectuals and talked about history, while in meeting he said, Pakistani history must be written and ignored Hindu history, some of intellectuals asked him, what is Hindu history? He replied, Moehn – jo – Daro Indus civilization and others. Intellectuals said, and then what will be left for Pakistan?

This is view towards ancient history and many chapters of history are being missed in our history, even Samaa ruling dynasty period in Sindh and Fatimid ruling decades are missed, because people has own biased and religious approaches.

Pakistan has rooted problems because of regional history is not written, even Balochistan’s history is totally neglected, when history to be neglected, how do you make relation with that land?
I have remembered when one young boy who can speak well in English, and supposed to get education at abroad, said that Balochistan has not culture and history. It was not fault of young boy, sadly institutions and history are being driven on narrow road.

Here, history has not written, yet. Because of this reason “Ms Ayesha Jalal Historian while attending at the Jaipur Literature Festival, on Pakistan history she bemoaned the fact that history as an academic discipline has failed to grow in her country, a deficiency that needs to be addressed to spawn a new breed of scholars in the subject. She said. I was bemoaning the fact that in Pakistan history has suffered as an academic discipline, and is not taught as is the way in India.”

Would Ms. Ayesha Jalal explain that why does not history growth in Pakistan? Maybe she would agree that Pakistan could not write history, as it should be written.
E.H Carr wrote in the book of “What is history” that history can not be written unless the historian can achieve some kind of contact with mind of those about whom he is writing.”
This is what history has importance if it leads in right direction and to be taught right history not biased.
If you know your history, will be able to talk and feel relation with land, at least make her/his part in right direction.

When we miss any line of past and to be added own bias thinking, it is not history instead it becomes bias talks in past sentences that to be called history by biased-writers.
History feeds in present and future, it is duty of historian how do they paint pages. I am not writing that historian are freed from bias – approaches, of course they have influenced of belief and cultures, but can be written history if historian and writer do not take revenge from anyone on the basis of past.

How do historian and writer justice with history? This is a question, history plays role to make nation and bright present. If historian/writer makes history with error, it would produce immature consciousness, and those who have not consciousness, can not make sensible decisions and place on stage of world.
We do not do anything, but can we justice with forefathers’ possessions in the light of writing history?

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice on Feb/2012

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