Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Editorial! Pakistan Journalism

Follow blindly, without questioning!

World claims that we are advanced and civilized have been achieving lots things. Today we would like to ask to civilized people of advanced world that what is meant by civilized world, if we are not at mistaken civilized means where people live equally and enjoy right of their rights. Where would people be recognized on their abilities, nowhere existence of injustice.

You are allowed to express your views without any harsh orders and labels that you can and not speak, we would write whatever we see. If civilized world is like this, then we would say that this is heaven in life. These are all bookish sayings as our grandmother says.

Ground realities are different, you write or say, and to be received orders that all are outlaw, like one person stand at main stop of market, loudly says what I say, believe on it, what I do, follow on it; if you go on against it you will be declared criminal.

By mistaken poor people goes and reminds him, Dear honorable louder speaker man, we are not going to against you, we have as spoken as rich men’s speak, he would be replied you that they rich men have our Non-Objection-Certificate NOC they can speak, not you a traitor. But I have asked only one question, why have you even asked?

This happens when we are being dreamt for advanced world, reality is changed than dream. We do not understand what should write or not? If we say A … it would be count in outlaw. This time we are not written any issue but going to evoke nursery class where children are obtained to follow teacher whether teacher right or wrong, who cares?
Our Editorial becomes nursery class because we are not allowed to say if we speak; it would count A … B … C… etc.

A for Ban, B Afflict for, C for Deaf, D Censorship for, E for Feudal lords, F for Evict, G for Heartless, H for Guillotine, I for Jangle (not Journalism), J for Idiot, K for Lie , L for Khaki, M Nonsense for, N for Major, O for Powerless, P for Opium, Q for Risky, R for Qualm, S for Trustless, T for Salute, U for Vacuum, V for Under-law, W for X-ray, X for Weld, Y for Zoo, and Z for Yoke.

This is under the law, never think of that it is outlaw or mixture whatever has been written or taught it is law and correct.
We do not speak single word, if speak, would get order that you do speak. Therefore, for now this is what have written on page follow and think about it. If you call this advanced world, where truth becomes outlaw and justice turns into injustice and NOCs to be declared for richest then would prefer to live in poor cave.

Published in Monghtly Bolan Voice Magazine on Feb/2012

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