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History is the key of consciousness..!


You will remain as child, if you do not know your past,” said one philosopher.
Consciousness is key of wisdom because it draws line between wrong and right. How do you get consciousness, at least can not buy it from the shop. Yes, if we enter into world of past and touch its sane things, what they had done and what they should not have done, and what should be done.

Past is alike mirror, you stand in front of it and see yourself that what is your identification and where come from? What had been your forefather contributed for betterment of world? Did they contribute or they ate, slept and died. We should know about past world that how did live and what was their culture? Past is important and its obligatory impact and guide-map for present and future. For this reason, nation is able to birth consciousness of past, politics, and righteous alongside creates dew of wisdom. Those don’t know history; will remain as child.

Unfortunate, history is going to story of past and people ignore its importance, why have forgotten that consciousness is mother of wisdom, and without past existence consciousness is not able to birth “Wisdom”. Look around the world those nations have saved and learnt from their past, today they have respectable place on the stage of world.

In my culture, one proverb is famous that “have property or possessions of our forefathers, and when their children would not save property or wealth of their forefathers; it is fault of children, not forefathers,” who are or not obedient babies?” I would not go into such discussion, nor Am I saying that only save money but saving consciousness of past is richest treasure on earth.

We can learn and save our past if developed history. Why only history and what is role?

These both questions are very important. History is not story of past, or tales of war, conquer and victory of sword. Though, mostly history teaches like it that A … B or Z person won that country and gave them identification before his conquered, people were living in animal cart and he was a person who was sent by God.

We do not talk about whole world but here would count only subcontinent. As our history book usually talks and tells us glorious of Mughal’s dynasty, battles of Sultan periods and Mehmood Ghaznawi and Muhammad Bin Qasim was a Hero, who came and freed subcontinent’s people from villain Raja Dahir a king of Sindh.

Let me share my interesting experience, when I was studying in six class, had one book on Social Science name was “Samajiyaat” its first chapter about Sindh before conquer of Muslims or Muhammad Bin Qasim. Our teacher was teaching us as like religious cleric (Molivi) whatever I say it is right. She was reading that Raja Dahir was ruthless and villain instead of Muhammad bin Qasim was a Hero who came when he was 17 years old, and in the name of religion he killed Raja Dahir. I stood up and asked question that teacher my mother was reading story that Raja Dahir was king; a hero of Sindh instead of Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked on Sindh and killed king of Sindh. Even teacher kindly tell us that why Muslims had 17 times attacks on Sindh?

Teacher harshly ordered me, You Kafir, get out of class and stand out side until I call you.
Same thing happened with me when I was studying at Quaid e Azam University – Islamabad, where same six class script was being repeated in History MSc syllabus. Fortunately, teacher did not order me, to go out of class but said, it is point of view of nationalists, and having long discussion on it, again point was labeled under biased approaches. I am not going to write  more examples but here given example for explaining that if our history wrote under selected approach and painted character as villain and a conqueror, can not be gotten consciousness and reality about past.

Now come on questions, what is role of history and why only history?

History is bitter you can neither swallow, nor easily throws out it. Without history, nation alike deaf, dump and blind also feetless, they would unable to move in present and future. Subcontinent region has oldest history but here only contemporary history has been writing, what had had been happened in oldest period it is neglected.
Especially in Pakistan, history is divided into regional and national level, regional history calls anti-Pakistan and its heroes are villains. Even not only this, one person coded that in Ayub Khan’s decade, he called meeting of intellectuals and talked about history, while in meeting he said, Pakistani history must be written and ignored Hindu history, some of intellectuals asked him, what is Hindu history? He replied, Moehn – jo – Daro Indus civilization and others. Intellectuals said, and then what will be left for Pakistan?

This is view towards ancient history and many chapters of history are being missed in our history, even Samaa ruling dynasty period in Sindh and Fatimid ruling decades are missed, because people has own biased and religious approaches.

Pakistan has rooted problems because of regional history is not written, even Balochistan’s history is totally neglected, when history to be neglected, how do you make relation with that land?
I have remembered when one young boy who can speak well in English, and supposed to get education at abroad, said that Balochistan has not culture and history. It was not fault of young boy, sadly institutions and history are being driven on narrow road.

Here, history has not written, yet. Because of this reason “Ms Ayesha Jalal Historian while attending at the Jaipur Literature Festival, on Pakistan history she bemoaned the fact that history as an academic discipline has failed to grow in her country, a deficiency that needs to be addressed to spawn a new breed of scholars in the subject. She said. I was bemoaning the fact that in Pakistan history has suffered as an academic discipline, and is not taught as is the way in India.”

Would Ms. Ayesha Jalal explain that why does not history growth in Pakistan? Maybe she would agree that Pakistan could not write history, as it should be written.
E.H Carr wrote in the book of “What is history” that history can not be written unless the historian can achieve some kind of contact with mind of those about whom he is writing.”
This is what history has importance if it leads in right direction and to be taught right history not biased.
If you know your history, will be able to talk and feel relation with land, at least make her/his part in right direction.

When we miss any line of past and to be added own bias thinking, it is not history instead it becomes bias talks in past sentences that to be called history by biased-writers.
History feeds in present and future, it is duty of historian how do they paint pages. I am not writing that historian are freed from bias – approaches, of course they have influenced of belief and cultures, but can be written history if historian and writer do not take revenge from anyone on the basis of past.

How do historian and writer justice with history? This is a question, history plays role to make nation and bright present. If historian/writer makes history with error, it would produce immature consciousness, and those who have not consciousness, can not make sensible decisions and place on stage of world.
We do not do anything, but can we justice with forefathers’ possessions in the light of writing history?

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice on Feb/2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Report on Missing persons of Balochistan.

Missing Person & Missing Justice!


Now missing person’s news is not new for us. It becomes old news, ironically fact is that where Pakistan is known having six seasons, four seasons of natural weather and five elections, now adding one more season that is sue mottos by Chief Justice of supreme court of Pakistan. We can count now Pakistan has six seasons.
Common people of Balochistan has in four seasons of natural weather but two seasons of Pakistan elections and sue mottos are not for people of Balochistan. Six Season of Sue Motto help out richest people of Pakistan, if we are not wrong, what has been happening during Memo Gate and NRO cases where Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Choudhary has not only taken sue motto but now has forced on government for implementation.

Here question rises, which case is necessary NRO, Memo Gate or Missing person? We people whose cases always get dates and no justice. World believes, Human rights matter are core issues than others and political power gaining cases are not important in front of human rights cases but we are being seen since decades that our people’s cases are neglected by authorities.

In Pakistan only rich and ruling class has right to get justice, if you are not affiliated with richest and ruling class, you would be treated like beggar. Not only this is felt by common people but twice remained as Prime Minister Ms. Benazir Bhutto has been complaining that there is difference between Larkana and Lahore. Difference shows that Bhutto Family who has given up their lives for democratic process their cases has not gotten justice even her brother martyred rebel brother Mir Murtaza Bhutto’s case got statement that “No one killed” from high court of Sindh – Pakistan. We all know, Mir Murtaza Bhutto was gotten bullets and surly someone had been fired, because bullet can not fly itself. So this is difference between Lahore and Larkana.
Let’s us code this phrase for missing person that there is difference between missing person’s case and NRO. While missing person are looking for justice since long time but people are unable to understand that why do not government and justice of Pakistan listen complains? Does missing person speak alien language that none can hear them?

Missing person become refugees who are knocking door for justice and protesting in whole country.Missing person has come to Karachi – Sindh, to raise voice for justice of missing person.
Voice for missing person Balochistan organization has been continuously raising voice for justice for three years, though Supreme Court has taken notice, its notices receive long committees and waiting list for next time, and it does not work as works in case of NRO and Memo Gate. Thus Supreme Court’s eyes went on actor Atiqa Odho’s bottle of wine, chief justice strongly acted that why has she bottle of wine?
In Balochistan people has been killing, missing and kidnapping but their importance is less than even Atiqa Odho’s bottle of wine.

Voice for missing person Balochistan organization has come at Karachi Press Club where twice I got chance for reporting, while talking to Voice for missing person Balochistan organization chairman Mr. Qadeer Baloch said that this is absurd an idea, still our voice for missing person is being neglected, if in this country dies dog, cat, all would go on it but here our 14365 has been missed included 150 women and 170 children, none has cared about them.

We are receiving dead bodies of our people, even my son was taken by agencies on 17 February 2009, because of hidden forces are trying to force at me that I must be put off hand on issue of missing persons, told VMPB Vice Chairman Qadeer Baloch.

He further added that they are at mistaken that I would silence on issue of missing person, when they took my son I followed all legal steps and met to Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani, whom I had informed whole story about my son, for this reason I showed him evidence that who is involved in kidnapping of my son, then Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani himself agreed with me and told that Yes, I am agreed with you that you son is being taken by agencies and will try to free him.

Mr. Qadeer Baloch complained on Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan Mr. Iftkhar Ahmed Choudhary that VMBP had been protesting camp in Islamabad, after few days Chief Justice called us, and we went on his order to Supreme Court, he asked whey are you protesting. I and member of missing persons shared about our missing persons. Chief Justice told us, do not worry your people will be freed soon; by now you must end your protesting camp and return back to Balochistan. We returned back to Balochistan at promising of Chief Justice but what happened in return we received our people died bodies and after three months I received died bodies of my son, Jalil Reki. This is what we had believed on promise of Chief Justice and gotten dead bodies, shared VMBP Vice Chairman.

He strongly criticized on role of Chief Justice that I do not have an idea that why chief justice has been changed. He is who himself noticed on missing person case in decade of Dictator Musharraf after restoring again on his position, was he dealing on case of missing person that you would not open case of missing person. If this is not dealing then let me know that why chief justice has been prolonged to make committees and committees’ authority is given to Mr. Javed Iqbal who has not meet us yet.

He further pointed out that Chief Justice is worried about NRO and Memo Gate cases though basic and human rights case of missing persons but he is not paying attention on it.

On question of money that Supreme Court said, if agencies are unable to find out missing persons then let us know that we should arrange amount at monthly bases and to be given to families of missing person, (Bolan Voice has been written Editorial on this issue “Take Money – No Justice”), VMBP Vice Chairman harshly criticized on this matter that We Baloch and Sindhi never take amount on dead bodies, it would be inhuman act if we both nation take amount. No doubt, Crime management cell sent form us for filing that we would get amount instead we know about our missing persons, they have wrong view that they give amount and to be silent us. But we burnt all forms at Quetta Press Club and warn them that we never get amount on our beloveds.

On one question that do you get support from out side, he said that I give challenge to agencies and rulers of Pakistan that if they prove one penny that we are getting amount from foreigners, I personally would beg them and put off hand on this moment. Would tell to agencies of Pakistan, you are master and win, we have lost, do not blame at us, prove it, challenged by Qadeer Boalch.

He thanked of USA role, amnesty organization and human rights organizations those have put voice for missing person and to be hoped that they all would up voice for missing person, because 362 has been murdered, we people do not know that where is Teacher Zareena Marri who has been taken with her two year son on 2006? He humbly requested to human rights organization that kindly look at us and helps for restoring our missing people.

We asked him, that while interviewing Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri (Interview published in Bolan Voice), he commented that mostly missing person has been killed and their graves are in graveyard of Pendi – Islamabad. How do you see this remark?
Yes, my thoughts are with him, and truly that those who have been taken away by forced, rarely return back to home. But we want to know that where missing persons are and what had happened with them? Replied by Qadeer Baloch.

What would be its organization done if missing persons do not find out? He told, we are supposed to go to Islamabad, where we will ask to Chief Justice that what you said us and we got dead bodies? We want to know that if Pakistani agencies have killed our people and unable to return back us, at least they must admit, stop taken our people and do not give us dead bodies until agencies admit and stop their ruthless actions, we would stop our VMBP struggle if they do not stop than this movement continues on to the dead, said Qadeer Baloch. We all know Justice is blind, not deaf so why does not voice of missing people listen?

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine on Feb/2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Editorial! Pakistan Journalism

Follow blindly, without questioning!

World claims that we are advanced and civilized have been achieving lots things. Today we would like to ask to civilized people of advanced world that what is meant by civilized world, if we are not at mistaken civilized means where people live equally and enjoy right of their rights. Where would people be recognized on their abilities, nowhere existence of injustice.

You are allowed to express your views without any harsh orders and labels that you can and not speak, we would write whatever we see. If civilized world is like this, then we would say that this is heaven in life. These are all bookish sayings as our grandmother says.

Ground realities are different, you write or say, and to be received orders that all are outlaw, like one person stand at main stop of market, loudly says what I say, believe on it, what I do, follow on it; if you go on against it you will be declared criminal.

By mistaken poor people goes and reminds him, Dear honorable louder speaker man, we are not going to against you, we have as spoken as rich men’s speak, he would be replied you that they rich men have our Non-Objection-Certificate NOC they can speak, not you a traitor. But I have asked only one question, why have you even asked?

This happens when we are being dreamt for advanced world, reality is changed than dream. We do not understand what should write or not? If we say A … it would be count in outlaw. This time we are not written any issue but going to evoke nursery class where children are obtained to follow teacher whether teacher right or wrong, who cares?
Our Editorial becomes nursery class because we are not allowed to say if we speak; it would count A … B … C… etc.

A for Ban, B Afflict for, C for Deaf, D Censorship for, E for Feudal lords, F for Evict, G for Heartless, H for Guillotine, I for Jangle (not Journalism), J for Idiot, K for Lie , L for Khaki, M Nonsense for, N for Major, O for Powerless, P for Opium, Q for Risky, R for Qualm, S for Trustless, T for Salute, U for Vacuum, V for Under-law, W for X-ray, X for Weld, Y for Zoo, and Z for Yoke.

This is under the law, never think of that it is outlaw or mixture whatever has been written or taught it is law and correct.
We do not speak single word, if speak, would get order that you do speak. Therefore, for now this is what have written on page follow and think about it. If you call this advanced world, where truth becomes outlaw and justice turns into injustice and NOCs to be declared for richest then would prefer to live in poor cave.

Published in Monghtly Bolan Voice Magazine on Feb/2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Women's Rights & Hillary Clinton..!


Don’t open the door,Why?
I know, its knocking of queen of sorrow,
Oh! Really Mother,
After long time, someone has knocked our door,
If there is queen of sorrow,Let her get inside,
What she would take and give,
We both have same thing,
Queen of sorrow is our guest, and standing at door,
Allow her, she has nothing new thing that could harm us,
Mother, you know well,We are already in anguish;
Our hearts are injured,What happens?
If she puts in few drops of sorrows;Let her come with her grief. — Helena

Today the world has changed and still is going on edge of change. We have heard voices for change, new world order by power makers; but they cannot replace one thing that is sorrow and anguish. I have read somewhere that the world has two international traditions — love and sorrow.
Both have same language, pain and reactions. When I read the above poem I asked myself why didn’t sorrow reduce its impact. Whenever sounds for change run around us, I see innocent women’s victimization, their forced marriage and “Dishonour Killing” which is known as “Honour Killing”. I am very sorry to write about that innocent killing and injustice which cannot be justified through pleasant words, because as like Sindhi Poet Shaikh Ayaz quoted that “each word has long process of centuries”, hence how do I use responsible words for irresponsibility. I cannot forget words of a lady whose name was Ms. Sanam and belonged to city of Shikarpur – Sindh, she told me that her father sold her for Rs 45,000. Then she looked at around my mother’s big house and continued that I got married with an old man because my father had sold me and then there was no need to ask for anything. If old man killed me, what would I say? I was his property but my price is less than a goat. Wait… Have another bitter truth of young girl who was near about 24-26 years, she belonged to Afghanistan aftermath 9/11. She migrated to Karachi – Sindh. She had more reservations and harsh remarks against Taliban. She said, why are we women being only examined by our figure? Cannot anyone give us place except examining our figure? From Afghanistan to Karachi my journey was very painful that at each stop everyone was looking at us as we are alien or have four eyes and six hands. When I was in Afghanistan then Taliban forced us to live inside four walls and did not allow us to work out of houses. “Even I remember that I have ever seen my face in mirror. My mother was beaten. We are now in metropolitan city of Karachi but here people are like as in my village, Afghanistan. They see all women as toys and nothing else.”Why I have shared the pains of two girls with the readers? I want to turn stratum of pain that is part of women. Women are half part of society but this half part of society is in anguish. The subcontinent’s women are suffering more than the developed countries. Of course, in developed countries, women have problems and they are paying price for living but they are not paid price as under developed women are paid. What are the reasons? We can count in the list as like unemployment, education, gender discrimination, no participation in decision making and stereotype thinking that women are unskilled and fragile, etc.If women are unskilled and fragile, then I would request them to go and read poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai who calls woman as powerful, committed and always ready to give up her life for her beloved, land, and at promise. Women are always under threat, and blamed by selected group and power persuasion who want to build their hegemony. One basic reason I personally think of that is poverty, poverty of wisdom. When a person gets fear and insecure from anyone it creates psychology problems and always trying to be undermined another. Poverty of thinking is very harmful than anything else. This is a problem and how can we reduce or end this poverty of mind? Unless, our society improves its basic needs that can help out in improving mental level after then we will be able to start thinking equally, otherwise, half part of society will remain as alien and stranger in under developed countries.We do not have magic stick or advanced weapon to be used to remove poverty of wisdom; it will never end in minutes or hours but it will take ‘long walk’ to generate healthy approaches.Benazir Bhutto came to power, her ruling was declared un-Islamic and she faced lot of troubles. Though her contribution could not bring sudden changes but her struggle and sacrifices have shaken oldest layers of thinking. Nowadays we do not have such kind of courageous lady on stage of power – makers. But still have few powerful voices who are contributing their part.On the world’s stage we see Ms. Hillary Clinton whose life-story and name is very well-known in my country’s remote areas. How can I forget a lady of Jacobabad when she was supporting Ms. Hillary Clinton and called her Sassi (a very famous romantic character of Shah Abdul Latif’s poetry) that Ms. Hillary lives with her husband who cheated her but she is like us that she did not leave her husband. When I asked why? She, villager lady asked me, why are you asking that question? Do you not know we (women) are honest; we can die but never betray. She further said the innocent and poor Hillary is suffering as we villagers.That time I was able to say one thing that if Hillary was nominated as Leader in Pakistan, all women would vote her then Hillary can win all votes at least women votes. Nowadays Ms. Hillary Clinton has powerful position, she makes decisions and raises voice for rights but has she heard voice of voiceless society which is suffering and looking for help. Poor ladies compare themselves with Ms. Hillary but does Ms. Hillary know their anguish and unseen pain?I am not asking for state art here where only power-makers exist, would ask human rights art. Where is the voice for human rights art? Human Rights Art makes beautiful human lives and equivalent society. People need better living style of life and it can be possible if state provides human rights art.States need human rights art, when would world learn this art? Because injured hearts are unable to live and they die day by day. Have you felt that nowadays world has deepest problem of violation of human rights and everywhere voices are raised for human rights. Our political philosophy has state art but now time demands human rights art. Turn the new leaf of human rights which must be ensured for human safety and their basic rights.Hillary Clinton has been coming to Afghanistan and Pakistan; in both countries women are facing violation of human rights. Although, Hillary always comes and try to protect democracy with safety wall, she talks with statesmen on state art, maybe she hopes that democratic process will increase democratic values and promote secular state.Hillary and we all know well that this process takes long time. Because Afghanistan and Pakistan have state within state, our institutes become small states.

For example, Police stations are small states in each area of country where poor people are not allowed to lodge FIRs. If by chance FIR is registered then justice will take long time, and mostly people die and their generations grow up but cases remain in the list of date, date, date and date. In such circumstances, how can we hope that people will get justice either? Why Hillary does not talk of human rights art too?Consequently, women are suffering and their voices not heard in mini states. Half of the country’s population has no importance.
Will Hillary be ready to give protection safety wall to women’s rights?While writing this I am sure that someone will be beating his woman and an innocent lady being sold and killed in the name of honour. What can state do for women? At least enact law or issue ordinance. But who will implement these laws in mini states?Women are helpless and their voices being ignored, we cannot blame anyone but poverty of wisdom. People can live with half a meal but they are unable to live under sky of anguish. Imagine how are women living and dying in attacks by drones of poverty of wisdom. We cannot end queen of sorrow but at least we can reduce and remove poverty of wisdom, responsible for creating women’s problems and their violation. For now, will dear Hillary Clinton listen innocent women’s voice? Will she give voice to the voiceless? Let’s see, what will our dear Hillary Clinton do?

Published in The Frontier Post on Feb 16, 2012