Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remembering Salmaan Taseer!

Chhaliya Mera Naam!

After long time I went out side and saw crowd of people in Karachi, really city of Karachi is crowded than Tucson state of USA, I founded about Tucson state very peaceful and heart of nature and art. Somehow, yes Karachi has own beauty but you can not dissent that it is crowded and bumpy traffic.
Before coming out from home I myself promised that today I would not write and nor talk on any issue. Just silent and would listen others but It is very strange that one of mine well-wisher met and asked suddenly, you (Veengas) have not liked winter, is not it? I replied yes, I do not like winter even this winter has no heart, how can I be forgotten when Pinky Bhutto was exiled among us, one dictator Musharraf had snatched why these gun men know art of snatching and make everlastingly silence, I stopped myself and told that look I have made promise that today I would not discuss neither pick pen up even not run my fingers on keyboard, OK so do not discuss.
My well-wisher slowly moved and whispered this winter also took away Salmaan Taseer and Aasia Bibi is in trouble … my eyes rolled and was about to talk on but that person stopped and prohibited me that you are not allowed to talk on Salmaan Taseer, Stop talking, have not you remembered when we were ordered in schools. At the time, I loudly said that yes yes we all are still in society’s school where everyone is following us and giving NOC non-objection-certificate on our notions.
If we got rarely against their typed or declared NOC, we would put on guillotine. I shared that person that yes sure I have remembered Shaheed Salmaan Taseer, can we forget him? A person, who stood and at least came out from his shelter and gave voice to voiceless woman, a poor lady whose little kids are looking for her mother. What did Shaheed Salmaan Taseer? What was his crime? Why he received bullets? And where were other security men? My office follow said uufff Ms. Veengas; today is not topic of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer. I passed comical laugh and tried to realize them that until innocent gets justices, his/her case remains alive. When you people get sense like bird those can not see blood and shoot of bullets, but you people are sent by God and ashraful makhluqat….! You people make, killer as a hero, Mumtaz qadiri, musharraf and Zia. And in case of Che-Mir Murtaza Bhutto have gotten decision that no one killed Murtaza Bhutto. Wah.. What a state?
Where people have been murdered and roads are being washed, killer standing in front of us but we have been told, no one killed … in the name of religion … in the name of terrorism, I do not know how many in the names … we will listen and receive dead-bodies on our shoulders.
By now I am sitting and typing on laptop without checking that what have been typing, my fingers are as running as my thoughts in minds. Yes I go against my promise and turned down it. Because my inner voice is burning and asking that what is type of this state? For now, I just talk on Shaheed Salmaan Taseer. Whenever I think of him I remember a song of Indian movie that,
Chhaliya mera naam,
Hindu, Muslim, sikh, Isaiah,
Sub ko mera Salaam.
Salmaan Taseer was like above lines. He stood for human rights and tried to give right approach but what did happen? None of them listen, although we all can bear and listen lies of dictators and nor able to listen humanitarian voice.
One person asked me on the assassination of Salmaan Taseer, if we non-Muslims get sentences against our religion, where should go? Even your media world does not place our name. Everyone knows how non-Muslims are being treated and threaten. Does anyone’s religion allow terrorizing another religion? Of course, Never …! In response, I shared my views that see all solution in talks and countries talks on table-talks; right so why not we wish that if there would table conference among GODs and they had made decision what ought to be better for human.
In case of Pakistan, picture is different and dreadful. Why you are thinking that only non-Muslims are under at gun point, what about indigenous people and have belonged Muslims. Don’t ask and think more just look around again when twice remained PM Shaheed Benazir Bhutto were denied for security, her brother got bullets and Akbar Bugti, Balaach Marri than Salmaan Taseer and finaly Bhatti. We have long history of murders.
Recently, we have two stories those arose in Balochistan and Punjab. Dr. Shazia Khalid who was raped not only by man but also many times insulted by dictator who frequently talks lie about Dr. Shazia Khalid but one person stood up in favour of Dr. Shazia Khalid, let me confessed that even in Sindh, people were hidden their face and pretending that Mein na dekhoun means I have not seen. Shame!
How can I put finger at others, where was this country why did not stand up and come on roads, at the time of Dr. Shazia Khalid? Where was Mr. Iftkhar choudhery’s Suo moto? Who took suo moto on Jerga but had not seen Dr. Shazia Khalid. Then, we saw, Shaheed Akbar Bugti was being killed by dictator.
I have remembered seraiki’s lines that Dushmen Marie te khoushi na karie, kadi kadi sajan bhi mar janda ae (don’t be glad on death of enemy, one day our beloved is to pass away)
Musharraf gave Congratulations at the dead of Shaheed Akbar Bugti and now he is denying and Shaheed Salmaan Taseer’s killer also favour.
After this panic accident second page turned and we heard in Punjab Salmaan Taseer supported on human bases for Aasia Bibi and fewer voices were starting talks for Aasia Bibi. In Pakistan, many daughters are being killed and treated inhuman. These two Dr. Shazia and Aasia Bibi have not larger support as another woman has larger support whose name is Aafia Siqiue. Many times I think about that if Aafia has honor, daughter and sovereignty for Pakistan. These three things honor, daughter and sovereignty don’t apply at Dr. Shazia Khalid and Aasia Bibi?
Sadly, Salmaan Taseer was killed in the name of blasphemy but one clever person said, gun was coloured in the name of blasphemy, filled up and shot by politically. What is reality?
We have not heard suo moto from Chief Justice and when Mushtaq Qaqir honored with followers, to be tried as Hero of conservatives and killers. For a while, I ask myself, is it justice?
When one mother and wife who lost her life partner and now look for her son, Ms. AamnaTaseer @AamnaTaseer , she is counting days and looking at door that maybe this knocking at door of Shabaz Taseer. Why powerful group takes exam of a mother?
Pakistan’s gave problem is this, none of them pay attention at basic issues of country which are caused of trouble but they think, throw out one government to be solution, and it is likely to children game?
Therefore, nice tweeted by Bilawal Bhutto who wrote on twitter wall that “@BBhuttoZardari @SalmaanTaseer plz forgive those who were silent when they should have spoken. plz forgive those who spoke whn they should have been silent.”
Mostly, I feel proud that my roots are from land, where people know the art of sacrifice and stand up for justice. My land has had graves of martyrdoms and this is our best property. Where people give up their lives because they can not see injustice.
And Salmaan Taseer was one of from them who stands up, talks, condemns and gives up own life
Mumtaz Qadir did not shoot only Salmaan Taseer but he shot a person whose had belief for peace and tolerance.
What will happen in Pakistan and when bloody eyes to be slept forever? God knows…!!!!!!
Ahhh…! I have broken my promise and typed whatever came in my mind whether good or bad.
In last remembering saying of Mahatma Gandhi jee says, “There is no god, higher than Truth.” But who will tell this is truth because when person stands and says truth, here one bullet opens and kills a person who says truth.
What a land this is….! You can open fire and walk away easily.


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