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Editorial on Journalists Balochistan..!

Respected World! We are Journalists…!


We are told and retold since decades “Journalists without borders, Journalists are responsible for seeking truth. We agree and do not have any doubts with anyone. Very nice to read and hear about journalism that on earth journalists have power and eager to search truth. We journalists are equal and belong to one Qabila means family. If one journalist gets bit hit, all over the world journalist would stand by that journalist.
Journalists are united and power makers none of can harm to journalists. Let them know we belong to one family and our culture and tradition is, we live for truth and die for truth.  So, this is our Journalists’ family. Wait …Wait … and calm your heart beating, allow us to ask one question that are we journalists united and belonged to a family? This question would like to leave for world and answer itself.
Respected World!
We covet to remind you that this world is not only divided into classes by capitalists but moneyed guns have operations on majority of minds that consciously or unconsciously all are following in line of capitalists.  When our journalism starts to pursue line of royal class-thinking than how can we blame at them those are against truth. We have examined that biggest newspapers and electronic media have importance and their journalists if got cut on her/his skin, world would listen to voice for them and we are heard the speeches that truth is being gone to hang. Have you heard voice in favor of journalists who were killed and dumped on roads?

In Balochistan between 2010 to 2011 journalists have been killed and butchered, among those were Mohammad Khan Sasoli, Khuzdar Press Club President, Faiz-ud-Din Sasoli, Khuzdar, Muneer Shakir, Khuzdar, Illyas Nazer,  Editor of Balochi Magazine – Turbat, Lala Hameed Baloch, President of Gwadar Press Club and correspondent of Daily Tawar, Ejaz Raisani, Cameramen of Sama TV, Quetta, Yousaf Eido Baloch, Human Rights Worker and Journalist in Mekran, Naseer Javed Rind, Ex Sub-Editor and writer Daily Tawar from Hub, Rehmat Ullah Shaheen, Journalist, Poet, Intellectual from Mach-Bolan and Ali Sher Kurd, Writer.
Thanks to international communities at least those have put their name in list of journalists especially organization of CJP @pressfreedom  “Committee to protect journalists”. But where is strong voice for them? It is very well news that Pakistan President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has taken notice threats against journalists who belong Pakistan Urdu Media Channels. Comically wave is that Mr. President has not taken notice of Balochistan’s Journalists who were killed and have been getting threats day by day.

Nowhere notice for Baloch Journalists and when they kill then organizations would add name in the list. Recently Pakistan’s very well-known journalist Mr. Najam Sethi @najamsethi coded that “Several journalists from Balochistan have been killed by non-state vigilantes sponsored by state agencies. … If you say we should construct a social welfare state in place of a national security state, you are a CIA agent.”

Balochistan Journalists have not received strong voice for their safety but they always get 20 or 30 words that Balochistan journalists are in trouble.
If Pakistani journalists or international organizations come on roads and write for journalists’ security and Pakistan media loudly crying on big newspapers journalists then why not in case of Balochistan?
Journalists of Balochistan work in control state where all things are being controlled even human rights too.
If Baloch says that Balochistan ought to be used its own right on its land, we would be gotten tag of CIA agent. There is no harm that Journalists are agent but agent of Truth.

We would request to the world that all journalists must be treated as journalists, do not give priority only big royal walls. If we start follow such steps, no one would seek the truth and journalism become factory.
Now we call world with slogan that, Journalists of the World! Unite.
Peep into Balochistan where journalists are unsafe and have no voice for their security.

Published in Bolan Voice Monthly English Magazine on January 2012.

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