Saturday, December 22, 2012

Editorial: Gaza: Your Brother is dead..!


Middle East problem is getting worst time to time instead of it should be solved but unfortunately we see war among Israel and Palestine. On November 2012, week battle fought between them. What they have received in last? After killing each other people. According to report, “The recent fighting between Israel and Hamas and armed groups in Gaza took place from November 14 to 21, 2012. It involved unlawful attacks on civilians by both sides. At least 103 Palestinian civilians and 4 Israeli civilians died during the fighting, reported in Human Rights Watch organization.
This is not first time, fighting have started between both parties by claiming ownership on land of Gaza.
Why Gaza – West Bank is very important for Israel and Palestine? If you control main route that leads you to hold your feet on Palestine even can easily involve in politics of entire Middle East.
Hence, conflict between Israel and Palestine is being coloured by religious minds or capitalist class.
They know well that in the name of religion, this war can long be led and to be made people very crazy bye use of this tool and war becomes holy and emotion of people to be drove.
But crux matter is not like that as they are painting religious colour on the wall of Middle East.
One school of thought saying if Israel and Palestine conflict would be solved, then foreign power makers have no need to stay on land of Middle East countries. While sitting on conflict – boat of Israel and Palestine to float in Middle East.
All game mean is making business and its price has to be paid by innocent people of Israel and Palestine, though Palestinian people are suffering more than Israelis.
Israel’s common people are beautiful; sadly their government policy towards Gaza’s citizen of Palestine is.
Historical background is given proof that Israelis are real son of soil Jerusalem but on the other hand we cannot hide our face that now Palestinian also owns this land.
For instance, if conflict did not solve, who will be more suffered? Can leaf of history forgive us that each decade we slaughter our children because the want of Gaza Land? Cannot we make peace between both nations?
Muslim Countries should let-off to colour of religion. This dispute religion doesn’t talk about conquer or offering sacrifices of innocent children. This chapter is must be closed and need to sit on table-talks for solving conflict: Israel and Palestine.
We are not in position to afford any weapon state, if this world becomes weapon world and everyone start putting gun at people after then we will be sent alive in the hell, don’t need to wait for Hell & Heaven after death. Such kinds of conflict are promoting numbers of weapon and nuclear arms.
Palestinian suffers in Gaza and this bitter truth knows everyone. World should not give excuse for anger, and then same anger can be exploited in the hands of power makers, who want to see their own agenda.
World have to listen sorrow of Palestinians, besides Muslim countries should also remove negative impact of Israelis among their people. On the row of hates, problems will be fallen. Do we need to solve problems or let them drop? Question needs an answer.
When, our ears hear voice that Your Brother is dead. What ought to reaction, know victim well when their houses have been dismantled and dead body of sibling is on the street?
Gaza problem, must be solved otherwise it would be gone in worst position and people of Israel and Palestine to be paid heavy price. Before we pay heavy price, should solve to this conflict that can be caused to kill smiles of innocent people.

Published in English Magazine Bolan Voice on November/2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Heritage of Sindh

So, Was Jawaharlal Nehru right?


Subcontinent has had oldest history of places. It would not be harm if I write that this region is known regarding its beautiful historical places. It is our privileged, our forefathers had made very beautiful work on this earth but we people do not know how to save our forefathers’ work.

What is reason? Do we not know what importance of historical places is? How it plays role in development of nations? History is soul of nations, without history each nation is like Idol or nation has no feet.

History is backbone of nations because of healthy past nations can move in present and future. I don’t want to give lecture on importance of history, people have knowledge that how historical consciousness plays role in our ideas.  Maybe I am trying to convince or telling those people who are already convinced or known.
Perhaps, one thing most of people might not know that when subcontinent was going to divide it was not division of people but it was division of historical places as I always write that partition of subcontinent was biased, later we saw and are seeing that how did people force to leave their homes?

It did not only happen with families but with the passage of time, religious biased or extremists thinking start to attacking on historical places.  
In Pakistan, regional means small provinces’ historical become or counted as Kafir blasphemer.  It really gives harm history of Sindh, Balochistan and khyber pakhtunkhwa.

In Sindh we can see how all historical places those are related with Hindus, are going to vanish or demolish. Sadly, government performance was and is Zero yet.
Government has taken swear that they will never listen, see and speak, If they speak in favour of public interest, probably they think that it goes against democracy, thus they do not want to talk about public and historical places.

We have been writing and informing to Sindh government that kindly pay attention on historical places they are dying and to be made with dust.

Sindh has rich historical places as Indus Vally (Moen Jo Daro) but if anyone has bit time they must go and peep into Moen Jo Daro, that becomes Orphan place and none is ready to take its responsibilities for saving. Recently Sindh has been facing flood-Rain disaster since 2012, because of rain and flood disaster historical places have been damaged.
Roopa Mari – Place ( Roopa was Mother of Chaneser and Dudo, famous historical character of Sindh) is totally broken. 
Great Makli graveyard, to be converted into graveyard.  Marui and Umer place (Famous story of Sindh) their place is ruined. Raja Dahir Place is also ruining. These places are seeing  people of this land and might they tell themselves that who says only children of people are orphan but it happens with us (Historical Places) as we are orphans and none will has ability to stand up for us and save, we are here for you and not to allow you for dying.  

All can feel own personal pain but is there anyone, who will be able to feel pain of these historical places?

If we see in Karachi, Metropolitan City has worst attitude towards historical places. Oldest Hindu places are consciously trying to remove. Why and what are reasons that some hidden hands want to run bulldoze on historical places and temples?
We can see Islamic names on buildings and billboards or contemporary names of politician but we do not see  names of Hindu, Parsi or Christian people who worked and left remarkable historical work.

On 2nd December 2012 Hindu people protested against demolish of oldest Raam Pir Temple at Doli Khata – Karachi. Many families have been thrown out from temple as temple has been demolished and expensive Idol also robbed. One Hindu man shared his views that Ameen Lakhani builder is involved in this case and MQM is supporting him because after demolishing temple, they can build up buildings. Such kind of steps gives us message that Hindu must leave this country and withdraw from our right of living in this country. We are indigenousness people but have no right to perform our religious duties.
Rinkle Kumari's uncle Raj Kumar said that president of Pakistan Mr. Asif Zardari took notice but we have bitter experience of it whenever Mr. Zardari has taken notice, we have not received positive result. So we are not hopeful that Mr. Zardari’s notice will work in our favour but let’s see, what will happen?
They kidnap our daughters, kill our children, and forcibly convert to religion and now demolishing our historical places, what is our sin? Can anyone tell us? he said.

Politicians, Activists, Writers and Social worker all are silent on loss of historical places; they don’t care if historical places are dying from Indus Vally (Moen Jo Daro) to Raam Pir Temple.
Today, we don’t kill our historical places but unconsciously we all are signing on our dead warrant. If we demolish our temples or oldest places it means we break our mirror of our past.
Our forefather did not build such beautiful places that today conservative people load its biased approach and to fire on their art.
If Sindh Government has cultural department then it must show its presences and save historical places of Sindh. We should not wait for funeral of historical places of subcontinent.

Once Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote about Moen Jo Daro, in his book The discovery of India that “one day this historical place may be mixed in dust and died.” Had he an idea about extremist/biased attitude towards historical places? 

Now when I see that historical places are dying and from government to activists or public no one has cared about them then I am asking myself that was Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru was right?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fatima Bhutto

Sooth:  Is Fatima Bhutto entering in arena of Pakistan Politics?


Once again messages on cell phone and social networking got warm on news of Fatima Bhutto that will she join or not in Politics? When I heard/read news she will contest  general  election.

After news she has left commit on Twitter that “@fbhutto : Tribune story exists only in the galloping imagination of the author. It is obviously, wildly untrue.”

It was not new news for me because we all have been analyzing such kind of news regarding Fatima.  When my younger sister asked about this news, I could only comment that some news have no reality but sometimes news are being developed or generated for making warm atmosphere and wanted to see reaction of public that how will pubic react?

Personally, as we believe or have an idea that Fatima will never join politics because she has revolutionary approach and she knows well controlled politics in Pakistan. A lady who lost her family and still swimming in tear of sorrows, she knows if my soul is injured because of blood-controlled-politics of Pakistan, thus she is hardly to sit with those people who are bad actor of politics in assemblies.
If she joint politics then it would be compel led to joining politics. So far, she does not want to see herself before mirror of ruling politics, even yes of course she may be willing to work for poorest people and contributing in public politics through her writings.

She is making her own ground instead of jump into oldest room of politics, it can be happened that she wants to empty seat of politics for her beloved Brother.

Well, Fatima Bhutto has rebel thoughts and anger on power politics of Pakistan, she has many rock-hard things for rejecting to join politics though her views are somehow, is correct.
Nowadays Pakistan is going to enter five season of election, and news would be raining on people time to time as same news regarding Fatima Bhutto, she would contest upcoming general election.
She will not if she is being forced to join then it can be political decision but personally she does not want to run in arena of politics of Pakistan.

If people are worried that why does not she join or will she join? One senior person shared views that why establishment is going to open door of fight among Bhuttos as we had seen between Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, now it must be stopped. If anyone wants to join politics then let  her/him but do not make fake-statements that to be caused of misunderstanding in public. And a coded word of Fatima Bhutto’s article, Enough is Enough, added unnamed person.

Sooth is, she will hardly join politics, a system that cannot justice with her father’s case. How would she enter in controlled system of politics? She has own way of walking on edge of politics.
She always refuses and hates dynasty-politics then would she join that place which she doesn’t want?
Elections are at door of politicians and news will be being made or converted into another shape for making warm water of politics.  

I do not understand why people of Pakistan, want to jump into politics? Politics doesn’t mean to sit on seat of assemblies but politics means, to work for people and country. Thus, on the earth we have many ways of work for our people as Fatima does work of art of writing; she is in politics with pen of ink. It is more powerful than controlled/contract based politics.  Isn’t it?

Sooth of politics of Fatima is this that she is in politics through writings  but not like oldest style of Pakistani power politics.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Israel - Palestine

Gaza's Ashes


Under the sky each problem can be solved if you want to search of solution of problem. Whilst writing these lines, I must say that world has not learnt art of solving problems.
We are living an advanced world that has crossed many stages but sadly people’s thinking approach is following foot step of primitive stages of the world.

We all want to win other people but never think for a while that whom we are winning and at which cast to win them?

These all questions are looking for answers but nowhere are single answer except long silence.
Before few days, we saw bloody battle between Israel and Palestine; we all know well older problem in Middle East. One problem which has no solution some people do not want to solve this line of problem between Israel and Palestine because if this line of problem would be solved than what will be left behind for them, who are seeking interests in Middle East.

Kings of world, they know well, to disturb poor people then they cannot ask question; therefore make them busy into their own domestic problems, so it would be easy to rule on them and can be ruled on their minds. It means power of thinking of common people would be remained in the hands of Power Makers.

Nowadays, we live in Modern Age, none can make us slavery but we are wrong we are slaves with new techniques of Modern Age; we are tied with invisible chains and this is worst than stone age slavery period. And Middle East is tied with invisible chains.

Power Politics sows seeds of Wars as they think that by war can be made Peace. This is big and worst joke to the people because weapons have power to kill, not to bring flower of peace.

As we have seen battle in Gaza, I do not code how many people have been killed, rockets being fired or bombing. Maybe world can count dead bodies but can we count sorrows or dropping tears from eyes of people, can we?

OK…Fine. Maybe some of people say that we should not be more emotional but without emotion none will be able to walk on the earth, isn’t it?

I am asking to the world that claims for making peace but when families lost their home in Gaza, one person lost his/her beloved in Israel and not only this Gaza has many stories which are filled with anguish and orphan children are standing on streets, what is running on their minds?

When one child goes to his mother and asks that who has destroyed our house? Why they killed my brother? And when young generation stand and ask to us that why only politics give us dead bodies and destructions? Do we think for them?
When you loss things then our empty hands have only questions because mayhem leaves only bunch of questions.

I have been asking myself that what I should write on Gaza. A war that always leaves ashes among people and we all walk on ashes of war, those reminds us painful moments.
Power Politics has no ears, eyes and feelings that unable to see sorrows and orphaned faces of poor people.
We all are standing out from circle of Power Politics and seeing broken heart in Gaza. This world has medicine for injuries but it has failed to find out finish wave of sorrow. Gaza’s ashes have anguish and whenever people walk their feet touch ashes and they recall sounds of war/battles.
Time has come to us ands asks who will confiscate ashes of war in Gaza?

For now, matter is not whether Gaza is property of Israel or Palestine? Matter is under the shadow of heavy weapons, why innocent people are being killed and their homes are destroyed.
I am pretty sure rich head of statesmen do not understand pain of living without shelter, as this pain exists in Gaza.

I am stopping myself to write more because I know well for whom I am writing? Power Politics that will unable to understand our language and its actions are horrible because whenever feet of power politics moves, they devastate our world or for them who want to change but have no power in power politics. I do not know why I am telling to them who know all than me but they cannot feel pain of sorrow, have no relation with poor people and are unable to smell of ashes of war.

Gaza’s Ashes are only for people and world has words that cannot reduce pain of people. Gaza’s Ashes can not make peace in fact it reminds to all of us what has been happened.
Would we ask ourselves, what are we giving our children when they walk on ashes of war?

Published in English Newspaper The Frontier Post

Saturday, November 24, 2012


You are asking, 
what's philosophy of life? 
I look at the sky and sky sends me drop of tear, 
I am holding that drop of tear,
I am thinking about leaf of Life,
I do not know, How should I discribe about life?
Life .... Ohhh.., Yes
Life is story of Sorrow.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Editorial: War against Terrorism.

 Age of Holy Bullet..!


Our history, forefathers, contemporary past and we all are at the war. War that has no end yet, time to time it comes at our door and kills our beloveds.

Why don’t we have once upon stories of war? But we are still writing and compiling story pages of wars.
Can people make peaceful world? How is it possible with the gun of war to grab flower of peace?
People have had swords and now guns in the name of sacred words; it is hard to stop them because they would never accept what other people are saying?
Whenever people have led wars on the scared horse and to be claimed that they have to convince world, what they have in their pocket.

Whether people are sent to the world to conquer each other or to fall rain of love on earth?
No doubt, all wars are being led by powerful ruling class and when they need to make large army to defeat other groups, and then they get equipped with religion.

In the name of religion, you can kill more than thousands people, none will ask you; if you ask mistakenly question, then you would be charged against his belief or God.
Wars, they give us graveyards, orphan children in the streets, orphan beloveds at their doors and tears in the eyes.

Who will to conquer or convince others? Those warriors can not be convinced, nor be able to conquered instead storm of wars make chaos and hegemony on others.
By Wars you would rule on people but you cannot win their love. This is simple formula that is not understood by them, who have guns in the name of God and load sacred bullets to kill people that man is gifted on the land by the nature.

We condemn our undeveloped period of history where people killed each other, today queen of history is looking at us and asking still what you people are doing, you are all in cave of war?

After 9/11, world turned against terrorism and said; no one could impose on us their beliefs.
People should have understood that whom they had prepared to be against one country, tomorrow they might stand and coming towards their own houses, too. As it happened on 9/11, In the name of war, few groups wanted to lead ruling on the world.

War is not only solution of problem but sometimes through war you can stop mad rats who want to enter in stranger houses and force people for running on their commands. For leading wars this could be fair enough statement. Do we still need to have solutions that how can world stop loading guns, in the name of sacred words?

World is being forced to enter Age of Holy Bullet, if this horror step doesn’t vanish after then human can not live peacefully. War against terrorism, now must be ended. It has to give full stop if world doesn’t give full stop, later this war might be given full stop to people’s breath.

On the land people need age of love, not to age of holy bullets. Those are killing others and making policies under the shadow of extremists’ approaches, they should think that footless policies are not durable; in fact, weaker policies can be injured themselves.

Innocent children ask us that why do not you put guns into graves instead at our beloved?

Published in Bolan Voice Magazine on October/2012

Imran Khan's Rally

Talking to Waziristan & Seeing to D.I Khan Imran Khan: Jana tha Waziristan Pahunch gaye D.I.Khan Samjh Gaye na..!


All Politics is local Politics, this is very popular sentence in the world of politics. Even if you don’t talk on local issues, will not able to hold umbrella of politics.

We can see famous Politicians who stood by common people and issued their genuine problems.
Common people is heart of politics, if you don’t have heart of public, hardly you can make even place of sitting chair on the ground.

Understanding stratum of Politics and Art of Politics is not easy task. You ought to know historical and political consciousness of this region as Politics of South Asia, has different historical process of politics.
Sadly, nowadays politics is becoming business though pages of past, they tell us politics was part of state and public interests but things now have been changed and entering into worst place.

When you are become famous on social net works or TV channels then you consider yourself as politicians this is what style has adopted in arena of politics that can bring benefit for self-interests.
While politics is an ambassador of state; where state to state and issues and matters of people would be solved on the politics-table.

People should understand importance of politics, not to count it as business card. Sometimes, nations face to trouble situation when they have vacuum on ground of politics.
In Pakistan politics is Orphan, therefore few immature minds are being prepared to bring in politics because hidden hands want to complete their interests on the shoulder of weaker people.

Mr. Imran Khan is thrown on the political-chess-game by hidden hands and he has not tough competition in politics. He is trying to get only popularity and luxury middle class public gatherings (Jalsas).
He thinks, he has degree from Oxford and opposed to United States, as Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto did, hence; he would become like Bhutto (s). Unfortunate, He is neither become Bhutto (s), nor even simple can create his own political ideology. He has American – Drones phobia and sympathy towards religious conservatives’ minds.

We can see his walking on politics-path where you hardly see him to speak on public matters. He always jumps into those issues where can get international popularity. We guess, according to him All Politics is international media hype (popularity), maybe he wanted to see himself as Hero of Pakistani Politics Film, but … but his confused politics’ script is making him unpopular among poor people of Pakistan.
He beats drum of sovereignty of country even he has not talked on Balochistan’s problem. Missing persons of Balochistan are more than 14000 and not only this people are receiving their beloved dead bodies.
Roads of Balochistan are empty and dropping ashen of sorrows, while walking people can find out dead body and people cries loudly, here is …. Here is …. His dead body.

Does it not violation of sovereignty of country and violation of human rights including international laws? Why Mr. Khan reminds song of ethics on Drones? Here I would clear one point that criticize on Mr. Khan’s opposition on Drones, does not mean we are fully agreed with policies of drones, although we have another view on drones on Pakistan. Therefore, it should be cleared for readers.
Mr. Khan knows if he opposes Drones attack, he can get attention of international media and especially White House (United States).

For example we can agree for a while that he has strong policy for opposing drones attack and keenly wanted to see solution of war against terrorism. OK…Fine.
Some questions are raising and need to answers. If Mr. Khan has own policy against Drones, then why foreign groups are helping him? If he is willing to solve problem of war against terrorism, on which agenda he wants to see solution? Though, he does have compassion for Taliban and conservative groups.

We have not seen him pro-people. On one Call, he can change his policy and stance. If one person who has not straight forward policy, how could that one bring change?

On 7th November 2012, DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan accompanied by 30 US campaigners, British head of legal lobby and thousands of supporters Saturday on a defiant march to South Waziristan Agency to protest against US drone strikes.
The convoy hopes to proceed to Kotkai village in South Waziristan but reached at Dera Ismail Khan, as reported in newspapers of Paksitan.

Imran Khans said, “We have given our message – it has gone across the world,” he told supporters. “We have succeeded in raising this issue. We came here to raise this issue; we came here to take a stand against drones.”

On the call of military Mr. Khan had changed wheel of March to Dera Ismail Khan. While embarking on 440km drive from Islamabad to Waziristan, he was singing song of Peace Pact with Taliban, when he count not accomplish his aim of rally then he changed his statement that we have given message across the world on Drones.

It means, before his rally, was world unaware and did not know that there is issue of Drones? It is funny that Mr. Khan did not say single word against extremists even rally seemed Election Campaign.
Now Pakistan’s Politics becomes issues politics that give publicity.

When I read about his rally, one Indian song came in my Mind that is, Jana tha Waziristan Pahunch gaye D.I.Khan Samjh Gaye na..! Means Talking to Waziristan and seeing Dera Ismail Khan.

Imran Khan’s politics is not against policies of establishment; he follows its script and thinking without permission of pro-religious groups, can not get into room of power that is reason his whole policy is confused. If he wants to do politics, ought to understand that All Politics is local, not popular issues based politics that promotes temporary publicity, nor can make place among poor people.

Mr. Khan needs to understand this land historical and political consciousness and must come out from mysterious phobia-ism against powerful states.

Published in Bolan Voice Magazine on October/2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hindu Gril Kidnapping

Once again Violation of Human Rights in the name of religion..!


Moomal Meghwar, she is between 12 to 14 years Old; has been kidnapped and thug name is Ahmed Panhwar, his age is 15/16 years Old.

Moomal and her family labourer at brick labour. Moomal has been kidnapped for around 25 days, hence her family was promised to recover her soon by influential men. 
As usual promises never turn into reality, at last Moomal's father has got nothing in turn, except empty promises.

Before there days, His Father has filed FIR and police is investigating on case. Moomal belongs to Thar and her family works in UmerKot city at Brick Labour.
According to report that still there is no confirmation, has Moomal converted to Islam or not? But this is confirmation; Boy's party is weaker because both are under-aged, said local reporter.

We all have had bitter experience regarding Hindu girls' kidnapping and later convert to Islam, State and Law do not justice to them (Hindu Girls).

Government & Courts do not regard Human Rights Charter and People's protection but now case is under-aged of both parties. Why do not Govt. and Courts take action against this step child marriage and forcibly conversion to religion?

If such kind of wave starts in our society when under-aged children get married  then we cannot protect child’s rights if Government and its institution do not able to respect international Human rights,  then must be honored its own state rules and Laws. 

Main Questions raise, how long will illegal and infringement get shelter of religion? Cannot we stop and condemn it? When greedy people kidnap others’ daughters and forcibly convert to Islam because they know well, if they get umbrella of religion then none can ask them.

We must think and ask ourselves that which kind of norms to be introduced in our society?

We are not hopeful whether Moomal would back home, at least we do hope from Courts and Govt. that they must regard its constitution and Law, and will punish to guilty.

Hindu Girls need protection, will state give them?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Interview: Veengas

Religious persecution in Pakistan

ADITI PRASAD | New Delhi, September 14, 2012 18:41 
The world watched in horror as Rinkle Kumari was allegedly abducted, forcibly converted and married off to a Muslim boy in Pakistan’s Sindh province earlier this year. But Rinkle is hardly alone. Hindus are a terrorised minority in Pakistan today. The last few years have seen increasing incidences of religious persecution and harassment of minorities in Pakistan. According to Pakistani media reports, more than 25 Hindu girls are abducted every month in Pakistan’s Sindh and Balochistan provinces, home to 90 percent of the country’s Hindu population. ADITI PRASAD speaks to Karachi based journalist Veengas Yasmeen to understand the plight of Pakistani Hindus in Jinnah’s nation.
Q. Your opinion about the manner in which the Rinkle Kumari case was disposed off by the honourable Supreme Court? 
Veengas: Unfortunate to say that Rinkle Kumari case was not handled as it should have. It would not be wrong to say that the Supreme Court has done injustice to her. I myself was present in the Sindh High Court on 12 March 2012 when she was brought in. She was tightly held by three ladies, was not allowed to move her face and the local politician Mian Mitho who kidnaps young ladies and converts them to Islam was sitting along with his supporters in the court room. On 27 March 2012, Rinkle stood up and spoke bravely in front of the Supreme Court. She expressed her will to stay with her family. But on 18th April, Chief Justice Chaudhry passed the case to Supreme Court registrar to submit her will and she was handed over to her oppressors soon afte after. 
Q. Have atrocities against minorities been on the rise of late in Pakistan? If yes, which are the key affected areas and why?
Veengas: Hindus are in majority in Sindh and Balochistan; Christians and Ahmedis are in Punjab. But for the past few years the situation of minorities has deteriorated. If we see, in Punjab, many Christians and Ahmedis have been killed. In Sindh and Balochistan the condition of Hindus is pitiable because their daughters are being kidnapped, raped and then forcibly converted to Islam.
Q: Can this be termed as a breakdown of law and order in the whole of Pakistan or merely the empowerment and consolidation of religious and militant forces in Sindh/ Balochistan?
Veengas: Crime happens when law does not exist or law allows criminals to do what they want. The Rinkle Kumari case is an example of this. Absence of law creates extremist forces who commit crimes in the name of religion.
Q. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed anger over the continuing migration of Hindus from Sindh and Balochistan, saying it highlights the state's failure to save these citizens from violence? Has the state taken note of the report and instituted measures to safeguard minorities? What are these measures, if any?
Veengas: I am grateful to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) for expressing anger over migration of Hindus from Sindh and Balochistan but the failure to highlight the issue of abduction of Hindus girls and forced conversions puts a question mark even on HRCP’s intentions. Recently, the Pak government has tried to make a report on Hindus’ migration and said that they are making laws to safeguard minorities. But the question which comes to my mind is what happens if someone commits a crime and then gets shelter under the umbrella of religion.
Q. Would you advice the Indian government to give asylum to those displaced or send them back to Pakistan? 
Veengas: Instead of giving asylum, Pakistan and Indian governments must create an independent platform to raise the issue of Pakistani Hindus. Hindus are indigenous people of Sindh and Balochistan. Why do they need to run from their own land and seek asylum elsewhere?
Veengas' interview for Indian Magazine - Interviewed by Ms. Aditi Prasad. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Women's Rights

Case of Sheerimati Lal asks, are we living in Failed State?

Isn’t Sheerimati Lal daughter of Pakistan or this Land? While reading this question everyone can reply in positive scene and loudly says YES …. YES … YES, She is our Sister and Daughter.

Words are not enough we need actions for result when you live in a country you need to prove through your actions. Yes I am not writing for inner feelings where nor can words and neither long letters show your inner feelings, If you can’t understand language of Eyes, how will be possible that you understand words.” So, I am stopping writings on Inner feelings.

Here, I am writing for Sheerimati Lal whose nose, ears and chest have been cut by her criminal husband not only this but her son who was 15 days old was killed by his so-called father.

This news published on 24th October 2012 and today 25th October 2012 my younger sister asked question that why are you people silent on Sheerimati Lal, because TV Media is not giving coverage on this case and Politicians do not talk, maybe this painful news is not important for you Ms. Veengas, she angrily said.

Sometimes little children, show us mirror of reality that what are we doing and what should we do?

I didn’t want to defend myself even I was unable to say anything but I could say her that I have plan to write on her today. She thanked and told me, look birds are better than us they do not harm each other but why do we human kill and harm each other?
I could respond  her  question that in the world we have orphan kids, but if we carefully peep into world we can find out Orphan Nations, those have no leaders that can’t protect themselves and we are one of them.  

What should I write on Sheerimati Lal?

And whom should be blamed? All are innocents and are doing best work, and they must be honored by Awards and Medals.

I am watching TV channels and telling myself that do not worry there would be news for Sheerimiti Lal and anchors will cry that Isn’t Sheerimiti Lal daughter of Pakistan? Ohhh…..there is no news…!

Then, I am looking for Sue Motu that Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftkhar Ahmed Choudhary is in Karachi, he will take sue motu because he takes always sue motus and once he took sue motus against Jirga. Though, Case of Sheerimati is going to send in Jirga.  Ohhh…..There is no Sue Motu even against on Jirga.

After than I am awaiting for press conference from PPP that anyone might hold press conference and say that PPP would not bear any violation of women’s rights, after all this government has passed many ordinances on women’s rights, thus government should as protect ordinance as it protects Local Bodies Ordinance. Sorry I have not seen any press conference.

Finally, I wanted to see Mr. Imran Khan that He may up voice and say I will not allow to attack on women and kill our children but then finally I told and reminded myself that Sheerimiati is not attacked by any drone, therefore, no any cry from him.

Although, she is attacked by drone of violation and we have not seen any voice against drone of human rights violation.

This case can be called in language of NOGs/Civil society Women’s Rights violation and domestic violence. Even, Human Rights Organizations do not count table to Human Rights Charter and sing song of women’s rights. Nothing happens in favour of Sheerimati Lal.

There is no any Tweet, Blogger, Facebook or social net working in favour of her.

I am pretty sure, if I ask questions to Government that you have passed ordinance of women’s rights but they are not putting into action, who will order to ensure those ordinance? I would not get answer.

Doctors said, they do not have facility of surgery at Sanghar district. She must go to Karachi for surgery and another hand Sindh government issued 90 Crore rupees for Karachi and Hyderabad cities but Government doesn’t pay attention on health facilities of local poor people. Whilst, writing this piece of words, Health department of Sindh has not taken step for Sheeramiti Lal.

She is in painful and serious condition but none is willing to help her.
Honestly, I know our writings and words will be gone in the air, who cares? After one day there is Eid, all will be busy to celebrate Eid and no one would remember Sheerimati Lal’s anguish.

After few days, her news would become Old news than No one will remember her.

But Sheeramiti Lal will suffer her pain. Under the sky everyone has to bear his/her own pain, none can share our anguish. This poverty of sorrow is only that can not be shared and nor anyone wants it.

Is Sheerimati Lal daughter of Pakistan or this land? If yes, then who will listen her case?

If you are going to fail to protect human rights, it shows you can’t protect your state because human rights are layer of state and when layer becomes weak than automatically state counts as Failed State. Today cases like Sheerimati ask us that are we living in failed state? 

Will Sheeramiti lal get justice? I do not want to make jokes, however we know Justice is not for poor people. Yes I am still asking to sky that can you (Sky) see anyone on the earth who would protect her and at least, can help to recover her health? 


Sunday, October 21, 2012

News Analysis.

Soft divorce & bloody divorce. Akhter Mengal’s Points..!

By Veengas 

Mr. Akhter Mengal came out from his self-imposed exile after three years. He broke his fast (Roza) of silence by given his 6 points that can be solution of Balochistan as Mr. Akhter thinks.

We would like to remind our readers, when I wrote Editorial on points, “ Balochistan’s Point vs Islamabad points, on June, 2012”, Baloch people hardly accept any kind of package of points. But on 28 September, 2012 newspapers did knock at our door and brought news itself that Baloch leader has been reached in Islamabad, where he is looking for solution by given six points.

People say that History repeats itself. History has countless lessons for learning, unfortunate people do not willing to learn.

While giving 6 points, people might have told him that you are going to be like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman but there is big difference between Mr. Akhter Mengal and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, even through his six points, he has shown that he can’t be like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

He has put only title of Six Points from Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Historical Six Points.

We should compare his Six points with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Points:-

Akhter Mengal’s Points in 2012 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s points in 1966
1 All overt and covert military operations against the Baloch should end; Pakistan should be a federation with four independent states;
2 All missing persons should be produced; The federal government should have only defense and foreign affairs;
3  All proxy death squads created by the ISI and MI should be disbanded;  There should be two separate currencies;
4 Baloch nationalist parties should be allowed free political play without interference from ISI and MI; The federating states should collect all taxes;
5 Those responsible for the killings and disappearances should be brought to book; .  Export earnings of each province should be separately accounted for;
6  Thousands of Baloch displaced by the conflict should be rehabilitated.  East Pakistan should have its own paramilitary or militia force.
This has been taken from Mr. Najam Sethi’s article, published in The News, on 1 oct, 2012

I interviewed Mr. Akhter Mengal in 2009, in interview he had no faith in system of Pakistan but now suddenly he develops his faith in Judiciary, it was same Judiciary that refused to meet United Nations mission on Missing persons.

Strange, Mr. Akhter came and has shown strong faith in Judiciary. He believes that only judiciary can solve the problems.

We have doubt that Mr. Akhter Mengal did not follow case of Hindu girls, especially Rinkle Kumari, who cried and begged for Justice but she was not allowed to go with her mother.
A single girl did not get justice and Mr. Akhter Mengal thinks that Balochistan’s burning issue will be solved by Judiciary, we have sympathies with him.

Mr. Akhter Megal said that why should not we divorce peacefully rather than seeking for a bloody divorce.” If these points accepted and state starts work on them, then Balochistan can get solution of problems, he believes.

Government and Military establishment have said that No, there is no operation; no missing persons and they claim that All is well in Balochistan.

Mr. Akhter stands by his statement and looking for positive response on his points. Even opposition came and met him, all spoke in favor of him but none was able to speak openly on situation of Balochistan.

Question raises that why Mr. Akhter Mengal jumped with 6 points’ balloon?
Is he looking for Power?
Does he get any assurance from Power makers?
Do hidden hands again try to develop alliance for Nawaz league?
These all questions need its answers, let’s see in future what will be answers.

For instance, if Mr. Akther Mengal thinks for coming into power, would freedom fighter groups or big two tribes Marri and Bugti will be agreed with him?
No doubt, soft message came from Baloch leaders who wants to soft answer, maybe that answer would be opened door of power for him or not?
Now people and world see to Judiciary that what will happen, if six points do not work, then where will be stand of Mr. Akhter Mengal?

History may get new result of six points, as Mujib’s six points gave independent Bengladesh and Akther’s points might give him power in governments.

Published in Bolan Voice English Monthly Magazine on September/2012