Saturday, November 26, 2011

Editorial on Missing Persons in Balochistan

Missing people: Take Money – No Justice…!


In Pakistan state, past and present is full in mistakes after having bunch of mistakes; they are assuming that future would be freed from mistakes. Reality has another picture, it is as not as we are seen. Unless, learn from Past, and do not repeat mistakes, in present, never be able to get healthy future. Whilst, real power holders of Pakistan very well known that if Pakistan state is in grave troubles because of denying learn from Past and accept rights of indigenous people’s rights. 

When you do not accept and adopt learning approach, what do they want from them whose rights become slave? At least, in 21st century must realize and think that what are doing and for what and with whom, those people are innocent and want to be live under sky of real life. Is it sin? We all are agreed that live in spirit of life, it is not sin but it would varnish to promote any ill activities in human society.

Simple things can never be understood by Dictators. Dictators think they are correct but political consciousness and history of people will prove that Dictators always wrong. And same thing happened with Former Dictator of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf (1999 to 2008) what he did not do? He applied all horror steps in his regime, luxury and anti – people Power makes mad, hence former dictator General Pervez Musharraf became mad cow, who always thinks he is righteous, reality is different. 

Mr. Dictator Musharraf, he destroyed the bridge of peace and gave river of blood in Balochistan, not only this, in his era many people of Balochistan were being kidnapped and none of know where are? Either alive or died? Missing people data is high the reason is that many common people are kidnapped those have moral affiliation with Balochistan’s Parties and youth in mountain. Missing people data shows 14365 and VBMP tells 1600 from 2011 and missing people whose bodies founded out as martyred are 300. Many people tell that due to disturbance in Balochistan, they are unable to collect actual data because they believe that ratio of Missing People is too high and Government of Pakistan is not loyal in collecting data of missing people.

So far, question rises, where is Justice? When Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Choudhery who is popular taking Suo Motos and mostly he has solved the cases. But in missing people case, picture goes change, why? No doubt, Missing People case runs in Supreme Court but still no justice for missing people and recently Supreme Court during hearing of case said that IF Pakistan agencies are not able to find out missing people, they ought to admit that we can apology to families of missing people and in second statement says that If Pakistan agencies are failed in search of missing people, must adjust families of missing people by giving them monthly amount. We ask, is it same Supreme Court when single implementation is being ignored on its suo moto, entire champion of democracy, champion of electric-media start cry that this is insult of Supreme Court and public?

Have you heard single voice on missing people case and Supreme Court statement that adjust by money? Do not we think, this is insult of missing people, their families, queen of justice, and poor public along with generations of future? We have never read that justice can be filled up by rupees and by forcibly on them those want justice. 

We all try to understand pain of missing people and their families those have been looking for their people for years. Once, Veteran Leader of Balochistan Mr. Khair Bux Marri said in his interview (Published in Bolan Voice-by Ms.Veengas) that according to his information Mostly Missing People are being killed and their graves are near to RawalPindi. What is reality? We and common people of this land think that instead of justice, giving money is not way to solve problems. 

Missing people must be visible; their families ought to be known that what has been happened with their beloveds. And must be punished to dictator Musharraf who is caused of sorrows of missing people’s families. If this time leaves vacuum of missing people then none of can be filled up. We think Supreme Court and real Power holders of Pakistan would think on this matter and search justice instead of money. Now Ball is in court of Supreme Court how do they justice with missing people?

Editorial published in The Bolan Voice in November/2011 Editorial on Missing persons in Balochistan

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