Monday, September 19, 2011

US consulate in Balochistan!

News Analysis

Why Pakistan refuses US to establish consulate in Balochistan?


Whilst writing news analysis on U.S ambassador is being refused to set up U.S consulate in Balochistan by Pakistanis main authorities, I have been thinking at a quotation “State Art is most difficult than other arts of World, those who know State Art, can be built beautiful world on earth.”

I thinking, Pakistan has crux problem is that they have not known art of State Art, if they knew it, would never have done mistakes; as they always make mistakes and dig dark holes. By this way, nowadays Pakistan has bunch of problems those are not developed by outsiders in fact by insiders its own Power Makers.

Hence, it is not new thing for everyone because each person of Pakistani knows what is happening? Since long time, two cards game have played on one table, one side of card Pakistan state power makers are tried to appease US by showing statements and other side of card, they drive anti-American sentiment among public, so two types of games have been playing on one card with one (White house). This picture has already been cleared during Dictator Pervez Musharaf’s decade.

Pakistan, one thing is very much interesting that is that each new disorder has old story script nothing new and they always trying to be blamed at outsider hands while having well-known knowledge that all turmoil have been created by insider rather than outsider, still have same oldest blaming style as had in Bengal 70s.

In Pakistan, big and main problem is Balochistan’s matter which is ignored by institutions of state (Electronic/Print Media, Civil Societies/NGOs, Human Rights Organizations and itself government law & order).

No doubt for a while we are being heard voice for missing persons but it is not sturdy voice as it must have. What are reasons? I’d like to leave this question on readers that this time they are to answer instead of by us.

Whatever everyone says one thing none can be denied that US always supports healthy and positive approach that leads democratic values in society, where existences of extremist and lives surrounded innocent poorest people.

This time state art must be with US but they are again being played anti-American Card for limited self interests although statesmen should be fully supported to US by this way they will be able to lessen list of problems. This thing seems not work and same old tact anti-Americanism is on board when US ambassador announced that they are willing to open US consulate in Balochistan.

“USambassador in Islamabad Cameron Munter is making efforts for the opening of the consulate in Balochistan.

Munter visitedQuetta, the provincial capital, on Thursday, and said that Balochistan is very important to theUnited States.

Security agencies and the Foreign Ministry have opposed opening of American consulate to be set up in Balochistan province over security concerns, reported in Pakistan Today Newspaper.”

According to Tribune Newspaper reporting that “US Ambassador in Pakistan, Anne W Patterson has said that an American consulate will be set up in Quetta to oversee the development activities carried out by the Americans in Balochistan. The consulate will be set up to monitor the development activities being carried out by the US in Balochistan. It will also ensure a close liaison between the Baloch people and the US, and would provide visa facility to the people of Balochistan,” she said, while refuting the allegation that the consulate was intended to monitor activities inIran andAfghanistan at a press conference here on Wednesday, reported on 2nd September 2011.

Response has come on such action is divided that most of Balochis people are warmly welcoming US Consulate step and they are all happily waiting for it but another hand those are playing anti-American card, trying to oppose it.

One Baloch person shared his views that why is Pakistan government refusing to establish US consulate in Balochistan, if this same step builds in Lahore or Karachi, have not seen such apposition, so why in case of Balochistan?

Those are opposing US consulate in Balochistan, have only one excuse, one of them reported in The Frontier Post newspaper “a move forward for the creation of a “Greater Balochistan” that has long been a dream of US strategists. This sinister move has so far been resisted and opposed by Pakistani foreign office and intelligence agencies, reported.”

Of course, a common person thinks that why opposition is only in case of Balochistan? Though Balochistan problem is not being created by US, it exists since one day creation of Pakistan, how does it possible to blame at US?

Instead of peep into dull and sinister attitudes strategies towards Bengalis than now Balochistan by Pakistan Power makers, those things have created and given chance to turmoil in Balochistan because when you ignore and side line other rights after than reaction will come up and this is natural respond by Balochis.

Who was responsible in dilemma ofBengal? Was it US or anyone else? Everyone knows Bengal was ignored and had driven wrong practices those created vacuum and chance for making Bangladesh. Therefore, now must be stopped practice to blame at others, of those mistakes which are done by itself Pakistan.

Those are trying to give block US consulate in Balochistan or is called sinister move, in fact by such kind of talks, are being once again raised many questions in common man of Balochistan that Pakistan statesmen are behaved us like alien even same steps are appreciated in other places of country so why they have feared in Balochistan?

Balochistan thinks, if US consulate is opening in Balochistan, they can easily get Visa and keep in touch with oversees activities, also by these step developments activities for human will improve, as long as Balochistan have been ignored, time has come to pay attention on Balochistan and listen voice of Balochis those are welcoming US consulate.

US consulate is not hurdle but by refusing it by Pakistan authorities, is creating hurdle for common Balochis.

While, Pakistanis Power makers should be think on it and adopt state art, and to be removed or stopped create comical excuse for refusing to establish US consulate in Balochistan.

There is no harm if US consulate will be set up in Balochistan and this change will introduce new wave among poorest people of Balochistan.

Pakistan authorities must rethink and consider on US consulate in Balochistan, for betterment of common people of Balochistan. Rejecting is not solution but building and making is solution.

Published in Monthly English Magazine in Bolan Voice on September/2011.