Friday, August 26, 2011

Open letter to Chief Justice of Supreme Court Pakistan!

Where are my Birat & Baba?

(This open letter is being said by little girl of Balochistan whose name is not be able to published here. Although her all feelings and talks are in letter.)

We don’t distinguish whether anyone puts attention on her request or Chief Justice of Pakistan will take sue motto, but will have wish that one day truth and reality would get justice instead of long history of ignores though it continues yet.

I would present my little innocent 12 year old little girl Baloch who is seeking for justice.

My Dear Lord Chief Justice,

I do not know how should I communicate to you? I am getting confused that have you aware about our adversities andBloodRiveron my land?

If you are aware, why do not you have take action? If you are not aware, Okay I am going to tell you my anguish story and hoping you will take sue motto on it.

My lord,

I belong to Balochistan; my family is not as rich or having political legacy as another has had inPakistan.

I am from poorest family which is unpopular, that is why our sorrow and difficulties are unpopular none of them pay attention on it. Once I heard from group of people that you must have to royal background or expensive ticket than people or statesmen will be heard your problem, if you do not have, so problem will be gone in dustbin.

Since day, I have been seeing such victimization with my people and own my family their pain and complains are ignored because of we all do not have royal or expensive ticket, this reason all are tried to take us in darkness.

My mother used to say that we are human and ought to be treated like human as others are being treated. Being a Human, is a good sign and I am more happy whenever I see myself on mirror and find out about me that I as am as you are all.

But having physical shape same is not enough I think so, is not it, My Lord?

If we are all same then why are we humiliated, killed tortured and taken away from our homes? Why … Why… Why…?

I have seen a mother who was running and crying that do not take my little son, do not do it…for god’s sake do not take my son, he is little … while running and following them, saying and weeping.. Where are you going? Give my son … Still that mother is searching her son and crying where and there.

I have seen her many times and recognized as human as it mentioned in your constitution.

My Lord, I promise with you she fills up all requirements those are being required.

Unfortunate, Justice is blind for her. She is filling all things and state justice is not filling single line for us.

I think of that maybe you people are thinking that we are alien and stranger than you those are living outside of Balochistan but bitter truth; we do not have four eyes or hands and feet.

We are simple and common human those are in under sky by physical shape but not by justice and human rights.

Therefore, being a human we need to right of human rights. But real picture is, we are not getting single drop of justice since long time.

Since my childhood, have been seeing bloods on my street, and dead bodies. My Mother told tale of children those plays and making jokes each others but if I see at myself and have doubts that am I child? Who has as rights as kids have in my mother’s tales?

My lord,

I am missing my childhood after seeing blood in feet, do not want to play. I do not ask that give me my child’s rights but I want to see my Birat and Baba both were taken away by Wardi Wallas (Security forces), they just entered our house and picked my father following they shouted at my brother whom I call Birat whenever I got into trouble. They also took away him.

My mother is weeping for long time and she has not spoken single word to me just saying they will not return us our beloveds and no justice.

My Dear Lord,

I want to know why my father has been missed and what was sin of my brother? Only that those are Balochs???

I do not have an idea whether they are alive or not, I miss them I am left alone my mother is going to die.

My father always cared me and I walked with my brother, after them I do not know where should I go?

I am knocking your door and asking that why our land has blood, dead bodies and firing coming from everywhere?

Does any justice exist? If yes then why do not for us?

My Lord,

You use to take sue motto and say against corruption, it is really good. So, if people take away illegally and kill, does not u count them in corruption?

Why your eyes are closed in our case?

I know not only my Baba and Birat come on missing list but many children have lost their parents and siblings.

We all knock your door, and seek for justice.

Give and return us our lives, will you take sue motto?

I am not sure, How do u see this letter, but I want make evidence and will be part of history when coming generation would be see that in past many kids were in blood bath and there parents were taken away.

Only knocking door and ask for justice that do we have right of justice?

Little Baloch Girl,

Hoping you will give justice.

Thanks dear my ohh means Lord of Supreme Court Pakistan.

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine on August 2011.

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