Saturday, June 18, 2011

On Martyred Benazir Bhutto.

We can not forget you yet…!


Some people born for their families,
Some people born for fill up own wishes,
Some people born for die,
But some people born in centuries for making history.

Life has nothing it’s as like as plain page of book but our deeds are filled up colour in life. On earth people have only one choice to select from two options whether it is against or in favour.
As same one had has a charismatic lady Martyred Benazir Bhutto whom I call her Pinky Bhutto, so I’d call her Pinky in this writing.

I do not know what was she imagining when she was forced jump into box of Politics where one state under one commanding by hidden commanders.

A lady whose dreams were for normal life, at one moment she stopped her inner dreams and went along with her mother and chose path of politics which had only black hole.
She was known well that she would hardly be accepted among lord minds.

Hence, she picked hers father cause up. Pinky Bhutto and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had big difference though we can not be measured two different eras but here is needed of time where some ill-minds are discussing that she had got all things in golden spoon, but they have forgotten while giving remarks that Z.A Bhutto’s children not only gave up their lives but had been suffered on sword.

When Z.A Bhutto entered in arena of politics that time scenario was changed he was eagerly needed for Pakistani Establishment and Muslims countries because no doubt he had wisdom and knowing art of state. It was Z.A Bhutto who gave new breathe in Pakistan and stood up on its feet.

When work done and they assumed that we could run Pakistan by ourselves, differences were arisen because by nature they had have not wanted common people power and Z.A. Bhutto was giving new tradition in Pakistan People Power.

This fact is not mystery that how Z.A Bhutto was killed.
After him, his daughter entered in politics who had taught toughest political schooling by her own bitter experiences politics more than by Z.A Bhutto’s Political schooling.

It was fact that Pinky was neither accepted in establishment nor among Muslim countries even they accepted by inner they felt uneven with her.

General Dictator Zia-ul-Haq tried to weaken her, but general dictator Zia never read Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai where he writes for women that you can not defeat a woman whose hearts dip into love.
If he were known it, he might have surrendered besides he must have sense of understanding.

Pinky Bhutto returned to her homeland in 80s, and people had welcomed historical, it was message to General Zia that his eleven years could not frighten Pinky and common people.

Mostly people had reservations about her practical politics, although I personally had have reservation her policies but in my view Pinky Bhutto committed one big mistake if she chose common people in party instead of feudal lords; she would have totally changed party. It was a compromised by her at starting moment, which was proofed later black hole for her political career, by doing one compromise created fragile ladder of politics than she dropped down time to time.

Her life was entirely built up in controversies when she alive and her passed away mostly people beat drum against her. Those are having drum of controversies, would they have ever seen anguish in her eyes?

A lady who exiled twice, twice fought against dictators and twice buried up hers lovely brothers (Che-Mir and Shahnawaz Bhutto) mostly phases knocked twice in her door of life.

How long she had been undergone. Did she say any thing? She might have known well that these sorrows only for walking on sword of politics. What was not single allegation she had received.

If they had power, they would have charged on Pinky Bhutto that this broken glass by Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

She stood up and faced all allegations. If she were alive, I would have asked a question that how could you have strength for bearing? Perhaps, she might have replied with her smile that had not you read that deep injuries taught itself but question is who has deep injuries in soul?

Today she is not among us…Aaha… once again she brought democracy in Pakistan (this is another question that how current government is going against her dream), but nowadays she is not moving here and there, not conducting press conference even we have not received any single call from her at our write ups.

Where she could share her views at our writings and explaining her policies a lady who whole life giving explanations without saying own pain.

After two days hers birthday on 21st June, this time we covet to listen from her and have lot reservations but we know and now she will not come and wake up, how much we cries? This time she won’t return. One dictator snatched Z.A Bhutto and second one snatched our beloved Pinky Bhutto.

Her life as like as fiction story where we are heard that how one beautiful and wise lady fought against bad evils, following she tried to save hers siblings but one by one all dropped from her hands and in last she lost her life in war.

I read somewhere that characters of history have painful life and do not live like common people their each step moves on sword, those do not know how to move in storm of sorrow, can not be gotten palace in history.

Pinky Bhutto born for history, if peep into her life we can get only trouble and panic waves by her life.

This time we would like to knock at your door while knowing well that you won’t reply us but we have in believe that our fragrance of remembering would touch your soul where you will be known that we can not forget you yet.

You are still in our talks and discussions all things are same but you are not here, this missing space which has created vacuum and we know this vacuum none can fill up where only remains anguish and our inner injured voice that we can not forget you yet.

Published in The Frontier Post on June/20th/2011 in Magazine Sunday

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