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News Analysis on Osama Bin Laden

Golden Card – Osama Bin Laden


Aftermath 9/11 each day bad knocking at innocents people doors, where unknown death are coming towards our beloveds in the name of sacred.

No one has right to demolish other living style and by force to set up living style. This is totally injustice and we can not justify it.

But after long time we all have seen such bloody rain on us at 9/11 and after it.

Those who have sense of power Body Politics, where only power abused and hegemony of one class though limited group of people.

In Pakistan, has same picture of story, where two balls spinning by same group of people which is known as Establishment.

One ball of Mujahideen and second of anti-American sentiment within country, this like that you having cup of tea in room and showing anger in front of others whom before have had cup of tea with you.

During war of Russia-Afghan, Dictator General Zia –ul – Haq received huge amount though beside they were making circle of anti-Americanism in country. They were quite clever that if they leave US easily, river of money can be stopped.

Even though innocent minds of people manipulated in the name of religion by establishment.

By way religion sentiment as remains as in Zia era.

We were to see how Ms. Benazir Bhutto was threaten by religious groups and her tenure finished by religious wave.

So, we saw how religious colour leaves its impact on power palace. When Musharraf took over on power and de-threw Mr. Nawaz Sharif Government in 1999. It was not because that Mr. Sharif was secular person while he has had closed relations with extremists groups and Bin Laden too. Musharraf de-threw him only seek of own power.

Two dictators were worst in Pakistan first was General Zia and second General Musharraf although four general of Pakistan has had as destroyed as Mongols & Tatars done.

Musharraf got same coin of Afghan War but this time he has changed title those were Mujahideen now known as Taliban after 9/11 when innocent citizen of USA killed.

Again river of money is to start and Musharraf has been received more than 16 billions from Whitehouse huge amount which has been given by taxes of common citizen of USA.

What have United States and Pakistani public received? This question needs its answer.

World twice shook on 9/11 and 2nd may 2011, hence 2nd may 2011 is big news, when world was to introduce news dead of Osama Bin Laden in second phase world has got big shocked when heard that Osama Bin Laden killed in north-west Pakistan, about 100km (62 miles) from the capital, Islamabad.

According to BBC report

“At least two US helicopters, believed to have taken off from US air bases at either Jalalabad or Bagram in Afghanistan, were seen flying low over the area, causing panic among some residents. The compound is in a residential district called Bilal Town, home to a number of retired military officers. It is just 1km from the Pakistan Military Academy, an elite military training centre described as Pakistan’s equivalent to Britain’s Sandhurst or the West Point academy in the US. Pakistan’s army chief is a regular visitor to the academy, where he attends graduation parades, and it is likely the area would have had a constant and significant military presence and checkpoints. The compound had two security gates but no phone or internet lines running into the building. The White House said it was valued at about $1m (£600,000), though the Associated Press reported that the land was worth just $48,000 when purchased in 2004-2005“.

Where people got relieved getting news of most wanted man in war of terrorist but bad and broken moment was that seen him under nose of Pakistan Army.

This moment when two close relations come up at finalize decision.

Was army knew for Osama Bin Laden or not?

If one little home were develop at common place, where people would ask why, what, how, when type of such questions from person whose build up his home. But one big mystery full house has been build up since 2005. None of establishment knows about that such unknowing also leaving many questions on table of establishment and especially for Musharraf who was main responsible person in this war, he was real commando at war against terrorist.

Here would like to share views from some writers who commented on 2nd may 2011.

Michael D Barnes wrote in his write up “What Benazir Bhutto knew about Pakistan and Bin Laden”, “once more than one occasion she told me she was virtually certain that Osama Bin Laden was not living in a cave in the mountainous region of Afghanistan or Pakistan.” He is living comfortably somewhere in Pakistan.” She would say. “He is being supported and protected by Pakistani Intelligence. You can bet on it.”

David Ignatius wrote in his write up “Pakistan is missing the U.S. message on terrorism” A sharp warning was delivered July 12, 2008, in Islamabad by Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Stephen R. Kappes, then deputy director of the CIA. The two warned that Sirajuddin Haqqani, a Taliban leader with links to Pakistani intelligence, knew about the activities of Arabs in al-Qaeda. They issued a similar warning about Maulvi Nazir, a warlord in the Pakistani tribal areas who the United States believed had connections to both al-Qaeda and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence directorate.

Another warning came on Dec. 2, 2008, from Gen. Mike Hayden, then CIA director, a week after the Nov. 26 terrorist attack in Mumbai. Hayden warned Pakistani officials that there was “no doubt” that the attack was the work of Lashkar-i-Taiba, a Kashmiri separatist group with a “close nexus” to the ISI. The Obama administration proposed a broad alliance with Pakistan, in the hope that this would encourage better cooperation against terrorist groups. President Obama said in a Nov. 11, 2009, letter that the two nations should be “long-term strategic partners,” and that they should find “new and better ways to work together to disrupt” al-Qaeda and other terrorists.

After 2nd may 2011 Pakistani Political Parties put question sovereignty of country instead of no one asked that why they betrayed not only one nation but entire world and also own people who are being suffered in this war.

This is comical when all are known that Musharraf dealing in war against terrorist on bundles of rupees, did he asked that he would support morally not get single penny from USA. If he did not ask such moral act and receiving more than 16 billions therefore, demands must be ordered by those who gives amount and physical support as USA done.

Musharraf did agreement with USA and it was under understanding that USA would be free hand if they get news about Osama Bin Laden.

So, it was Musharraf who violated sovereignty of Pakistan, not only USA. They have done job according to dealings those were done.

Unfortunate, Pakistani public always manipulated on card of anti-American sentiment instead of blame at real person who’s done all work but parties getting pay attentions from religious sides, establishment and diverted society minds.

If we have remembered that how up voice against USA in Raymond Davis Case, in last what happened and where case was solved?

All are well-known that state affairs can not be solved on streets and roads they must be dealt on table-talks but here anti-ism card playing only sake of threaten western minds that if you do not help us, extremists are here those can harm your interests.

Because of savvy own small interests, be threaten others interests this is politics running and after Osama Bin Laden only question revolving for sovereignty.

Even though Lahore court lawyers’ funeral pray for Osama.

And Nawaz Sharif whose has not shown reaction on Osama Bin Laden death but beating drum on sovereignty and demanding for commission on Abbottabad 2nd may 2011. Has Nawaz Sharif asked question that how such house develop since 2005?

Where has been money spent more than 16 billions?

What was type of agreements held in Musharraf Era?

Who hide most wanted person who is behind in?

Why extremist religious parties have been supported even in Punjab province like lashkar-e-taiba?

Why they ignored USA warnings?

Such questions are rising by common people that if establishment is innocent child and does not know who is behind in? Would they tell us who is feeding them?

After found Osama Bin Laden under nose of army, still USA has soft attitude as once our beloved Ms. Hillary Clinton said that “Let us not forget that the battle to stop al-Qaeda and its affiliates does not end with one death. We have to renew our resolve. His death will make our country and world safer. We are builders not destroys.

No doubt main questions are unanswered yet. But Whitehouse shows its impact soft rather anger.

What Pakistani Politicians doing?

Again raises anti-American sentiment although they all know well that who is guilty?

Its fact that Osama Bin Laden’s Golden Card who was given huge amount to Musharraf now it is closed. But anti-sentiment another card is remained which can play its impact.

Of course Whitehouse wants to be saved its interests in this region. And Pakistani establishment is playing two sides one side developing anger among public and get attentions from other countries on one card of anti-American sentiment.

No doubt personally Mr. General Ashfaq Kiyani liberal but his majority of army is not as like him. Establishment has had oldest tool for maintain its power in the name of religion.

Now questions are up on the record and must be answered and who was known about Osama Bin Laden? Although common people are seeing but now they need verbal answer. Second must be closed door at blaming at outsiders and stop politics on anti-American sentiment.

We need answers those will make new wave in country if questions get answers on basis of honesty not in mysteries.

Publised on Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine on June 2011.

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