Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Imran Khan has American Phobia…!!!


In Pakistan has two choices whether you get fellowship of establishment and second is fellowship of common people.

Those who have had fellowship of common people they are met tough time and having bitter timings for them, in other hand those have fellowship of establishment they can move easily here, there and everywhere. No one can go against them.

Although, such people up in nights where have no an idea that how they come, what’s their motto? At one slogan they come up and their pamphlets plus highly media coverage for them. A leader who born in night and become hero of nation even remote areas public do not know who he is?

If we peep into history and check pulse of common people we will be felt their heroes like Bhutto family whose importance is in common people only because they have gotten fellowship of common people rather establishment.

We can have reservations on Bhuttos’ Policies but can not be denied that they have left their inspiration by their martyrdom. In this writing we are talking about Pakistan governing system and in government eras Bhutto family has remained one who paid more than others those have backed up support through establishment.

Of course, you are thinking that why we are coding Bhutto Family even topic regarding Imran Khan.

I have sketched bit picture regarding power politics where pro establishment have lot facilities and enjoyed more, beside other side anti-establishment and pro-people have seen ending less difficulties and in last have been killed as done to Bhutto family.

Nowadays, where people having Orphanage cradle of Politics except Balochistan. Pro-Establishment voices are up coming and to be promoted like Hero.

As we had have experienced of Nawaz Sharif. After martyrdom of Shaheed Pinky Bhutto (I always call her Pinky Bhutto instead of Benazir Bhutto) Mr. Imran Khan is being imposed himself hero of Pakistani Politics. According to him, he is real voice of public. Why he is coded as real voice? He established Shoukat Khanum Hospital and one school.

Those who work as welfare ought they to join politics? Is it mean? Because Imran Khan has worked welfare so, he is qualified and ready for joining politics?

What a style of degree for joining in Politics? At least sensible minds can not be accepted it.

Why Imran khan joint politics?

One theory has been revolving around us, that it was first Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto who advised him, you should join politics and if you want, can work in my party. It was early days when Imran Khan started welfare work.

Instead he joint martyred Mir Murtaza Bhutto, after years he established his own party where his beautiful wife Jemima Khan supported him no doubt she paid much rather Imran Khan. Sadly, she left him due to personal reasons and big problem of lack of individual freedom.

Imran Khan’s card did not work although tried lot but result was Zero. Common people has not supported him and nor left any inspiration for common people.

Aftermath 9/11 where dictator Pervez Musharaf had has received Golden Sparrow many leaders assumed those have home certificate in Putkhtoonkhawa province, now America would left them but due to strong link between Pakistan and Mujaheedin later is known Taliban, no chance of third party.

And some thoughts swayed that Imran Khan was thought that he might have paid attention from western block and USA, where they he could have played role in negotiations. None of them paid attention to Imran Khan and again Imran Khan left alone, hence world important war has been in his home floor.

Musharaf had played strong cards where he manipulated USA and Pakistani people therefore, it was useless Imran Khan could have cocked his own food.

Imran Khan no doubt tried lot but nowhere his card was cash. After long waiting, Imran Khan got chance when Shaheed Pinky Bhutto martyred and Pakistan politics has no charismatic leader as she was.

Question rises, how did Imran Khan raised up?

I have still remembered when I was in Islamabad and getting Cold Coffee at Ubpara place that is popular market in Islamabad. One of mine friend shook my shoulder and saying hey …look there popular cricketer Imran Khan conducting Public gathering I just wee looked and found out only small group of people and one person that was of course Imran Khan whose attitude too much proudly among innocent people.

Looking such attitude my friend told me, yaar he is too arrogant. I passed smiling and forcing her that Oey …. Why do not you go there? I am here taking my Cold Coffee. She looked angrily and passed remarks that we people are not slave where such people insult innocent people yaar.

A man who had no membership in party, suddenly wind of politics starts and we people were being seen amount of people when he called sit-in (Dharna) in Peshawar in April month 2011.

After than he announced same call sit-in (Dharna) in Karachi from 21st to 22nd May 2011.

No doubt we saw posters on walls and big pictures of Imran Khan.

It was surprised that a man whose no influence in Sindh but his picture on wall of Karahci. Even Bhutto Peoples Party which has been working but their party has not as much more pictures as Imran Khan.

If our memory is not weak, it was Imran Khan who called MQM as Terrorist Party and went to London where filled an application against MQM.

MQM has influenced in Karachi if I write here that Karachi is been hijacked at hands of MQM, you can not breathe without its permission.

A man Imran Khan who called Terrorist Party later he was being held Public gathering in Karachi.

According to report political activists gathered at the Native Jetty Bridge near Karachi Port on Saturday, holding flags and placards. They chanted slogans against the drone attacks and the US interference into internal affairs of Pakistan.

Those are living messy politics of Pakistan, very well known that how heroes being tailored in midnight. And such example we were seeing when Imran Khan did sit-in against Drones attack in Peshawar. According to him that Drones attack are against country sovereignty and he would not be allowed US to kill our people.

Just … wait … here … and let us remind him, are drones attack started on April 2011 or it has been started in Musharaf Era in 2004.

Where Musharaf gave license for killing and sold sovereignty of Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf entered into agreement with the US Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service (NCS) to kill high value through the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). And first attack was On 18 June 2004.

After seven years Imran Khan’s Ghairat (honor) raised that it is against our sovereignty. What a sense of realization..!!!

Now veil has up that where US is thinking for leaving and come out from war where they have received errors in dealings after paying above 16 billions to Musharraf in war against terror.

So, Imran Khan woke up and rubbed his sleepy eyes than realized that it is against his country.

I would like to ask simple little question that who violated sovereignty, US or dictators and their followers? Of course those are seller but here among public only beating drum against United States.

Truth, Imran Khan is being supported by establishment where like Hamid Gul people are supporting him though in Karachi big pictures and posters on wall all were proofed that it was preplanned.

Imran Khan has not political writ among public as he suddenly got it was only because of establishment and supporting its agendas.

If he has pain for sovereignty, has he spoken single word for missing people whose numbers are above 13300, each day Balochistan receiving three or four dead bodies, ladies are raped?

When dictator Musharraf killed Akbar Khan Bugti and called Dr. Shazia who raped by captain Hamad in Sui city of Balochistan instead of giving justice Musharraf said that girls are being themselves raped for Visa.

Where Imran Khan was and his boiled up Ghiarat (Honor) at time?

How could he silent at such injustice within state?

Only blaming at US, and hide real causes from public it is showing that they are making their hegemony on American anti-sentiment.

Imran Khan must be known sovereignty has not been violated by US.

Imran Khan has only American Phobia that if US goes, problems will be solved.

The reality is not as he thinks. If he were had sense of sovereignty, must have raised voice for violation in Balochistan, victimization of flood effected.

Nowadays Imran Khan is promoted as leader, and establishment making new card against Bilawal Bhutto Peoples Party Pakistan, therefore Imran Khan is forced to new politician of new generation. Who will stand in coming scenario? Wait and watch.

We all know that pro-establishment speaks that page which is written by them.

Imran Khan’s American Phobia only his own sake of publicity.

If he were heed about pain of public, he would have raised up in Musharraf Era.

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine on June 1211.


  1. The PEW poll showed 70% of Pakistanis think america is an enemy, Its not just conspiracy theories why we hate them. Do some research of their funding in 1980's which gave birth to extremism in Pakistan.

  2. Do not know why people have so narrow mind when talk about imran khan?
    Imran was against starting of american`s war since the beginning. Todays drones increast so much these become the symbol of american`s war.
    Acctaully those who have love with america, they have hatred for imran.