Friday, May 13, 2011

Wants only dawn!!!


I live in dark and fog,

I have not seen,

How people freely smile,

How kids running from one street to other,

Don’t think,

My land has not homes, and streets,

We have all things,

But we don’t have real taste of things,

I want to taste tears of smiling not mourning,

My ears always hear sound of swords,

& Eyes blood on streets,

Our children are in jailed in their homes,

Their Mothers know, blood thirsty can kill their kids,

Childhood now is spending at home, not on street,

My land,

If I have to die, why do not you let me die in fighting against darkness?

You won’t allow,

Instead get death on road without doings,

Let me go,

I promise my struggle will bring dawn,

A dawn where life alive,

My land,

I want only dawn,

Now I am going to bring dawn,

Don’t know what will be cost?

But we all want dawn,

So let me pay my cost for dawn,

Except paying cost,

Dawn will never come,

I am going to pay my cost,

And bring dawn for life.

(Bolan Voice magazine especially dedicate verse to Comrade Hameed Shaheed Baloch martyred who gave up his life for bring dawn and change. We pay salute all martyred those accepted life for cause and comrade Hameed Baloch one of them.)

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine, April 2011.

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