Friday, May 13, 2011

Missing People!

Give me my child …!!!
How could I return  home?
Where only empty walls and silence have left,
I am standing on street,
I can not be moved  my home,
I know,
My home is calling me,
But I do not want to go there,
Where I find only myself,
Let me alone,
My home is empty,
What will I answer  home?
When I am asked for others (siblings),
What will I answer?
How can understand them?
World gave me home of bricks,
But members of home are snatched,
And now I am left alone,
Don’t call me,
Just let me alone,
Yes, I have an empty house,
And you who never feel sorrow of emptiness...(Helena)

I have received an email that why I am writing sensitive and why do not I write rational and giving data-based facts and figures.
I could not reply that young person who emailed. But today I want to let him through this write up that we can not count sorrow and tearful eyes in numbers. Those can count it, go head and give date. For while, I am agreed that data is important but when you see break hearts, how can be counted?
Balochistan is burning no doubt that single person has doubt about it. Who is responsible and why it is? These questions are also oldest; we all know about this bitter truth that by whom Balochistan is in fire?

Balochistan has sin is that Balochistan wants to live according to its wishes but other group which is known as “Establishment”, do not allow to live with their (Balochistan) indigenous rights.
Fact is, Balochistan is on Freedom War. Now let’s see who will be won and lost?
Despite, all issues I’d like to write on issue of Missing People, it’s interesting that Supreme Court Pakistan is hearing case on Missing People.
We are not allowed to give any remark on Supreme Court Pakistan because we will be come under violation of Supreme Court. So far, we small people have not strengthened to give any kind of remarks. One thing at least I can not be stopped myself to write that whenever Supreme Court hearing case on Missing People, it would conclude on previous verdict that Where are Missing People, we will never compromise on it, Pakistan’s agencies must be shown up Missing People and than case of Missing People receives new date and this goes on date and dates.
Everyone needs money of Swiss account and Mr. Asif Zardari always gets remarks on Swiss account that why he has stolen country money. No one can compromise on this case, maybe Pakistan – Politicians would be announced that we will eat grace and sleep on roads but will return money from Swiss account.
This is state where money is more important not common people.
What is corruption? Does anyone guide us? Corruption is not only being stolen money but corruption also is when someone gets harm without committing sin.
I never meant that money should not come from any account. Okay fine.
But important case of Missing People than money corruption. Will you tell us that how can you give more numbers on Missing People Corruption than money?
We need to recognize importance of case rather playing number games in circle of greedy politics.
Balochistan is being faced horror chapter of history ever. Somehow we can say that two groups are in fighting and of course both will give each other blood instead flowers.
But it’s not fair that common people pick up like fish from river. They are members of families not fish those are running in water and no rules for them just go and get out from water for fill up hunger. This can happen in case of unspoken and stateless innocent animals and water wonder world.
Those people are picked up and still missed. They have state and rules & regulations because they are human, should not be as treated as animal farm.
According to Voice of Baloch Missing Persons report that still missing people are 13300.
Have you heard any voice for them?
People condemn violation of Israel and India that those states are suppressed Muslims, but what about Balochistan?
Where is voice of Justice of World? Where is United Nations that always goes where see injustice? Where is popular actress Angelina Jolie who adopts kids and takes steps for justice? Those have not seen missing persons in Balochistan?
Maybe in their agenda Missing Persons are not important. They love to protect Wikileaks founder because it would be harmed and injustice but when you go and ask them would you talk for missing persons they will rolling their eyes and searching way for exits. They have own meanings for justices and like we poorest people can not be filled their meanings. That reason they do not look at people who are dying day by day.
We small people have pain because we know what’s injustice and living without family members.
I have remembered when I asked father who lost his son and searching him, he was weeping and saying I am old man, he was only one who earned for home. Why they have picked him up? Where is he now? I do not know just give me my kid.
I request you, Give me my kid.
And other lady was sitting silently she never spoke single word but her face was covered with veil and her eyes was uncovered. She was only searching her own family member who is also become missing person.
13300 persons are not only single people but they themselves are families. Can we image that 13300 families are missed in Balochistan, and human rights voices are silent.
Recently, General Ashfaq Kiyani announced that he would abolish army camps but question is that Mr. Kiyani can return missing persons to their homes?
When problem never solve from basic root, it as remains as it was.
One lady Balochi who was running behind forces and crying them that please do not pick my child up please return me, a child who was playing on street. His mother goes here and there and asking for her child that have you seen my child? Where is he?
If world were feel, at least mother pain. Her cradle now becomes empty.
Image world without human beings, no existence of living, hence missing person’s families’ world is empty.
Missing people’s families’ hands are above than 13300, and all are knocking door of justice that just Give me my child … Give me my child …!!!

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine in April 2011.



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