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Drone attacks & fundamental rights!

Posted on May 4, 2011


After going through the daily newspapers one’s mind stops thinking and working for some time. It is not so because the mind feels happiness of day-to-day good news but the crimes and cruelties committed by the human beings, especially the influential and the powerful, on their fellow human beings.

Our society has become the worst society in the world where every kind of crime is committed. We have no words to describe the crimes and their horror. It may be dacoity, killing of innocents, kidnapping and rape of women or destroying the whole families from the surface of the earth.

We never tire of calling ourselves Muslims. We live in an Islamic country achieved in the name of Islam. But we have never looked into our actions, the actions the non-Muslims feel ashamed of. The graph of crimes is rising every day but no steps have been taken to uproot them. On the other hand there are people assigned the job to end the crime but they, instead of eliminating the criminals, assist and provide them protection. Our society has morally died and has no concept of “let others live”.

There are hundreds of crimes committed blatantly in this country of the pure. A lot many go unnoticed. One of the major crimes is rape of women. The criminal minded people even do not spare minor girls. This crime is spreading like a jungle fire. But irony of the fate is that no action is being taken against the criminals.

All the so-called political leaders who daily consider it their duty to deliver sermons on the welfare of the poor people, and self-styled maulana never utter a single word against this gruesome act strictly prohibited in our religion we are proud of. Gang rape of girls has become a common thing. Dozens of girls are kidnapped and gang raped daily. But there is no body to stop these beasts in the shape of animals. Seeing the crimes, committed by common people or influential, one opines that death has become common in our country and life has become exceptional even though human rights have tang on cross at each day.

We can summarize that the poorest segment of society has been bulldozed by ill-minds and dead hearts. It seems that there are no God fearing people in the society who would feel pain on the condition of the poor people? Rights only exist for royal babies, but the poor don’t have clothes to wear and two-time meal and are just waiting for death while living under the open sky.

Voice must be raised for every one whose rights are violated but in our country we raise voices for selected class. Hindus are generally divided in four classes but we the Muslims called one Ummah or nation has been divided in dozens of classes depending on the property and money.
So far, a large segment of people have been denied their rights and this act is going on without any hindrance. Every day we hear voices raised for the sovereignty of country and rejection of drone attacks because an innocent person has been killed. What a style of statesmanship? Will our leaders like to clear it how a country’s sovereignty is maintained?

The all champions of democracy, protectors of human rights and leaders of the country think it better to show their commitment and care for the country through issuing just statements to condemn the drone attacks but they fail to take steps to safeguard the country’s borders. They should have taken practical steps to end the violations.

Unfortunately our leadership has adopted the habit of issuing statements just condemning the attacks by foreign powers. The same thing happens occasionally: they condemn rape of any lady if the case of the rape victim is highlighted through media because it gives publicity to them.
Recently, Imran Khan, Leader of Tehrik-i-Insaaf, staged a ‘dharna’ in Peshawar against drone attacks. He has so far not staged any dharna for flood victims who have lost their homes and are living under open sky because it would not have provided him much publicity.

There is no doubt that for the time being people showed sympathy with flood victims but after passage of a few months no body is remembering them. Even our worthy Prime Minister has forgotten what he had told the flood affectees during his tour to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Country’s sovereignty is being violated by in-house stakeholders including those who call themselves champions of human rights.

Do we know how many people have been burnt in tents or relief camps; how many have died of hunger? There has been no doctor to give even simple tablets to the sick in the camps.
After analyzing the casualties which occurred in tents we would certainly realize that a good number of them could have been saved if proper treatment was provided to them but it was our ignorance which claimed lives of many innocents. There are a number of reasons which causes miseries and one of them is politics and self-interest.

We always indulge in blame-game to score political points. Politics is playing havoc with our society. We are never ready to accept our misdeeds. When fundamental rights are violated at daily basis and state within state is created in the name of institutions, these institutions are icon and bound to provide and protect public rights. Instead of playing safety guard role these institutions become Dracula.

If I am not wrong, has any one come to know that a lady Ms. Shahida Mangi was raped for seven months. She belongs to Ghari Khero Taluka, Dodapur village.
Shahida Mangi’s village was devastated by floods last year. She and her family moved to Ratodero, Larkana, and were living in a relief camp. Shahida was kidnapped by Nazeer Tuniyo along with four people and they raped her for seven months.
After seven months police recovered her but instead of handing her over to her parents SHO Waris Dino too raped her for seven days.

Now Shahida Mangi has filed a petition in High Court, Larkana, for seeking justice.
Floods not only destroyed Shahida’s house but destroyed her sovereignty, integrity and honour. Isn’t Shahida’s life associated with sovereignty of the country?
Sadly I have not heard that any step has been taken to end the ordeal of Shahida and no voice has been raised in her favour. Does she have no right for justice? Has any one marched to local police station?

I am not talking about any march to provincial or federal governments to press them to provide justice to Shahida.
Taking the present ground situation if any body raises voice for shahida’s pain, no one will be paying any attention to her case.

Shahida belongs to the poorest segment of society who has now no home and lost every thing in the life. If she were rich then we could have seen voices for justice and protest rallies for Shahida. It is a pity that even a single regional newspaper has not given coverage to it.

We are very sorry to say that we are living in country where voices are raised for selected people and selected issues and Shahida your issue don’t count among them.

In the end I would like to quote few lines of Shaikh Ayaz:

Don't coo, Cuckoo, Don't coo, Cuckoo, we are already in anguish, don't you see dawn is still far away?

Published in The Frontier Post.

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