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Z.A Bhutto’s death anniversary …!!!

A lies has no lags, but a scandal has wings said Thomas Fuller.

This above quotation came to my mind when I was thinking for Bhutto Family which had been haunted by scandals and its main pillar Z.A Bhutto had not only changed Pakistan’s politics but also gave new lease of life to his family.

This is second line of discussion whether it was filled up with happiness or sorrows. Today is the 32nd death anniversary of Zulifkar Ali Bhutto.

After dismemberment of Pakistan. Z.A Bhutto played his part to build new Pakistan which could have enjoyed democratic society.
It was very difficult period for the country after 1971 debacle. Mr. Bhutto had to face a lot of problems, internal and as well as external but he gained what he wanted.
It is fact that without offering sacrifices no one can do any thing. Z.A Bhutto was going to write his name in the history books. He achieved high place in the annals of history but had to pay a high price for it.

Mr. Bhutto once said in court that “If you claim to be a student of history as I am informed you also claim to be a maker of History”.
It’s not easy task when you know that killers are standing at your door and asking for surrender. People never surrender who know historical consciousness, they welcome dead in spite of cowardly sitting. Z.A Bhutto knew common people’s thinking as he was a political doctor for his public. He gave voice to people.
He embraced tough task because he had sea of people at his back which have the power to remove mountains. On the one hand he was bringing new changes in the system for the betterment of the poor, but the other some people were making plans to end the chapter of his life. A man, who gave a breath to eh prevailing system which has ICU, had to receive death warrants. Z.A Bhutto was neither local criminal nor a thief but was treated like ordinary criminal.

Now let us see what was the case? Paragraphs were taken on book of “A Judiciary in Crisis?” The Trail of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto written by T.W. Rajaratnam, September 1988 is as follows:
“The events thereafter with the promulgation of martial law in July 1977 led to his trial on a charge of conspiracy to murder his political opponent Kasuri which resulted in the death of the latter’s father Nawab Muhammad Khan in November 1974. He was convicted with four others. His appeal was dismissed by a majority judgment of the Supreme Court (4 to 3) and he was hanged in Rawalpindi Prison at 2 a.m. on the 4th of April 1979”. Page 12.

“6-9-1977 General Zia in an interview with .he New York Times says that he had personally authorised Bhutto’ s arrest. States that he had no knowledge of “What type of leader we had. Mr. Bhutto was a Machiavelli in 1977... an evil genius running the country in more or less Gestapo lines, misusing funds, blackmailing people, detaining them illegally and even perhaps ordering people to be killed”. He speaks of a secret document he has seen.” Page 17.

“Nearly three years after the incident at Shadman colony which resulted in the death of the father of Kasuri, two years and eight months to be exact, Martial Law was promulgated on the 5th of July 1977. The Federal Intelligence Agency was directed to inquire into the working of the Federal Security Force, to look into allegations of murder, kidnapping and breaking up of meetings. Many top ranking officers of the Force were taken into custody and among them were (1) Masood Mahmood, the Director General of the F.S.F. (2) Mian Abbas, the Director, Operations and Intelligence F.S.F. (3) Ghulam Mustapha, Inspector in the F.S.F. (4) Arshad lqbal, Sub-Inspector, F.S.F. and (5) Rana Ifthikar, Assistant Sub-Inspector, F.S.F. and (6) Ghulam Hussain, Inspector in the F.S.F. . . .” Page 25.

Z.A Bhutto case was entirely based on lie; nothing had single sign of reality and it can be safely said there was something fishy in the case. In Supreme Court Mr. Bhutto said if Kasuri had some problem with me that I killed his father, so why he was asking for party ticket and wanted to join my party.
I am not a child, that I did silly mistake of making plan to kill Kasuri. He was nothing for me.
“If I were to do this, why should I ask Government officers to do the needful? I know state art and document all things. I am foolish who was digging hole for himself?” He asked. “I have my own Jiyalas in party if I were supposed to do such an act?” I would have asked those (Jiyalas), they could have removed Kasuri, no one could have recognized killer.” He said now a question arises why would I do such an act?

“Kasuri is nonentity for me and his killing doesn’t matter for me, though yes my killing will affect many people,” said Z.A Bhutto to Supreme Court.

While hearing the case, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of Lahore high court by 4 to 3. the decision was partial because judges were divided. Z.A Bhutto was Prime Minister but he was treated like a condemned man.
The court awarded death sentence to him. History continues with its bitter truth. Even if we shut our eyes, history remains alive.

Whatever happened in past we can not be changed. In the current situation we have to peep into 70 Clifton and sympathize with the aggrieved. Is it not responsibility of this system that they should be provided justice by re-open Z.A Bhutto case. Now people should raise voice for re-opening of Z.A Bhutto’s ‘murder’ case. Further along with the re-opening of Bhuto’s case, the cases of his children should also be opened and the persons responsible for their murder should be given exemplary punishment. Sadly! Senior lawyers are saying that Z.A Bhutto case can not be opened. Public wants to know that if there is no ordnance, must be enacted and Bhuttos’ murder cases re-opened.

Published in The Frontier Post on 4th Aprilt 2011.

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