Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Count.....!!!!!!

Do not know how to count?
My beloveds came to me,
And told,
We did this and that
Only for you,
Before I could have said single word,
Shown giant list me,
I replied, have not done any single deed by me,
They said, yes … yes … because you are selfish and living for yourself,
I just seen to sky and earth,
Do you both have giant list?
Earth slightly smiled and said one day you will have to return to me,
What should I ask?
Then ask advised me, walk alone … don’t show them your inner,
They will not believe in you,
I am standing at window and thinking about lists,
My half of life has passed for seeking and explaining,
What is hell?
When you are asked for giving proof your inner,
I thought under sky,
Existence of forgiveness,
But nowhere single thing I have found except numbers of list,
I do not know how to count?
But beside me,
I have dozen of lists,
From my side I have  only done one thing that

I did nothing ……… you all can count me in Zero……(Helena)

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