Friday, April 29, 2011

Baloch – Hindus!

Do not leave me alone…!!!

By Veengas

I heard a story from my mother (Ami), story like that: there was village where all people happily lived suddenly they got mayhem situation among them. Everyone decided to leave village, so village was going to empty day by day.

Now few people left behind and they were too supposed to leave village but they thought of oldest lady who was alone and not leaving village. They went to her and asked for leaving village.

Oh..Amaan (means Mother) why don’t you leave yet? Old lady without speaking single word continued her work, again people asked. Old lady said if you people want leave yours roots, you can go but I am not able to leave my place and cradle.

People quickly responded, look Amaan (Mother) our village has gotten turmoil therefore we are not able to leave with such situation, for life we have to leave.

Old lady turned to them and started speaking, if your beloved get critical disease and nowhere proper medical, will you leave your beloved? People looked each other and said, of course Never. Old lady passed slightly smile and told them, this is my house and piece of land which has had given me protect and always living with me even though I am alone and my members left me behind.

Do you believe, if you leave this house, you all will get other land and house? No never my kids, if you are not become loyal to this house, always moving like refugee. You all going to cut own roots yourself.

I can not cheat with my own home, love to die here rather living in refugee camp. No …no …No…!!!!

Remember one thing, when we leave our house and kick own shelter which is honest to us after then this earth will never give you piece of land.

Because this earth owns them those care and love their land. Old lady said them, one day we all will have to die and go into grave; so why do we have fear from?

This house is my beloved, this four walls are eye-witnessed of mine all pain and happiness. I don’t know how can you live without this beloved house? But I can not alive, leaving this house.

Just go and listen whisper of house, it is saying, “Do not leave me alone”. Let me die in this turmoil. You can people go.

All people were silent, they all turned to homes and conveyed message to those people who were on journey that they are not leaving their house, will accept death but never leave own land alone.

Today I am not supposed to tell tale. This tale has real spirit for land and house. Sometime we leave many things behind but those things come up in different shapes. I received message from Ahmed Khan, where he text, “you know, Baloch Hindus are leaving their homes to India. And I am very sad. Because of that they are facing trouble and worst situation in Balochistan.”

Instead of reply him, I asked myself that what this hell is. Have non-Hindu Balochis left their homes? Don’t they face as more worst situation as Hindu Balochis?

Don’t they have more option to move to second countries? Of course they have as options as Hindu Balochis, but they are not leaving because they have their own pledge with their land, they can accept death in spite of leaving.

Only because of problems and worst conditions, we leave our beloveds? Doesn’t it funny joke? Human born with and inbox of problems, we can neither liberate ourselves from it but we have strength to change and face such bad timings.

For time being it is too difficult to live under such circumstance when you are declared as minority and having limited sources.

Its fact,Pakistancame up under slogan of Islam, after announcement of separate country. All religious sentiments gathered even still gathering that this country only for religion, by religion and of religion.

Hence, Mr. Jinnah did not work for removing religious sentiments instead he promoted to declared Urdu as national language in spite of ignored others native languages.

Many people code Mr. Jinnah’s 14th august speech where he spoke for liberal thoughts. True, Mr. Jinnah himself was liberal and might have brought secular society. What he thought? Matter is here what he did? His actions created black holes in country and people become minority in the name of religion.

Hindus are indigenous people; they are not migrated and left their land but sadly one moment declared them in minority.

This is humanitarian – ism, how indigenous people throw into minority camps? When we all flute, all human are equal and having equal rights but fact is such things only satisfaction our guilt and divided society which is facing troubles as like inPakistan.

Many people talking about Mr. Jinnah’s liberalism, what don’t they accept that actions and talks are being played different role as in case of Mr. Jinnah’s.

NowPakistanis deeply rooted religiously and selected groups rule while using term card of religion. We are not allowed to speak any thing for other religions.

Where you are bound to speak, you can not do any thing for them.

Eventually, they have made religion as safeguard for ruling class.

Problem is not in the religions but problem is in ruling class which has only one tool that is religion. Recently how many got dead bodies in the name of blasphemy. We have to agree that Christians are trying to create their space and develop atmosphere for protecting themselves. They are not leaving their country. So why are Hindus leaving?

Hindus have majority in Sindh and Balochistan, although according toPakistanconstitution Hindus are declared as minority because constitution wrote by state which created in the name of religion.

Question here arises, why indigenous people have imposed minorities and isolated from land and its problems?

Hindus are not alone who are facing troubles, others are also with them, those are as facing trouble as Hindus.

Hindus ought to realize that this is their own land where they have roots. If they are leaving land, means they never own their land?

If I am not wrong, so why Hindus are leaving from Balochistan?

Instead, to make and up voice for rights they leave homes. Maybe they purchase houses in other countries but they will not have own home as in Balochistan.

Hindus have to realize their strength that they are not in minority, they are in majority. Now time comes up where they collect strength and make sure to others that only umbrella of religion can not divide human, a religion is faith and it works at individuality but nowadays greedy rats divide humanity and creates hatred among them.

Sensibility is, we all make voice and say to them enough is enough now it’s over.

If Hindus leave their homes, will be created Dark Age for coming generations.

Hindus, will have to take responsibilities and let world know about ill-activities going in Balochistan and save the Balochistan.

Hindus can take steps like:

•Make committee to inform problems,
•Communicate at regional to international level,
•Call conference at national level,
•Give suggestion for solution of problems to Government,
•Knock door of United Nations and Human rights organizations,
•Most important to remove veil of minority,
•Make measurements of security at UC levels and communicates with all parties instead of bound them at religious circle,
•Make voice in media as citizen not like victimized group.

Above suggestions are not enough but for making space and come out from old box these steps might work.

In nutshell, Hindus most become conscious about their rights and feel own responsibilities that this is their land if they count in minority and flee from responsibilities even though its difficult task but time demands now something else for changing and betterment.

We can only remind them that this is not outsiders land it’s yours, do not leave it. If you can not hear our voice, than must hear whisper of your own home which is saying that don’t leave me alone.

Published in Monthly Magazine in Bolan Voice in April 2011.

Profile! Che Guevara.

Che Guevara! Cheism always runs in victims nations!!!

By Veengas

You are not able to bring change until you move around the world. Because things have its own explanations. As Buddha, moved and seen injustice part of society, that part forced him to ran away from luxuries and tried to do something for injustice society then he gave philosophy of enlighten.

To me, it was Buddha-revolution in Indian society.

Each day world sees millions of new births, but few people can bring change and revolute against injustice.

What they have that few people can bring new wave? Someone coded, All human has eyes, but small group of people have eyes those can see pain and lawless society, those eyes never be slept because they have seen dark part of society. Those stand up against injustice laws; they have seen truth and reality by their eyes.

Only eyes can make change if you know how to see!!!

Same as Che Guevara, had eyes that traveled on bicycle and this journey played crux strata in his life.

Today we read about Che Guevara who made his own path and shook big walls. Che Guevara is man who always remains personality of every day.

Che Guevara!

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, known as Che Guevara, was born on 14 June 1928 inRosario,Argentinainto a middle-class family. He studied medicine atBuenos AiresUniversityand during this time travelled widely in South andCentral America. The widespread poverty and oppression he witnessed, fused with his interest in Marxism, convinced him that the only solution to South andCentral America’s problems was armed revolution.

By belief he was Marxist and atheist. He first married with Hilda Gadea from 1955 to 1959, than second married with Aledia March. And left his children Hilda (1956–1995), Aleida (born 1960), Camilo (born 1962), Celia (born 1963), Ernesto (born 1965).

In 1954 he went toMexicoand the following year he met Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Guevara joined Castro’s ’26th July Movement’ and played a key role in the eventual success of its guerrilla war against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.

We can see his spirit from this below quotations that

Let me say at the risk of seeming ridiculous that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

The guerrilla band is not to be considered inferior to the army against which it fights simply because it is inferior in fire power.”

Guerrilla warfare is used by the side which is supported by a majority but which possesses a much smaller number of arms for use in defense against oppression.”

He was quite right that we be able to bring change by love and creation always come up with love. Now question is this which path of love people select?

Che also said that “Don’t care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting.”

He adopted Guerrilla warfare, by guerrilla warfare, capitalists group popularized that he is terrorist. Question arises, how possible innocent and sufferers’ people fight weaponless and dominated part is having fought with weapons.

This is naturally victimize people will pick up gun and fight for their rights those are locked up by small group of people.

He played main role with Fidel Castro inCubarevolution on January 1, 1959. A famous thought is that Fidel was not able to achieve his goal of revolution if he would not have Che Guevara.

Che not only gave method of guerilla warfare but also introduced reformation among his fellows’ fighters. After achieving revolution inCuba, now turn coin of reformation where Che gave land reform to implement this plan, a new government agency, the National Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA), was established to administer the new Agrarian Reform law.

Along with land reform, one of the primary areas that Guevara stressed needed national improvement was in the area of literacy.

He wrote books on The Motorcycle Diaries · Guerrilla Warfare · Episodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War.

According to Che, he believed that without education only pick up gun, not bring change. This is important that educated him/her. While fighting, Che Guevara taught his fighters, even though he introduced communication tools for influenced communication where he developed radio and newspaper tools for more knowledge.

He met and traveled countries for bringing revolution. He thought, he would fight for victimize people wherever they exist in part of world.

I will move forward and fight for poor people, they need my assistance. I don’t want stay onlyCuba, revolution must be brought in entire world, Che wrote to Fidel Castro.

Despite this, Fidel Castro tried to stop him. But Fidel Castro could not convince him.

In early 1965, Guevara went to Africa to offer his knowledge and experience as a guerrilla to the ongoing conflict in theCongo.

Then he moved In late 1966, Guevara’s location was still not public knowledge, although representatives of Mozambique’s independence movement, the FRELIMO, reported that they met with Guevara in late 1966 or early 1967 in Dar-es-Salaam regarding his offer to aid in their revolutionary project, which they ultimately rejected.

Before he departed forBolivia, Guevara altered his appearance by shaving off his beard and part of the top of his head as well as dyeing it grey so he would be unrecognizable as Che Guevara. On November 3, 1966, Guevara secretly arrived inLa Paz,Boliviaon a flight fromMontevideo,Uruguayunder the false name Adolfo Mena González, and posed as a Uruguayan businessman working for the Organization of American States.

Guevara’s first base camp was located in the Montane Dry forest in the remote Ñancahuazú region. Training at the camp in the Ñancahuazú valley proved to be hazardous and little was accomplished in the way of building a guerrilla army.

The end result was that Guevara was unable to attract inhabitants of the local area to join his militia during the 11 months he attempted recruitment. Near the end of the venture Guevara wrote in his diary that “the peasants do not give us any help, and are turning into informers.”

Moments before Guevara was executed he was asked by a Bolivian soldier if he was thinking about his own immortality. “No”, he replied, “I’m thinking about the immortality of the revolution.” When Sergeant Terán entered the hut, Che Guevara then told his executioner, “I know you’ve come to kill me. Shoot, coward! You are only going to kill a man!” Terán hesitated, and then opened fire with his semiautomatic rifle, hitting Guevara in the arms and legs. Guevara writhed on the ground, apparently biting one of his wrists to avoid crying out. Terán then fired several times again, wounding him fatally in the chest at 1:10 pm, according to Rodríguez.

In all, Guevara was shot nine times. This included five times in the legs, once in the right shoulder and arm, once in the chest, and finally in the throat.

And we lost Che Guevara on 9 October 1967.

Guevara also declared that “we can’t liberate by ourselves a country that does not want to fight.”

By his way Che had left for us Che-ism, means fight for injustice and liberate ourselves from injustice chapter.

Those are speaking that this is terrorist act, must peep into meaning of terrorist, is not who fight but terrorist is who snatch other rights.

Nowadays, Balochistan has Che-ism, so how can we say that it is terrorist act?

Published in Monthly Magazine Bolan Voice in April 2011.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Count.....!!!!!!

Do not know how to count?
My beloveds came to me,
And told,
We did this and that
Only for you,
Before I could have said single word,
Shown giant list me,
I replied, have not done any single deed by me,
They said, yes … yes … because you are selfish and living for yourself,
I just seen to sky and earth,
Do you both have giant list?
Earth slightly smiled and said one day you will have to return to me,
What should I ask?
Then ask advised me, walk alone … don’t show them your inner,
They will not believe in you,
I am standing at window and thinking about lists,
My half of life has passed for seeking and explaining,
What is hell?
When you are asked for giving proof your inner,
I thought under sky,
Existence of forgiveness,
But nowhere single thing I have found except numbers of list,
I do not know how to count?
But beside me,
I have dozen of lists,
From my side I have  only done one thing that

I did nothing ……… you all can count me in Zero……(Helena)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Z.A Bhutto’s death anniversary …!!!

A lies has no lags, but a scandal has wings said Thomas Fuller.

This above quotation came to my mind when I was thinking for Bhutto Family which had been haunted by scandals and its main pillar Z.A Bhutto had not only changed Pakistan’s politics but also gave new lease of life to his family.

This is second line of discussion whether it was filled up with happiness or sorrows. Today is the 32nd death anniversary of Zulifkar Ali Bhutto.

After dismemberment of Pakistan. Z.A Bhutto played his part to build new Pakistan which could have enjoyed democratic society.
It was very difficult period for the country after 1971 debacle. Mr. Bhutto had to face a lot of problems, internal and as well as external but he gained what he wanted.
It is fact that without offering sacrifices no one can do any thing. Z.A Bhutto was going to write his name in the history books. He achieved high place in the annals of history but had to pay a high price for it.

Mr. Bhutto once said in court that “If you claim to be a student of history as I am informed you also claim to be a maker of History”.
It’s not easy task when you know that killers are standing at your door and asking for surrender. People never surrender who know historical consciousness, they welcome dead in spite of cowardly sitting. Z.A Bhutto knew common people’s thinking as he was a political doctor for his public. He gave voice to people.
He embraced tough task because he had sea of people at his back which have the power to remove mountains. On the one hand he was bringing new changes in the system for the betterment of the poor, but the other some people were making plans to end the chapter of his life. A man, who gave a breath to eh prevailing system which has ICU, had to receive death warrants. Z.A Bhutto was neither local criminal nor a thief but was treated like ordinary criminal.

Now let us see what was the case? Paragraphs were taken on book of “A Judiciary in Crisis?” The Trail of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto written by T.W. Rajaratnam, September 1988 is as follows:
“The events thereafter with the promulgation of martial law in July 1977 led to his trial on a charge of conspiracy to murder his political opponent Kasuri which resulted in the death of the latter’s father Nawab Muhammad Khan in November 1974. He was convicted with four others. His appeal was dismissed by a majority judgment of the Supreme Court (4 to 3) and he was hanged in Rawalpindi Prison at 2 a.m. on the 4th of April 1979”. Page 12.

“6-9-1977 General Zia in an interview with .he New York Times says that he had personally authorised Bhutto’ s arrest. States that he had no knowledge of “What type of leader we had. Mr. Bhutto was a Machiavelli in 1977... an evil genius running the country in more or less Gestapo lines, misusing funds, blackmailing people, detaining them illegally and even perhaps ordering people to be killed”. He speaks of a secret document he has seen.” Page 17.

“Nearly three years after the incident at Shadman colony which resulted in the death of the father of Kasuri, two years and eight months to be exact, Martial Law was promulgated on the 5th of July 1977. The Federal Intelligence Agency was directed to inquire into the working of the Federal Security Force, to look into allegations of murder, kidnapping and breaking up of meetings. Many top ranking officers of the Force were taken into custody and among them were (1) Masood Mahmood, the Director General of the F.S.F. (2) Mian Abbas, the Director, Operations and Intelligence F.S.F. (3) Ghulam Mustapha, Inspector in the F.S.F. (4) Arshad lqbal, Sub-Inspector, F.S.F. and (5) Rana Ifthikar, Assistant Sub-Inspector, F.S.F. and (6) Ghulam Hussain, Inspector in the F.S.F. . . .” Page 25.

Z.A Bhutto case was entirely based on lie; nothing had single sign of reality and it can be safely said there was something fishy in the case. In Supreme Court Mr. Bhutto said if Kasuri had some problem with me that I killed his father, so why he was asking for party ticket and wanted to join my party.
I am not a child, that I did silly mistake of making plan to kill Kasuri. He was nothing for me.
“If I were to do this, why should I ask Government officers to do the needful? I know state art and document all things. I am foolish who was digging hole for himself?” He asked. “I have my own Jiyalas in party if I were supposed to do such an act?” I would have asked those (Jiyalas), they could have removed Kasuri, no one could have recognized killer.” He said now a question arises why would I do such an act?

“Kasuri is nonentity for me and his killing doesn’t matter for me, though yes my killing will affect many people,” said Z.A Bhutto to Supreme Court.

While hearing the case, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of Lahore high court by 4 to 3. the decision was partial because judges were divided. Z.A Bhutto was Prime Minister but he was treated like a condemned man.
The court awarded death sentence to him. History continues with its bitter truth. Even if we shut our eyes, history remains alive.

Whatever happened in past we can not be changed. In the current situation we have to peep into 70 Clifton and sympathize with the aggrieved. Is it not responsibility of this system that they should be provided justice by re-open Z.A Bhutto case. Now people should raise voice for re-opening of Z.A Bhutto’s ‘murder’ case. Further along with the re-opening of Bhuto’s case, the cases of his children should also be opened and the persons responsible for their murder should be given exemplary punishment. Sadly! Senior lawyers are saying that Z.A Bhutto case can not be opened. Public wants to know that if there is no ordnance, must be enacted and Bhuttos’ murder cases re-opened.

Published in The Frontier Post on 4th Aprilt 2011.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Z.A Bhutto! A case has no head & tail!!!

مان انهن کي ڏيکاري ڇڏيندس ته مربو ڪيئن آهي؟


If you ou claim to be a student of history, as I am informed you also claim to be a maker of history

هي مٿان جملا اهي ئي چئي سگهي ٿو جنهن جي من اندر چڪور جهڙو جنون ۽ مقصد سان عشق هجي. تاريخ ۾ جڳهه ٺاهيندڙ ئي نه پر تاريخ کي پڻ خوبصورت ڪندڙ شهيد ذوالفقار علي ڀٽو جا آهن، جنهن عدالت ۾ پنهنجي ڪيس دوران جج کي چيا هئا. شهيد ذوالفقار علي ڀٽي واقعي ۾ تاريخ جوڙي آهي. هڪ اهڙو ڪردار جيڪو آيو، شين جي رخن کي تبديل ڪيو، ماڻهن ۾ جان وڌي، ماڻهن کي ايمان ڏنو، هن رُڪجي ويل نظام کي طاقت سان اڳتي ڪيو. ۽ اهو ڪردار صرف ۽ صرف شهيد ڀٽو ئي هو. ڪنهن سچ ئي چيو هو ته تاريخ انهن کي ساريندي آهي جيڪي تاريخ جي لاءِ زندگي گهارين. ۽ اهڙا ڪردار گهٽ هوندا آهن جيڪي پنهنجي زندگي کي تاريخ لاءِ ارپي ڇڏين. تاريخ ۽ ماءُ ۾ فرق ناهي ڇاڪاڻ جو ٻئي پنهنجي ڪک مان نئين زندگي کي جنم ڏيندڙ آهن، ۽ هر نئين زندگي جو جنم سورن کان پوءِ ٿيندو آهي.

اڄ تائين جن به تاريخ ۾ نئون جنم ورتو آهي، انهن پنهنجي زندگي کي سورن ۾ گذاريو. آسمان هيٺ تخليقڪار ئي واحد آهن جن جي جهول ۾ ڊگها ۽ مشڪل ترين سفر مليل آهن. اهڙن ئي سورن ۽ ڏکائين کي منهن ڏيندڙ ڀٽو خاندان آهي. شهيد ڀٽي پنهنجي ئي زندگي نه ڏني پر هن جي سڄي خاندان ۽ پياري نصرت به زندگي ڏئي ڇڏي آهي.

انگريزي ۾ چوڻي آهي ته lies has no legs, and a scandal has wings ، ڀٽو ۽ هن جو خاندان ڪوڙ ۽ هٿ سان جوڙيل اسيڪنڊلز جو ورچڙهي ويو. ڀٽو خاندان ديو مالائي ڪهاڻي جيان آهي، جنهن ۾ اهم ماڻهو کي قتل ڪرڻ کانپوءِ ٻين کي آساني سان ختم ڪري سگهبو آهي.

انهن به ائين ئي ڪيو هو، هڪ ڪوڙي ڪيس کي جوڙي جنهن ڪيس جو اڳ نه پٺ آهي. ان ڪيس ۾ معصوم ۽ بيگناهه عوامي اڳواڻ کي قتل ڪيو ويو. شهيد ڀٽي ڪيس کي ائين هلايو ويو ڄڻ هو وڏو مجرم ۽ قاتل هو. ان جي ڪيس سان ورتاءُ ڪيئن ٿيو؟ اهڙو ورتاءُ ته تڪ جي چور سان به نه ڪيو ويندو آهي. پر هڪ ملڪ جي ان وزيراعظم سان ورتاءُ ڪيو ويو جنهن 70 ڏهاڪي کانپوءِ نئين پاڪستان کي جنم ڏنو، جنهن آئين ڏنو، جنهن Atomic Power ڏنو، جنهن نوي هزار ماڻهو واپس ڪرايا، جنهن 5000 مربح ميل زمين واپس ڪرائي، هڪ اهڙو ملڪ جيڪو آءِ سي يو ۾ پيل هو انهن کي زندگي ڏني.

ان جي ڪيس کي ڪيئن هلايو ويو؟ ان مٿان قتل جو الزام هنيو ويو. احمد رضا ڪسوري جي پيءُ جي قتل جو ڪيس مهذب شخصيت ۽ وڏي اڳواڻ مٿان ڪيو ويو. احمد رضا ڪسوري هاڻي ڇا به چوي؟ حقيقت هي آهي ته احمد رضا ڪسوري جيڪڏهن ايترو غيرت مند هو ته پوءِ 77 جي اليڪشن ۾ پي پي پارٽي جي ٽيڪٽ وٺڻ جي ڇا لاءِ ڪوشش ڪئي؟ ٽن سالن کانپوءِ احمد رضا ڪسوري کي پيءُ جو درد جاڳئي ٿو ۽ ان کي خيال وري ٿو ته ذوالفقار علي ڀٽو هن جي پيءُ جو قاتل آهي.

مان عبرت سنسار ۾ اڳ ئي ڀٽو ڪيس کي تفصيل سان لکي چڪي آهيان، جنهن کي پڙهڻ کان پوءِ اندازو ٿي سگهي ٿو ته هي ڪيس جنرل ضياء جي مڪاري سان جوڙيل هو. هتي مان شهيد ڀٽو ۽ چيف جسٽس جا ڪجهه جملا پيس ڪرڻ چاهيندس،شهيد ڀٽو سپريم ڪورٽ ۾ چيو ته مون تي قتل ڪيس جو الزام هنيو ويو آهي. هاڻي مان هي ٿو پڇڻ چاهيان ته آخر مان اهڙي غير ذميواراڻو ڪم ڪيئن ٿو ڪري سگهان. مسعود محمود ڊائريڪٽر جنرل سيڪيٽوري فورس جو آهي. ان سان گڏوگڏ مان ان کي مستقل زور ڀرندو رهيس ته هو احمد رضا ڪسوري کي قتل ڪري ڇڏي. جيڪڏهن مان ائين ڪيان ها ته مان خفيا انداز سان هي ڪم سرانجام ڏيان ها ان ۾ غيرذميوارڻو رويو نه اختيار ڪيان ها.

ان کان وڌيڪ منهنجي پارٽي ۾ اهڙا جيالا موجود آهن جن کي مان اشارو ڪيان ها ته اهي رضا ڪسوري کي هٿ ۾ رڳڙي اکين ۾ سورمي جيان وجهي ڇڏين ها ۽ ان جي ڪنهن کي خبر به نه پئجي سگهي ها. مسعود محمود سان گڏ ٻين ماڻهن کي ڇا لاءِ شامل ڪندس؟ ان لاءِ مان گرين لائين فون جي ڪيئن استعمال ڪري سگهان؟ جڏهن مسعود محمود منهنجي پهچ ۾ هو. سڀ کان پهرين ۽ اهم سوال آهي ته آخر مان احمد رضا ڪسوري کي قتل ڇا لاءِ ڪرائيندس؟ جيڪو منهنجي پارٽي ۾ پاڻ شامل ٿيڻ چاهي پيو؟ مون کي ان کان ڪهڙو نقصان ٿئي پيو؟ ها! پنهنجي قتل ٿيڻ سان گهڻن ماڻهن کي فائدو رسندو جيڪي ملڪ کي تباهه ڪرڻ چاهين ٿا اهي ضرور اهو عمل ڪندا.

ڪيس ختم ٿيڻ کان پوءِ چيف جسٽس بي بي سي جي صحافي مارڪٽيلي انٽرويو ڏيندي چيو ته ڪيس جي حوالي سان چيو ته افسوس ٿيو جو ايمنسٽي انٽرنيشنل پنهنجا Observers نه موڪليا ان سان گڏوگڏ عام قانون تحت صرف ٻه جج به ڪيس هلائي سگهن پيا. هاڻي هي ٻه واقعا پڙهڻ کان پوءَ بخوبي اندازو ٿي ويندو ته ڪيس کي ڪيئن ۽ ڇا لاءِ هلايو ويو. شهيد ڀٽو ملڪ کي ڇا ڏنو؟ ان جو اندازو سڀني ئي آهي، هن ملڪ جو سودو نه ڪيو هو. هن ملڪ جي نئين جوت لاءِ پنهنجي زندگي جو سودو ڪري ڇڏيو. ڀٽو هڪ ڳالهه سمجهڻ کان رهجي ويو ته جنهن ملڪ جي شروعات کان هر رڳ ۾ غيرجمهوري رت ڊوڙي رهيو هجي جيڪي پنهنجن مفادن خاطر ملڪ کي ٻه اڌ ڪرڻ لاءِ راضي ٿي سگهن ٿا، اهي ڪئين ان کي هضم ڪري سگهندا جيڪو انهن جي غير جمهوري راڄ کي ختم ڪرڻ چاهيندو هجي.

تاريخ يا وقت بيرحم آهن؟ بس هتي غريب عوام جي سهاري کي رات وچ ۾ ئي قتل ڪيو ويندو آهي. جنرل ضياء اسان کان ڀٽو رات جي اوندهائي ۾ جسماني طور کسي ڇڏيو، پر ان عوام جي دلين ۾ ڀٽو جي عشق کي ختم نه ڪري سگهيو. مون کي اها خبر ناهي.

ته محبوب سان سڄي زندگي گذارڻ ۾ ڪهڙو سرور ملندو؟

پر مون محبوب جي ملڻ لاءِ ڪشالا ڪڍيا آهن،

جنهن ۾ تڪليف ۽ تڙپ آهي، ڇا تون ڪڏهن اهڙا ڪشالا ڪڍيا آهن؟ هلينا

ڪاش! جنرل ضياء جي عقل ۾ تاريخ ۽ عوام جي عشق جو اندازو هجي ها. هونءَ به ذاتي مفاد پرست ٽولي جي من ۾ تاريخ ۽ عوام جي عشق جو لنگهه ئي ناهي ٿيندو. پر ڀٽو جي جهان جي هر گهٽي هر دڳ تي تاريخ ۽ عوام جو عشق ئي هو، جنهن جي رڳ رڳ ۾ ڌرتي ۽ عوام جو عشق ڊوڙي اهي ڪئين ٿا منهن موڙي سگهن؟ شهيد ڀٽو هڪ هنڌ چيو هو ته I will show them how to die . مرڻ به هڪ آرٽ آهي، ۽ هي ڏانءُ به ڪنهن ڪنهن کي اچي، شهيد ڀٽو واقعي ۾ جنرل ضياء ۽ ان جي باقيات کي ڏيکاري ڇڏيو ته موت ڇا آهي؟ مربو ڪيئن آهي؟

اڄ به ڀٽو عوام جي اکين ۾ زندهه آهي. 4 اپريل تي جنرل ضياء شهيد ڀٽو کي ڦاسي ڏني پر انهي تاريخ تي شهيد ڀٽو موت کي مات ڏيندي پاڻ امر ڪري ڇڏيو.

ها! آسمان هيٺ مائيرون زندگيءَ کي جنم ڏين ٿيون جن جي من ۾ مرڻ جو آرٽ هوندو آهي، ۽ هي آرٽ هڪ ڀيرو ٻيهر ڀٽن ۾ هو. عدالت جيڪو فيصلو ڪيو، تاريخ ڦيرائي عدالت ڏانهن رکيو آهي ته جهاتي پائي ڏسو انصاف ڪهڙي ڪنڊ ۾ آهي؟ تاريخ جنهن وٽ انصاف آهي، اڄ هوءَ موجوده عدالت جو درکڙڪائي چئي رهي آهي ته هاڻي ڀٽن جي قاتلن جي نشاندهي ڪريو. ڇا ملڪي عدالتون ڪڏهن تاريخ جي من ۾ جهاتي پائي انصاف ڪري سگهنديون؟ جڏهن ته تاريخ پنهنجي عدالت ۾ ڀٽي کي امر ڪيو آهي. اسان اهڙن ڪردارن جا وارث آهيون جن موت کي مات ڏني.

اڙي ميان جنرل ضياء ڏسي سگهين ته ڏس ڀٽو اڄ به زندهه آهي.

Published in Daily Ibrat newspaper on 4th April 2011