Friday, March 25, 2011

What does Egypt think?

By Veengas

“World has two hands of power one imperial and second people, it is sadly to say that imperial power always rule on world and people power struggling for its opening.

Whatever you people speak; we will have to agree that people struggles go into limited power, which is known to be greedy power.

We need to people power not people struggle, which to be caused for imperial power, tell them we are combating for poor, don’t see again royal cats in public power.”

“Ah.. Heart don’t to be embittered, we (people) are many and those are small but they have strongest weapons in the name of religion, carefully move and never listen there talks on the beat of fake drums and promises.”

These both above paragraphs I remembered while hearing word “Amazing” from well-known and sane writer and journalist Antony Loewenstein on Egyptians. Yes, it is right that people gatherings and slogans give unseen heart beating and moving human as bird.

In fact, music of struggle has its own charisma. And I was heard amazing word, suddenly I recalled my childhood when people were celebrating late general Zia-ul-Haque dead, we (kids) received sweets from them on Zia dead. Eleven years people lived under dictatorship where you were not allowed to read single page of socialism or news, General Zia dictatorship decade was polluted and bloody. Public did struggle and fought also MRD movement later what were people gotten? IMPERIAL POWER! Did people give up their lives for it?

Therefore, I have been thinking on two paragraphs, word Amazing and about situation in Egypt. Will Egypt be received imperial power in new face or amazing changing?

This is crux strata for me, of course; people are exhausted after long one man show, which has had dictatorship. Hosni Mubarak, what has done for Egypt?

He has done three remarkable work, all facilities, and developments for the Hosni Mubarak’s Family and his loyal cats, by Hosni Mubarak and of Hosni Mubarak.

People of Egyptian only undergo his three works. Hosni Mubarak has done job for imperial power and protect there interests in Middle East.

One day you will have to retired and say good bye. Hence, is time to come end of Hosni Mubarak? When we all see anger waves in Egypt and many voice again Mubarak, that now you must get out…. After long doing loyal job for big bosses, Mubarak is being delivered insult sounds by his bosses.

It is difference between doings job for imperial bosses and poor people, bosses can kick out any time but poor people always remember in history. So, those to be chosen imperial job those have temporary period, will be behaved like Mubarak.

Mubarak must be gone, because now it’s over. But imperial power will go alongside him?

Nowadays public on the door of Egypt, because Egyptians has been exploiting in the hands of Hosni and his loyal cats.

According to some source that white house has promoted protestor for weakening its old fashioned loyal baby Hosni Mubarak. If this is true that now white house covets to change face and to be sketched new senior, which will have support to white house’s future plan. It shows funny that if USA has involved some sort of cases while protesting in Egypt. It means USA is going to be throw out old ally by using own created situation of dictatorship. As world has new terms as media and information, which has no boundaries this is why USA needs new faces for applying new policies in middle east region.

No doubt, above years military had has been deeply rooted in Egypt governing body, would it be easily that they will leave its roots after some protests. Those who know state body rulings curial eyes under cap of capitalist, will leave factory of state?

If we see data of military, which has been stepped up by USA and Israel, we can feel that power game timer to be changed by investors (USA and Israel).

According to BBC All of Egypt’s post-1952 leaders have been military officers, and both serving and retired generals are sprinkled throughout the various arms of government. USA always claims for democracy values but can USA let us know feeding military high aids, which type of democracy bring?

Of course anti-public system comes into state.

Egypt has been come out from its curtain, but as it is calling REVOLUTION. To me, it is not as revolution as we are seen in pages of history. Eventually, bearing injustice taken stepson the road of Cairo but still some thing fishy. We are frightened that might have Egyptian exploited by second hand of capitalist in the name of revolution.

Indeed, capitalist want to be their loyal cats, hence we are hearing again voices of Muslim brotherhoods and it signs that people long marches and blood on the roads to be taken new face, which will have language of capitalist. And military aids will work.

As we were introduced in Zia decade, people assumed after dead of Zia, Pakistan would be seen Change but all wishes fled in ashes.

Will Egyptians be met as state of Pakistan had seen, after to be resigned of Hosni Mubarak?

If Egyptian wants real change, they must be as acted as once upon done Russians during Czar Era. After then we will be said yes Amazing change not only in pages of history but also in front of our little eyes.

We all want to change because USA’s policies have made impure states where poor innocents people are dying instead of passing simple life, but in the name of revolution, change will come according to wishes of imperial power it would be harm for us those are combating for own rights.

Now let’s see, what does Egypt think? Will they as take steps as Russians took?

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine in January 2011.

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