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Drones death fires & Balochistan.

By Veengas

We don’t know what will be happened with us? When we lost, we were detected this thing happened us. We are living in state as we are criminal or deaf and dumb, statesmen can do whatever they want us? But I will not allow them; they count me in animal cart. Said Ms. Ayesha who was criticizing on Pakistan ruling class.

This is not one Ms. Ayesha who is criticizing on government system, here is many people those have anger at government working. Since Pakistan developed in shape of country, common people have only been using as term card nothing else.

Pakistan has lost its image inside and outside by ruling class. Unfortunate, native people of this country have been counting dead bodies for long time.

Even Mir (not his real name) from Karachi said, my forefather received died body, my grandfather had gotten died body, my father dig upped his beloveds and now I myself has received died bodies. Our home-gate is witnessed how many we have been receiving died bodies. He sadly shared; I don’t know why are we born? Are we only for seeing funerals?

This is not only Ayesha and Mir, those have seen bitter things but we have more stories fill up in blood and broken promises.

State Art, where we read governing system when we take look at Pakistan governing system, instead governing system, have been one ruling class in the name of governing system. Of course, where one class has authorized, can not be cared majorities rights in fact majorities rights are being under feet of that one class ruling as in Pakistan has system of one class ruling authorized.

So, how can we talk about dominion of country which has sold sovereignty on other hands? Interesting point is, whenever we seen decade of Dictators, have sold Pakistan’s sovereignty. From General Ayub Khan to General Musharaf all dictators has had sold Pakistan.

Even though while ruling of Dictators no one speaks up and when they get green flag, now all of you can speak up against dictators. This is double attitude which exists among Pakistanis.

In era of Musharaf dictator, what he did, how he applied policies? Have we heard about him? We were being heard when his last days of ruling.

Nowadays we are hearing big voices against Drone attacks, these are violating Pakistan’s sovereignty, when this authority were given in 2004 nowhere single voice talked for sovereignty.

Today we are heard voice against Drone attacks even that Pakistani Political Parties those were partner in Musharaf Era, they speak now for sovereignty of country.

Drone attacks run by US for killing Taliban, by Drone technology no doubt instead one Taliban, common citizen died. One drone attack gives 9-10 deaths.

One of North Wazirstan citizen shared his views that, we are beating by three parties, one Taliban, second America and third Pakistani army. They don’t care us, now let me know, how could we stop Taliban when they entered in our house with gun, if we say some thing they will open fire at our children, then we receive drone attacks.

We don’t have single side for spending life each sides have gun those are opening fire at us.

Drone attacks have been killing people since 2004, what has happened? Just single report published and again we see these attacks.

I pray one day god will justice while weeping said North Wazirstan citizen.

Who will justice and when? We all don’t have idea. I am here going to share table to Drone attacks that was prepared by Conflict Monitoring Center organization:-

Year Drone Attacks Fatalities
2004-7 9 109
2008 34 296
2009 53 709
2010 132 938
Total 228 2052.

In Bush Era, Drone attacks were in low rate but after Mr. Barak Obama who has slogan of Change, we don’t see change in policies instead we have seen changing in speed up Bush’s policies though.

This above table shows, drone attacks have been starting in Musharaf Era. No one talked against it, killing is killing whatever its cost?

At least now we have cleared up sovereignty of country being exploited by these one man shows than common people.

This is interesting analysis that why Drone attacks are? If US has believed in Pakistan strategy.

Other point runs that US is claiming that they are powerful state, so there are two views, small group of Taliban is given defeat to US, if not; it means coin of Taliban are from US itself Bank.

I am here not remarking final point but all points are running when people see dull strategy and getting yet failure results.

According to BBC survey Data on Drone attacks where BBC mentioned that militants attack are than drones, militants are getting upbeat.

Drone attacks only can kill rare Taliban they don’t have more number of Taliban than common people.

Waqar Qurish expert of IT from Karachi said I am not supporting drones attack; this is not way to win any war. If they are claimed that they killed Baitullah Mehsud in August 2009, who has evidence that he has been killed? We have only one picture and are told he has killed.

If they covet to use drone attacks I suggest them, first they attack on Rehman Malik.

Drones attack is on hot-topic in Pakistan. In July 2010 BBC, “The US should just give us the technology,” says Rehman Malik. “If we do it ourselves, Pakistanis won’t mind.”

Why have they forgotten that murder is murder either with little gun or big gun. Question is not who is violating sovereignty; people are worried for innocent killings.

Although Mr. Malik, has forgotten, sovereignty exists with people not on getting command on technology.

After Raymond Davis Case, major concern on drone attacks and signs are shown that Pakistan is forcing to take over charge on drone technology and it may have used for Baloch fighters, Taliban instead.

Drones Attack & Balochistan:-

Now round table is going change, US has done its work in this region and of course US has mood to move on middle East and Africa sides for getting more resources.

Raymond Davis Case, maybe give less calmness. Question is this will US give Drone technology if not, maybe US access to Drones for using it under US command.

Mostly people have analysis that if drones use in Balochistan, it will be created like Volcano for Pakistan. Because Balochistan is not as Tribal area.

We can not say in conformation that Balochistan will face drones attack but signs are given message that in the name of Taliban perhaps drones mouth will be opened on Balochistan.

If this happens, will only suggest that now Balochistan has had experienced its bitter problems. Balochistan common people has gotten voice and now they are speaking themselves, yes of course, there is tribal system, this system has been losing its grip among people now Balochs has made minds for their survive.

After drone attacks, Balochistan would on road that no one will be able return on talks table.

Right now we are analysis numbers of Fatalities and can be talked on its results if it runs in Balochistan; we may not be talked like that.

Whatever, killing innocent people by any method it is abuse on human.

May like Rehman Malik ministers get little sense that whether killing from outsider or insider, it must be condemned and denied.

And Pakistan country has bitter experience, attacks never given solution only digged black hole. Are they again digging one more black hole by drone attacks?

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice in February 2011.

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