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Dreamless Eyes!

Dreamless eyes!


Under the sky people are experiencing and undergoing different kinds of rigours of life. Most of them spend wonderful, happy life and many have to go through different kinds of pains and sorrows and whether they are the oldest or new all sorrows have same taste.

I always remember few lines of poetess Helena. She writes that, My whole life has been into sorrows,I don’t know which sorrow was deepest, But I only know one thing,When we … Aahh … means I, broke and touched sorrow,It was a world, where I have been receiving by me tears and pain,After that numbers of sorrows coming to me, all are siblings of first sorrow,So, I am experiencing still of one sorrow and others coming sorrows,Those just alive that first sorrow,Yes, I am broken in the hands of sorrows,I have tasted its taste but I cannot give it any name. It’s true that human beings have to face many kinds of sorrows.

Their happiness is like spring season which has short age. Therefore, we never leave our sorrows and sorrows never leave us, we both have strongest relations.Some of the people have been born to face sorrows, a young guy whose name was Abdul Wahid, citizen of Afghanistan, had come to Karachi as refugee. When I met him he spoke in a civilized way, I don’t know how people could bring smile on their faces? It was very strange streak for me; I was not able to interrupt him. And he continued his conversation that life as a refugee is full of sorrows. Since, birth he had found himself among sorrows. Suddenly he stopped himself and said some people are born to bear sorrows.

This conversation was held in 2004 at Tariq Road – Karachi at Pathan Hotel, and it is long time now.I presume that while reading this write up, readers might think why am I writing on sorrows as we all know each sorrow has its own language and taste so why I am writing.I am writing only for a little young boy who was not from a royal family, neither was a popular personality nor leaked out secret documents as WikiLeak’s founder did.Actually he was above them all and his inner was as pure as an angel.It was 14th February 2011 when the world was celebrating Valentine Day.

The people were trying to show off their passion for love by presenting valuable gifts of Red flowers and buying chocolates for their beloveds to please them.For me that day was just another day as I thought that nothing would be new but was to complete my work. Sometimes we thought else and happened else.Actually it was not just another day for me it was a day when I realised how are we becoming more materialistic Once we used to hear that people prefer pure heart and values but nowadays these things are chapters of old books which are never read.Maybe others peoples say that I am wrong and emotional; if I am emotional it is because I witness such inhuman behaviour all around. People are wearing different kinds of masks and say different things.

They speak one language in front of flashlights and off-flashlights say something else. On 14th February 2011 I saw a little angel who had nothing but he attracted attention of many people and by his act he put to shame many people including me.On special occasions I prefer to travel by local buses, where I come across more stories and lessons of life.Despite all things, I caught local bus, little young boy who was Pathan, more beautiful as like Hollywood kid hero, so I sat on seat he sat opposite to me.

As I already mentioned it was lovers’ day, naturally everyone was in romantic mood except Mullahs who were trying to stop lovers but they failed to stop it. Karachi was decorated with flowers and royal kids were enjoying because they could purchase expensive things, On the one hand richest people were celebratinged in luxuries ball and on the second poorest people celebrated on roads and enjoyed Bhel Poori. For me interesting thing was that when rich men played songs at high pitch, none of the traffic officers stopped but when local bus played song traffic officer stopped and started arguing, we all were silently seeing traffic officer and bus driver both were arguing each other, that young boy shouted at traffic officer, why are you stopping the poor why don’t you go after that big car who is disturbing the whole traffic and playing songs in high volume. After hearing such kind of advice from a little young boy the traffic officer replied you are disrespectful.

All those travelling in the bus appreciated the little boy but he was not interested in what the people were saying about him.To me, it seemed that the little boy had no dreams. Perhaps it was the first time I was seeing dreamless eyes. I don’t know what he was thinking at that moment.When beggars on the roadside sought alms, none of those riding in the bus gave them a single penny but that young boy put his hand in the pocket and took out a 20-rupee note and handed it over to a beggar. We all were stunned. It really was a big amount to be doled out to a beggar.

The boy looked at me with a strange smile and said: Baaji , I have an old mother who is ill all the time. I always pray for her, I am sure Allah Almighty will listen to my prayers one day. After a little pause he said again: I don’t know why my mother is suffering. Our home in Swat but we had to leave it and come here due to militancy which was at its peak a few months back. Now we are here in this big city which has small people, all greedy to the core. I, as well as all the passengers and driver listened him calmly If I gave some money to the beggar, God would Inshallah respond to my prayers and my mother would be alright soon. He showed other 20 rupees and said today I had earned only 60 rupees and now I have with me Rs 20 but these are more than enough for me.I want to see my mother healthier soon. May God listen to the prayers of beggar also.Then, he stopped saying. I was looking into his eyes but could see only pain in there which disturbed me a lot.

I could only say that God would do better for you and he replied proudly InshallahA small who indirectly paid for his mother’s recovery from illness because she was a valentine for him. He was poor, let me correct myself that no he was not poor in fact he was a man who made real valentine day, he never purchased royal and expensive things, he only wished for sympathy and better life for his mother.When metropolitan city Karachi was celebrating Valentine Day we all were rock in roll in luxuries, we forgot that we are not rich with luxuries but we are richest with our values and acts. A little boy who has eyes but dreamless, who is responsible for this? Can we ask that this war against terror has not only snatched our relatives but is snatching our dreams too, dreams those have life and breathe, now we should tell the world, our kids are alive, they have not been injured but they have no dreams, can anyone bring dreams for their eyes.

14th February 2011 passed away long ago but that little angel boy is still standing in front of me with dreamless eyes and asking for his dreams that I have eyes but no dreams, where are my dreams? What should I write? Should I agree with above lines, some of the lives are only for bearing sorrows or for bearing insults and abuses of people like traffic officer.I am not able to summarize just let me write that yes we have innocent eyes in materialistic world where dreams for selected people now are not common. Perhaps dreams have changed their way and turned to the richest class. Whatever, I saw eyes on 14th February which were dreamless … dreamless.

Published in The Frontier Post Magazine on Sunday/6/03/2011

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