Thursday, March 10, 2011

Come Again ... Come Again!!!

A long time ago,
Yes, many years ago,
When you and I hugged,
It was time,
I felt your presence,
And while weeping you kissed  my forehead,
You held me in your arm,
And said, don’t leave me,
Ah…, I promised with you,
I have never broken promise,
Is not it?
I am here, and my promise for you,
We both are searching your presence,
But you are nowhere,
How long have been searching you,
I deeply call you,
Come back, come back,
I am here, don’t leave you,
But why don’t you rejoin me,
Why everyone is saying me,
A long time ago,
We both met,
I know you are here,
This wind,
Feels me your presence,
Just come and hug me again,
Now, I want to promise from your side,
Come again,
Come again. (Helena)

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