Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stones & Anguish..!

I don’t know,
Why has it been happening?
Why I am only?
You told me,
Life, has to pay at each journey,
I was taking your all sayings in my heart,
I never went oppose them,
You warned me,
"This world might throw stones at us,
When we ask for justice",
That time,
You hugged and strongly advised me that those stones would be temporary,
You won’t feel pain,
I shook head and agreed with you,
You left me alone,
I have not complained and knocking door for helping,
Just remaining silent and following your all sayings,
World throws stones and rejects me,
I don’t get pain and thinking they are temporary,
Isn't it?
You didn’t tell me one thing,
When we get stones from our own home,
How can we say those are temporary?
Do you know, it has unending anguish?
You are not here,
But this pain is in me,
I have not received stones from others,
But stones from home, 
I don’t say even a single word,
Just remaining silent and waiting for you,
When you come, I will let you know,
You were wrong all throwing stones are not temporary,
Some of them have pain,
I have received those stones,
And my inner is injured,
I don’t know, why are people saying,
You will never return,
And I am standing on road,
Waiting for you,
You will have to return,
You will have to return,
Come and see stones those are in my cradle,
Some of stones are timeless and have unending pain,
I will show you,
Those stones are in my cradle..! (Helena)

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