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Peep into Philosophy!

Sense of Duty!
By Veengas.
Whatever you say,

However you do,

But one thing is decided,

That we wage significant wars with minds,

Your agitation against me indeed fair,

Why don’t you realize that Wisdom War is more powerful than weaponry War,

Where human can travel on wisdom boat rather dying in Blood River,

Yes, which war I have started,

If I am left alone in it,

Despite all that its well,

After me, coming progeny always follow my foot steps,

Then, will you remain in your refusal?

In World’s advancement where man’s labour has contributed beside mind labour also played vital role. Those societies had have not given part of mind, become as animal court and nothing else. Under sky if human has civilized perfume it’s only because of mind labour, no doubt mind labour is very difficult and having tiredness but in this work everyone was and is contributed his/her role.

Above line of Helena I always remind whenever my eyes see developing day by day in society, a change where sane runs in each vein and its inner has wise eyes.

Like that society we can image people will live peaceful and life has rain of wisdom.

Such societies can not be defeated by weapons because they have visionary hearts with wise minds.

I have remembered one dialogue between “church Father and student, student was being asked that which thing is durable in world. Father slightly silent than took look at student and answered, Do you know Thales Greek philosopher (BC)? Very quickly student did respond Of course I know him.

Father continued his tête-à-tête and replied that world has only one thing that is mind labour which gives fruitful nutrition to each era of world.”
We might have faded away if we would not have wisdom boat. Under the sky queen of sane is most beautiful, whose one day come out from people inner and plays mythical role.

Human do consciousness and unconsciousness love with knowledge, we have durable development by seed of knowledge.

We are always asked question that how long philosophy is oldest? To me, philosophy is as old as human age oldest on earth. Word philosophy itself having love, this word is driven from Greek language which has meaning “Love of Wisdom”.

Whenever human love with wisdom, they have made vital history on earth. Hence love does stretched and thorny walk likewise traveler of wisdom face difficulties and old-fashioned stones at oneself.

Peep into history we will find out about remarkable characters, those loved with wisdom and followed rational bridge like from Aristotle, Plato to recent era Rabindranath Tagore and Jean Paul Sartar.

Human rational struggle get enthusiasm from pearl of ideas those came and coming out from minds. Europe could not have come up to from dark ages if they would not have renaissance means re-birth of knowledge. Europe got re-birth after renaissance, they did not stopped there in fact moved far and gave more shinning eras as Enlighten, reformation and Modern age took birth.

Because of those notion cultivations Europe were able to cross line of darkness, and entered into sensible society.

It was too hard that move from pigeonhole society and impelled hearts for rational approaches, therefore Galileo, Giordano Bruno, Voltaire, Auguste Comte, Kant and Karl Marx etc coerced old minds to moved in betterment and justified world rather living injustice and exploited world.

They fought with dark gigantic idols, although they were in small numbers but their ideas to be shaken entire world. So far, they proved and shook world by their ideas. Ideas always need sacrifice, and our eyes are witnessed that brave philosopher gave up their lives for belief.

Today world never be confused if we all were follow sane wind on right path. Unfortunately, exploited cows beating drum against Philosophy and condemned it. If human follow it, would be charged in hell.

Not only this but always comical critic on philosopher that they are lazy and living in day dream.

Philosophy loves wisdom, and those who don’t love philosophy, they are useless. If philosophy is meant living in air then what about above philosopher who change their eras into sensible world. It was Voltaire whose philosophy fought to big walls (Religious), so could we say philosophy only provides work less people.

Europe passed dark cave by following philosophers.
Surely, we can not say like that because we appease our knowledge of thirst from water pot which has had been filled up by these philosophers, who killed their wishes, flourished river of wisdom for coming generations and covet to be heaven this world.

Here we introduced names and its contribution in philosophy:-

Branches of philosophy

» Metaphysics is the study of the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and body, substance and accident, events and causation. Epistemology is concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge, and whether knowledge is possible.
» Political philosophy is the study of government and the relationship of individuals and communities to the state.
» Aesthetics deals with beauty, art, enjoyment, sensory-emotional values, perception, and matters of taste and sentiment.
» Logic is the study of valid argument forms.
» Philosophy of mind deals with the nature of the mind and its relationship to the body, and is typified by disputes between dualism and materialism.
» Philosophy of language is inquiry into the nature, origins, and usage of language.
» Philosophy of religion is a branch of philosophy that asks questions about religion.
( Source:-

Henceforth, we consciously follow above chapter of philosophy, can we not bring beautiful world for which human being is promised.

Alas! Small selected exploited and authoritarian group will reduce its strength on majority, this reason they are wrongly promoted world of philosophy.

And feeding common innocent minds that don’t ask any question just bearing you will be gotten result. Not only in case of philosophy, they have painted Sufism also in wrong strata that keep silence but why they are neglecting Mansur al-Halla and martyred Makhdoom Bilawal who revolted against fakery acts.

Philosophy is the responsible duty and it is sense of duty, whenever eras got minds that performed sense of duty their nation walking on rational path.

We have to confess that we don’t have performed sense of duty as our past thinkers done.

We have not contributed better in philosophy on moving surrounding old temple thinkers; rather we ought to be enriched it but discussing philosophy on cup of tea.
Philosopher Kant said, I think therefore I am, but in case of ourselves it is changed that we think therefore others’ ideas.

I don’t mean, we should not read past philosophy, must read it. Question is what have we contributed in it?
Those nation have performed sense of duty, their nation would live in new era, we should realize that we must do mint labor for our coming generations.
Famous quotation that Ideas those have changed the world.
We all need durable and peaceful earth; it can be possible if we perform sense of duty.

I would like to ask, do we perform sense of duty?

Published in Monthly English Magazine Bolan Voice on January 2011.

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