Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pakistan Media.

In Pakistan, news is something to control!


"Veengas has been visiting the Star for the past month as part of a U.S.-Pakistan program for professional journalists organized by the International Center for Journalists and funded by the U.S. State Department".

Information is like a bird. It can move here, there and anywhere. We live in an age where information travels so quickly, but in my country of Pakistan information is often stopped, its movement restricted by unseen hands.

In the United States, information is freely exchanged. That is often not the case in Pakistan, where I work as a journalist for a regional newspaper in my home province of Sindh and a freelance writer for a national English-language newspaper.

Media companies in Pakistan are privately owned, but not necessarily independent. The media - especially the national newspapers, television stations and radio stations - are heavily influenced by the elite establishment made up mostly of powerful families.

Pakistan has rare voices in the media that tell the truth, but not enough. Too many newspapers and TV shows ignore real issues and gloss over real problems.

I want to see Journalism in my country, not Jhoutism. (In Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, Jhout is the word for lie).

Feudal control

After Sept. 11, 2001, Pakistan became an important ally of the United States because it shares a border with Afghanistan. World Bank population data show that Pakistan had 177 million in 2009 - surely it now it has more. My province, Sindh, has faced waves of natural disasters for two years - recently 8 million people were left homeless by floods and rain.

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Freedom and rights are granted by the feudal lords, whose power exists not just in villages but in cities as well. Feudal lords own huge swaths of land and have several villages under their command.

There are lords of government and institutes, too. Pakistan's people have many problems, but the worst is extremism. It is like a black hole that sucks up people's freedom of thinking.

Pakistan is stuck where it was in the black era of the 1970s. Then, there were five provinces: Punjab, Bangal, NWFP, Balochistan and Sindh. Bangladesh was splitting off into its own country, and the Pakistani military rulers were trying to prevent news of the split. The people of the neighboring provinces didn't learn about it until it happened. They were shocked.

Controlling journalism in Pakistan is not new. Dictator General Zia ul Haq, who ruled from 1978 to 1988, banned newspapers. Some newspapers still published, but with blank pages when military censors demanded that certain stories not run.

Newspapers are free to publish again. But Pakistan is still a "controlled state" - journalism is still under the command of the establishment.


In my country journalism does not play the role it should. Some journalists promote their own views. National electronic and print media express one view and regional papers another.

Regional papers are more likely to speak out on issues, but some are labeled as agents of various groups. The elite pay more attention to the national media and tend to ignore information published in regional papers. Many publications do not publish stories critical of the establishment because if they do, the journalist might be threatened.

The national media were critical of Pakistan's two late Prime Ministers, Zulifkar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto, who were considered to be liberal and secular. But they rarely criticized General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq or dictators who have done things to destroy the country.

In two separate incidents the Pakistani media chose not to speak out. In one, CIA contractor Raymond Davis shot two people in Lahore, a city in Punjab, but he said it was in self-defense. In the other, American troops killed Osama bin Laden. In both cases, the media seemed to believe that they could not speak out against the establishment - only against the United States.

Recently, the Pakistani media spoke up for Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist accused of grabbing a rifle and shooting at American soldiers while being questioned in Afghanistan. In a recent speech to Pakistan's parliament Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani called her "the daughter of the nation" and said he would fight for her release. But the media do not say a word about Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death by hanging for blasphemy after a Muslim neighbor accused her of making derogatory comments against the Prophet Muhammad during an argument in 2009.

Punjab Gov. Salman Taseer spoke out against the blasphemy law, but some media interpreted his support as being against Islam. He was assassinated in January.

If media had reported the dispute more fairly, Salman Taseer might still be alive. Asia Bibi is still in prison and extremists in Pakistan want Salman Taseer's killer freed.

If Aafia Siddiqui is a daughter of Pakistan, is Asia Bibi not daughter of Pakistan as well?

Pakistan has two kinds of journalism: biased journalism, and dynasty or family supporters. I call it Uncles & Aunts Journalism, where relatives have places in journalism and are promoted by relatives. Common journalists are stuck in the middle.

Honest talk needed

I have still hope.

Extremists want Pakistan to be deaf, dumb and blind. But if we in the media don't let them, if we talk honestly about issues, then change will come.

In my country we need real journalism. Journalists are the ones who give information to society. A society wants "truth" and if we as journalists mold information, it doesn't remain the truth.

What do we need? Journalism or Jhoutism?

Unbiased journalism would better serve the people of Pakistan.

Published in Arizona Daily Star Newspaper on 10 October, 2011.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Martyred Benazir Bhutto.

اڙي موت...!
هي در تي ڪنهن ٺڪ ٺڪ ڪئي آ،
هينئر وري ايتري سانت ۽ ٿڌ ۾ ڪير آيو آهي؟
هر پاسي کان خاموشي ڇانيل،
اي دل تون زور سان نه ڌڙڪ،
هڪ ڀيرو ٻيهر در تي ٺڪ ٺڪ جو آواز ڏنو وڃي ٿو،
ٻاهر ڪير آ؟
سانت ۽ ٿڌي تيز هوائين کانسواءِ ڪجهه به ناهي پوءِ به هي ٻاهر ڪير آيو آهي؟
پر هيل ٺڪ ٺڪ عجيب آهي،
ڇا هي ٺڪ ٺڪ موت جي آهي؟
اندر مان آواز اچي ٿو،
اُٿي در کولي ڏس! ٻه پير اڳتي ڪر، ٻڌ ۽ ڏس،
ته هيل موت جي پيغام ۾ ڪير آهي؟
هن ويل در تي آيل دستڪ،
وري ڪنهن کي ڇنيو آهي؟
اي دل! ائين نه چئه،
اڙي موت هتان هليو وڃ ... هليو وڃ ...!
بس ڪر !
ڪنهن پاسي کان آواز اچي ٿو،
موت صرف دستڪ ڏيندو آ،
موت صرف دستڪ ڏيندو آ،
هن ڀيري پنهنجي ديس ۾ ٻيهر موت واپس وريو آ،
هيل آيل دستڪ،
هن کي کڻي وئي،
آسمان ۽ زمين جي سانت ٻڌائي ٿي،
موت تون اسان کان ڪنهن کي ڇنيو آهي،
اڙي موت تون به ته رونيو هوندين،
ڇا تون ڏٺو،
ته تون پنهنجي دستڪ ۾ ڪنهن کي کنيو،
اڙي موت تون هليو ڇو نه وئين،
ڇو نه پنهنجا پير پٺتي ڪيا؟
ها ... ها ... تون صرف دستڪ ڏيڻ ڄاڻين،
تنهنجي هيل دستڪ تو کي به ته اندر ۾ ٽوڙيو هوندو،
ٻه لڙڪ تنهنجا به ته ڪريا هوندا،
اڙي موت هيل ڏينل دستڪ ۾ تون ڪنهن کي کنيو..،
ڪاش! تون هليو وڃي ها..،
۽ دستڪ نه ڏئي ها..! (هلينا)

Published in Daily Ibrat on 27 December 2011

Martryed Benazir Bhutto.

Ahh…Death may you get dead..!!!


Life is mastery and it has deep dark shadows that no one is able to recognise them. Sometimes life plays very tricky games, hardly to win with life’s tricks but some people can win, not only they win but defeat the death too. That person is called a Hero and remembers into heart of history.

I don’t know what have those people that they win history and defeat death, of course they must be brave enough because life’s war that has unknown waves and storms but one simple person fights and gets victory over them. Surly, such kind of people have own perfume and their different kind of fragrance, makes unique and hero of people. You can win the world by your perfume. People’s perfume comes out his/her deeds and sacrifices, those who don’t know how to lead and sacrifice, never be get tiny drop of fragrance. Once upon we had a lady who had her own one’s perfume and she won all people’s heart. Undeniably, it was and is Pinky Bhutto whose struggle and walked on masteries road of politics.

What she was and how she did fight in a country where greedy rats, narrow-minded, feudal lords and Dictator General Zia’s babies around her. She was known well that if she left Politics, would have easy life. A country where she received Father’s dead body, destruction of family and little brothers dead bodies, politics become blood-bath and she had an idea one day I will be killed. She was walking on sword that was continuously injured her feet since one day. Shakespeare once wrote that I will not choose, what many men desire, because I will not jump with common spirits.

Martyred Benazir Bhutto chose risky path and she spent her whole life. I have no idea that did she ask herself that why I had been jumped into blood-bath of politics? Perhaps she once realized that this politics is not easy, it is a jungle where you can not come out alive. But she entered in dead jungle of politics and assumed that she would bring change. Late Benazir Bhutto thought her wisdom and slow process could defeat iron wall of selected power, sadly she forgot that this politics is Gurukh Dhanda. Innocent and pro-people minds hardly can win and destroy iron wall. It needs many Benazir Bhutto then be able to vanish that iron wall which is caused of darkness on this land. People criticizes she did not deliver anything to common people and in her decade corruption was top at list. Let them ask, she was not governing in secular and developed country. She governed in a country that had dictators’ rules and mostly worst decade of Dictator Zia ul Haq, whose policies collapsed country and made strongest extremists.

A lady who was not acceptable among Zia’s thinkers those had have rooted in country, she came in that country and tried to bring change. Hence, her policies was not enough strong and her compromised approach, beside who does not know that she had received contracted based government though she had vote of common people but she was not allowed to govern on vote of common people. Late Benazir Bhutto was hoping that if she had now contracted based government, one day she would be changed into public power. But it was too late because she had at one hand lords and fragile government and another hand she had power of public, which two different sides never can meet together and lords made worst things for her.

I have remembered, in 2005 one lady who belonged city of Jacobabad – Sindh, She was speaking with me, Do not say that Benazir Bhutto did corruption, those are saying, they are themselves corrupted. In Sindhi she shared that Asaanjo Benazir Bhutto choor nahe, ein jekadhen Ikhtalaaf rakhoun tu asaan rakhoun.” Means Our Benazir Bhutto is not thief or corrupt, and if anyone can reservations that is only “WE”.That lady was rightly saying that in corruption only common people survives but Benazir Bhutto is Leader of people yet. A common person understands better than selected class who has not another excuse to condemn at Benazir Bhutto with weedy excuses.

Yes, her policies was not healthy and got tiny tenure on shoulder of collections group who gave her only 37 months for governing, a leader who faced jailed tortures and had people’s vote. That person was not permitted to govern on country. Whatever, she faced troubles but she never dropped her hands from public because she knew that everything can fly away, only public power will remain with her and their love and courage would give new life in politics.

This time when she returned to country, she was very well known that she will be assassinated. When I interviewed with Makhdoom Ameen Faheem senior and committed politician in PPP, said that I got information that if she returns, will be killed, so I rushed to Dubai and shared that message with Muhtaram Benazir Bhutto. She replied me, Makhdoom Sahib I know it but now I will not back step, my people are waiting for me. Whatsoever, to be happened now I will not move back.A person who knows I will be killed and this journey may be last for me, her kids will become orphan after her. How did she get such spirit and walk on road that leads her to dead. After her everyone is in pain yet has strong reservations but eyes are filled with tears and silently each heart says why you have left? Why you did when you knew that yours this walk becomes last walk for us.Nowadays Pakistan has political orphanage, nowhere leadership and all are making themselves as leader, a leader who has no wisdom and sacrifice but they are being painted themselves leaders. If you want to see destruction of politics, sees in Pakistan’s politics. We do not know when queen of time, give us once again Benazir Bhutto.

Today, we would like to complain to death that snatched Benazir Bhutto,
Ah.. death may you get dead, whom you had killed (Sindhi Verse).

Published on The Frontier Post 26/12/2011.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Editorial on Missing Persons in Balochistan

Missing people: Take Money – No Justice…!


In Pakistan state, past and present is full in mistakes after having bunch of mistakes; they are assuming that future would be freed from mistakes. Reality has another picture, it is as not as we are seen. Unless, learn from Past, and do not repeat mistakes, in present, never be able to get healthy future. Whilst, real power holders of Pakistan very well known that if Pakistan state is in grave troubles because of denying learn from Past and accept rights of indigenous people’s rights. 

When you do not accept and adopt learning approach, what do they want from them whose rights become slave? At least, in 21st century must realize and think that what are doing and for what and with whom, those people are innocent and want to be live under sky of real life. Is it sin? We all are agreed that live in spirit of life, it is not sin but it would varnish to promote any ill activities in human society.

Simple things can never be understood by Dictators. Dictators think they are correct but political consciousness and history of people will prove that Dictators always wrong. And same thing happened with Former Dictator of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf (1999 to 2008) what he did not do? He applied all horror steps in his regime, luxury and anti – people Power makes mad, hence former dictator General Pervez Musharraf became mad cow, who always thinks he is righteous, reality is different. 

Mr. Dictator Musharraf, he destroyed the bridge of peace and gave river of blood in Balochistan, not only this, in his era many people of Balochistan were being kidnapped and none of know where are? Either alive or died? Missing people data is high the reason is that many common people are kidnapped those have moral affiliation with Balochistan’s Parties and youth in mountain. Missing people data shows 14365 and VBMP tells 1600 from 2011 and missing people whose bodies founded out as martyred are 300. Many people tell that due to disturbance in Balochistan, they are unable to collect actual data because they believe that ratio of Missing People is too high and Government of Pakistan is not loyal in collecting data of missing people.

So far, question rises, where is Justice? When Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Choudhery who is popular taking Suo Motos and mostly he has solved the cases. But in missing people case, picture goes change, why? No doubt, Missing People case runs in Supreme Court but still no justice for missing people and recently Supreme Court during hearing of case said that IF Pakistan agencies are not able to find out missing people, they ought to admit that we can apology to families of missing people and in second statement says that If Pakistan agencies are failed in search of missing people, must adjust families of missing people by giving them monthly amount. We ask, is it same Supreme Court when single implementation is being ignored on its suo moto, entire champion of democracy, champion of electric-media start cry that this is insult of Supreme Court and public?

Have you heard single voice on missing people case and Supreme Court statement that adjust by money? Do not we think, this is insult of missing people, their families, queen of justice, and poor public along with generations of future? We have never read that justice can be filled up by rupees and by forcibly on them those want justice. 

We all try to understand pain of missing people and their families those have been looking for their people for years. Once, Veteran Leader of Balochistan Mr. Khair Bux Marri said in his interview (Published in Bolan Voice-by Ms.Veengas) that according to his information Mostly Missing People are being killed and their graves are near to RawalPindi. What is reality? We and common people of this land think that instead of justice, giving money is not way to solve problems. 

Missing people must be visible; their families ought to be known that what has been happened with their beloveds. And must be punished to dictator Musharraf who is caused of sorrows of missing people’s families. If this time leaves vacuum of missing people then none of can be filled up. We think Supreme Court and real Power holders of Pakistan would think on this matter and search justice instead of money. Now Ball is in court of Supreme Court how do they justice with missing people?

Editorial published in The Bolan Voice in November/2011 Editorial on Missing persons in Balochistan

Friday, October 28, 2011

Open Letter to my Mother.

کليل خط ماءُ ڏانهن! نثري نظم


(اڄ يقينن ماءُ جو ڏيهاڙو ناهي، پر ماءُ کي ياد ڪرڻ لاءِ مقرر تاريخن جي محتاجيءَ جي ضرورت ناهي هوندي. هي نثري نظم ماءُ جي نانءُ آهي جنهن هميشه پنهنجي زندگي اسان سڀني جي ناءُ صدين تائين ڪندي پئي اچي، ماءُ جي روايت ڪنهن به دوءر ۾ جهڪي ناهي ٿي.)
تون چيو هو ته،
زندگي انتهائي خوبصورت آهي،
جيڪڏهن توهان وٽ ڪتاب، دوست، موسيقي ٽئي شيون هجن،
مون کي اڄ به ياد آهي،
تون ڪيئن نه زور سان ڀاڪر ڀرندي چيو هو ،
زندگي بهادر تي ان وقت گذاري سگهجي ٿي،
جيڪڏهن توهان اصولن تي هلو،
تنهنجي هر هڪ ڳالهه منهنجي اندر محفوظ آ،
مان ڪيئن ٿي وساري سگهان،

جنهن وقت تون مون کي خوبصورتي تي صلاح ڏيندي چيو هو ته،
انسان خوبصورت پنهنجي سوچ سان ٿيندو آ ۽ مون کلندي پڇيو هو ته،
نه ... نه ... ماڊلنگ لاءِ ٻاهرين خوبصورتي جي ضرورت هوندي آهي،
ان گهڙيءَ تون ٽهڪ ڏيندي مون کي پنهنجي ڀر ۾ ويهاريندي سمجهايو هو،
اصل خوبصورتي اندر مان جنم وٺندي آ،
۽ اندر جي خوبصورتي اسان جي سوچن سان ڳنڍيل آهي،
مون هڪ ڀيرو تون کان سوال ڪيو هو،
زندگي ايتري مشڪل ۽ ڏک سان ڀريل آ، ائين ڇو؟
۽ تون مون کي مڪسم گورڪي جو ڪتاب (ماءُ) هٿ ۾ ڏيندي چيو هو،
جنهن جي زندگي ۾ ڪتابن جو سرمايو آهي،

ان جي زندگي مشڪل ۽ ڏک سان ڀريل نه ٿي رهي،
اڙي ها! تون مون کي اهو به ته چيو هو،
اسان جو اصل رشتو بهترين دوستن سان جڙيل هوندو آهي،
پوءِ اهي دوست ڪڏهن انسانن جي روپ ۾ ته ... پر ڪتاب بهترين دوست آهن،
۽ مون تعجب جيان سوال ڪيو،
اهو وري ڪيئن ڪتاب اسان سان راند نه کيڏيندا آهن؟
ڪتاب انسان ته ناهن..؟

۽ تون ڪتابن کي ڪٻٽ ۾ رکندي چيو هو ته انسانن جي خوبصورت تخليق آهن،
ڪتاب اسان جي سوچن سان راند کيڏيندا آهن،
ڇا تو کي ياد آهي؟
جڏهن تون آمر جنرل ضياءُ الحق جي دوءر ۾ پفليٽ ۽ ڪتابن کي باهه ڏئي رهي هوئينءَ،
اسان سڀئي (ڀائر ۽ ڀيئنر) پڇيو هو ته امان هي سڀ ڇا لاءِ؟
تون ڪيترو نه ڏک جي لهجي ۾ چيو،

ڏسو! مون توهان جي پڙهائي لاءِ اهم ڪتاب سنڀالي رکيا آهن ۽ پڻ انهن سڙندڙن ڪتابن جو هڪ هڪ سيٽ مون سنڀالي رکيو آ،
بس پٽ! بزدل ماڻهو ڪتابن جي ڏاهپ کان ڊڄندا آهن ۽ هن ملڪ ۾ موجود آمر جنرل ضياء به خوف زده آ،
ان جا ماڻهو ڪڏهن به هيڏانهن اچي سگهن ٿا،
۽ اسان سڀني کي ڪتاب رکڻ جي سزا ڏئي سگهن ٿا،
۽ اسان تنهنجي ڀر ۾ بيهي ڪتابن کي سڙندي ڏسي رهيا هئاسين،
پر تون اسان ڏانهن ڏسندي چيو هو مون انهن جي هڪ هڪ سٽ سنڀالي رکيو آ،

هڪ ڏينهن توهان وڏا ٿي پڙهندوء...!
مون کي سڀ ڪجهه ياد آ،
جڏهن تون ذهني غربت کي وڌيڪ خطرناڪ قرار ڏنو هو،
۽ تون هن سڄي دنيا کي پنهنجو گهر چيو هو،
مون کي اڄ به ياد آهي،
مون جڏهن لکڻ شروع ڪيو هو ته،
ان وقت تون ئي منهنجي ڀر ۾ بيهي ڪري چيو،
پٽ! قلم ۽ ڪاغذ کي سچائي لاءِ استعمال ڪجانءِ،
زندگي کي اصولن تي هلائجانءِ،
ان کان وڌيڪ دنيا ۾ ٻيو ڪجهه به ناهي،

ها! اهي مون کي جملا ياد آهن جڏهن تون چيو هو ته،
جيڪڏهن بهادر ٿي سچ لکنديءَ ته جيت تنهنجي ٿيندي،
۽ اڄ وقت ڊگهو سفر طئه ڪري آيو آهي،

پر اي امان،
مون ڪيترو نه چاهيو ڪتابن سان گڏ انسان به بهترين دوست ٿين،
پر ائين ممڪن نه ٿيو،
انسانن وٽ هزارين لڪيل چهرا آهن، اهي ڪتابن جهڙا ناهن،
مون ڪوشش ڪئي آ،
ته مان اصولن تي هلي بهادر ٿي سچ جي راهه تي هلان،
سماج ۾ موجود ڪوڙ کي واکو ڪيان،

پر امان،
هي سماج جنهن اندر ڊيڪولا جهڙا شيطان رهن ٿا،
اهي سڀئي طاقتور آهن،
اهي مختلف چهرا چاڙهي،
اسان کي ختم ڪرڻ لاءِ وڌن ٿا،
اهي سڀئي وڏي واڪي رڙيون ڪري چئي رهيا آهن،

نه ڳالهائي ... نه لِکِ ... نه سوچ ... !!!
مون پاڻ کي تنهنجي ڳالهه ياد ڏياري،
ڪتاب ... اصول .. بهادري ... ۽ جيت اسان جي ٿيڻي آ،
پر جيڪڏهن مان خاموش ڪئي وڃان،
يا مان ٻيهر لکي نه سگهان،

ته سوچي وٺجانءِ،
مان بهادر نه آهيان،
مون کي معاف ڪجانءِ،

مان هينئر به خوفناڪ طوفاني لهرن سان مقابلي ۾ آهيان،
۽ جيڪڏهن منهنجا هٿ جواب ڏئي ويهي رهن،
ته مون کي معاف ڪجانءِ،
اهي سڀئي ڪيترا نه گهڻا ۽ خوفناڪ آهن،
۽ مان سحرا ۾ اڪيلي،
اهي چاهين ٿا،
سچ جي هار ٿئي،
پر مون کي يقين آهي،
هڪ ڏينهن جيت سچ جي ٿيڻي آهي،

تون غلط نه آهين،
تون سچ ئي چيو هو ۽ آهي،
پر جي مان هن جنم ۾ ناڪام ٿيان،
ته پوءِ مون کي پنهنجي ڪُکُ مان ٻيهر جنم ڏيجانءِ،
جيڪو ڪم هن جنم سرانجام نه ڏئي سگهان،
اهو مون کي ٻئي جنم ۾ ڪرڻ جو موقعو ڏيجانءِ،

پر اي امان،
مون کي ڪڏهن بزدلن جي فهرست ۾ شمار نه ڪجانءِ،
مان اڄ به اصولن تي بيٺل آهيان،
بس! اهي سڀئي خاموش ڪرڻ چاهين ٿا
۽ جيڪڏهن مان خاموش ڪئي وڃان،
ته مون کي يقين آهي،
تڏهن به جيت سچ جي ٿيڻي آهي،

امان! تنهنجي هر ڳالهه منهنجي سيني ۾ سانڍيل آهي،
مان زندگيءَ کي سچ ۽ اصولن تي هلايو آ،
پر منهنجي امان هڪ ڳالهه مون کي ٻڌائجانءِ،
زندگي جي پيڙاهه کي ڪتاب، اصول، ۽ موسيقي به ختم نه ٿا ڪري سگهن،
ڇا تنهنجي اکين ۾ موجود غم ختم ٿي سگهيو؟
ڪڏهن زندگي جي ان پاسي تي به سوچجانءِ. (هلينا)

Published on Daily Ibrat in 29/October/2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

US consulate in Balochistan!

News Analysis

Why Pakistan refuses US to establish consulate in Balochistan?


Whilst writing news analysis on U.S ambassador is being refused to set up U.S consulate in Balochistan by Pakistanis main authorities, I have been thinking at a quotation “State Art is most difficult than other arts of World, those who know State Art, can be built beautiful world on earth.”

I thinking, Pakistan has crux problem is that they have not known art of State Art, if they knew it, would never have done mistakes; as they always make mistakes and dig dark holes. By this way, nowadays Pakistan has bunch of problems those are not developed by outsiders in fact by insiders its own Power Makers.

Hence, it is not new thing for everyone because each person of Pakistani knows what is happening? Since long time, two cards game have played on one table, one side of card Pakistan state power makers are tried to appease US by showing statements and other side of card, they drive anti-American sentiment among public, so two types of games have been playing on one card with one (White house). This picture has already been cleared during Dictator Pervez Musharaf’s decade.

Pakistan, one thing is very much interesting that is that each new disorder has old story script nothing new and they always trying to be blamed at outsider hands while having well-known knowledge that all turmoil have been created by insider rather than outsider, still have same oldest blaming style as had in Bengal 70s.

In Pakistan, big and main problem is Balochistan’s matter which is ignored by institutions of state (Electronic/Print Media, Civil Societies/NGOs, Human Rights Organizations and itself government law & order).

No doubt for a while we are being heard voice for missing persons but it is not sturdy voice as it must have. What are reasons? I’d like to leave this question on readers that this time they are to answer instead of by us.

Whatever everyone says one thing none can be denied that US always supports healthy and positive approach that leads democratic values in society, where existences of extremist and lives surrounded innocent poorest people.

This time state art must be with US but they are again being played anti-American Card for limited self interests although statesmen should be fully supported to US by this way they will be able to lessen list of problems. This thing seems not work and same old tact anti-Americanism is on board when US ambassador announced that they are willing to open US consulate in Balochistan.

“USambassador in Islamabad Cameron Munter is making efforts for the opening of the consulate in Balochistan.

Munter visitedQuetta, the provincial capital, on Thursday, and said that Balochistan is very important to theUnited States.

Security agencies and the Foreign Ministry have opposed opening of American consulate to be set up in Balochistan province over security concerns, reported in Pakistan Today Newspaper.”

According to Tribune Newspaper reporting that “US Ambassador in Pakistan, Anne W Patterson has said that an American consulate will be set up in Quetta to oversee the development activities carried out by the Americans in Balochistan. The consulate will be set up to monitor the development activities being carried out by the US in Balochistan. It will also ensure a close liaison between the Baloch people and the US, and would provide visa facility to the people of Balochistan,” she said, while refuting the allegation that the consulate was intended to monitor activities inIran andAfghanistan at a press conference here on Wednesday, reported on 2nd September 2011.

Response has come on such action is divided that most of Balochis people are warmly welcoming US Consulate step and they are all happily waiting for it but another hand those are playing anti-American card, trying to oppose it.

One Baloch person shared his views that why is Pakistan government refusing to establish US consulate in Balochistan, if this same step builds in Lahore or Karachi, have not seen such apposition, so why in case of Balochistan?

Those are opposing US consulate in Balochistan, have only one excuse, one of them reported in The Frontier Post newspaper “a move forward for the creation of a “Greater Balochistan” that has long been a dream of US strategists. This sinister move has so far been resisted and opposed by Pakistani foreign office and intelligence agencies, reported.”

Of course, a common person thinks that why opposition is only in case of Balochistan? Though Balochistan problem is not being created by US, it exists since one day creation of Pakistan, how does it possible to blame at US?

Instead of peep into dull and sinister attitudes strategies towards Bengalis than now Balochistan by Pakistan Power makers, those things have created and given chance to turmoil in Balochistan because when you ignore and side line other rights after than reaction will come up and this is natural respond by Balochis.

Who was responsible in dilemma ofBengal? Was it US or anyone else? Everyone knows Bengal was ignored and had driven wrong practices those created vacuum and chance for making Bangladesh. Therefore, now must be stopped practice to blame at others, of those mistakes which are done by itself Pakistan.

Those are trying to give block US consulate in Balochistan or is called sinister move, in fact by such kind of talks, are being once again raised many questions in common man of Balochistan that Pakistan statesmen are behaved us like alien even same steps are appreciated in other places of country so why they have feared in Balochistan?

Balochistan thinks, if US consulate is opening in Balochistan, they can easily get Visa and keep in touch with oversees activities, also by these step developments activities for human will improve, as long as Balochistan have been ignored, time has come to pay attention on Balochistan and listen voice of Balochis those are welcoming US consulate.

US consulate is not hurdle but by refusing it by Pakistan authorities, is creating hurdle for common Balochis.

While, Pakistanis Power makers should be think on it and adopt state art, and to be removed or stopped create comical excuse for refusing to establish US consulate in Balochistan.

There is no harm if US consulate will be set up in Balochistan and this change will introduce new wave among poorest people of Balochistan.

Pakistan authorities must rethink and consider on US consulate in Balochistan, for betterment of common people of Balochistan. Rejecting is not solution but building and making is solution.

Published in Monthly English Magazine in Bolan Voice on September/2011.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kidnapping of Shabaz Taseer!

آمنه تاثير هي عوام توهان گڏ آ..!
شهباز تاثير کي اغوا ٿيڻ جا سبب ڪهڙا آهن؟


پنجاب صوبي جي عجيب ڪهاڻي آهي پر سڄي ڪهاڻي ۾ هڪ رجعت پرستي جي ڳالهه عام آهي، هاڻي جنرل ضياء جي پوکيل کيتي جي آڏو سلجهيل ذهن اُڀيري رهيا آهن. ان نئين رسم جي ابتداء تاثير فميلي ڪري رهي آهي ڪيتري عرصي کان وٺي پنجاب ۾ رجعت پرست پنهنجو داٻو ڄمائي رهيا آهن، ان ۾ شڪ ناهي ته پنجاب مان ڪجهه اعتدال پسند اُڀريا، افسوس اُهي سڀئي وڌيڪ عرصو پنهنجا پير کوڙي نه سگهيا، ڪنهن نه ڪنهن روپ ۾ انهن پنهنجا پير جهڪا ڪندا رهيا آهن.

سچ ئي چيو ويو ته ڏاڍ جي عمر ڪڏهن نه ڪڏهن ختم ٿيندي، ۽ ائين آسيه بي بي ڪيس پنجاب صوبي ۾ جنرل ضياء جي رجعت پرست خلاف پهريون پٿر ثابت ٿيو آهي. هر تبديلي پنهنجي قيمت مقرر ڪندڙ آهي، اهو ممڪن ئي ناهي ته عوام اندر تبديلي آساني سان اچي وڃي ان لاءِ قرباني ۽سِرَ جو سانگو ڏيڻ پئي ٿو. جنهن قيمت ادا نه ڪئي ان تبديلي جي ابتداء نه ڪئي ۽ شهيد سلمان تاثير پنهنجي سر جو سانگو ڏئي تبديلي جي رسم وڌي آهي.

شهيد سلمان تاثير ڪهڙو گناهه ڪيو؟ اهو ئي ڪيو جو ان معصوم غريب آسيه بي بي ڪيس ٻڌڻ ويو ۽ حقيقت کي ڏسڻ پئي چاهيو ته اصل معاملو ڇا آهي؟ ڇو جو آسيه بي بي ڪيس پنجاب ۾ پهريون ڀيرو نه ٿيو آهي، ان کان پهرين به مسلسل غير مسلم عوام تي ظلم ٿيندو پيو اچي جنهن تي ڪنهن به سنجيدگي سان ڌيان نه ڏنو. سڀ ڪجه آن دي رڪارڊ آهي ته راڻا ثناء الله قانون وارو وزير هجڻ جي باجود بندش پيل تنظيمن جي جلسن جلوسن ۾ ويندو رهيو آهي. ايستائين جو گوجرا ثانحي جنهن ۾ عيسائين جو سڄو ڳوٺ ساڙيو ويو ان تي تفتيش ڪرڻ بجاءِ احمدين جي ٻن عبادت گاهن تي خوفناڪ حملا ٿيا ۽ گوجرا حادثي ۾ پوليس آفيسر کي عدالت نوڪري تان لاهڻ جو حڪم ڏنو هو پر پنجاب حڪومت انهي ساڳئي آفيسر کي احمدين جي حملي واري جاچ رپورٽ ۾ اهم ذميواري ڏئي ڇڏي. جنهن تي ڪنهن سو موٽ نه کنيو، ائين ڇو ڪيو ويو؟

اهڙي ماحول ۾ جتي پنجاب حڪومت سڌي ۽ اڻسڌي طرح رجعت پرست جي کيتي کي راڻا ثناء ذريعي سرسبز ڪري رهي آهي. اتي آسيه بي بي معصوم عورت جنهن جا ننڍڙا چار ٻار آهن ان جو ڪيس جيڪڏهن شهيد سلمان تاثير ٻڌيو ۽ پنجاب مان جنرل ضياء جي رجعت پرست کيتي کي ختم ڪرڻ جي ڪوشش ڪئي ته ڪهڙو گناهه ٿيو؟
يقينن انهن کان اِها ڳالهه هضم نه ٿي. اها رسم اتي ئي ختم نه ٿي ٿئي پر ان کي اڳتي ڪرڻ ۾ تاثير فيملي آمنه تاثير ۽ ٻار غير انساني عملن خلاف آواز اُٿاريندا رهيا آهن. انهي دوران شهيد سلمان ثاتير ڪيس عدالت ۾ هلندڙ آهي. جنهن جي ٻڌڻي عوام آڏو ڪرڻ جي بجاءَ بند ڪمري ۾ رکي وئي آهي.

تعجب آهي اسان وٽ عدليه هر ڳالهه تي سوموٽ وٺندڙ آهي، پر اتي ئي ملڪ جي وڏي صوبي جي گورنر کي شهيد ڪيو ويو ۽ ان جي قاتل ممتاز قادري کي مسلم ليگ (ن) جي ميمبر گلن جا هار پارايا، جنهن تي سوموٽو وٺڻ گهربو هو پر سوموٽو نه کنيو ويو، ائين ڇو ڪيو ويو؟ تاثير فيملي جي سرگرمين کي محدود ڪرڻ ۽ ڪيس تان هٿ کڻڻ لاءِ مسلسل پريشان ڪيو ويو آهي. جنهن ڪري ئي 26 آگسٽ 2011 تي شهيد سلمان تاثير جي پٽ شهباز تاثير کي اغوا ڪيو ويو آهي. شهباز تاثير جي اغواه ٿيڻ تي روشن خيال ڌرين احتجاج ڪيو آهي، ايڇ آر سي پي، ايڇ آر ڊبليو، پڻ انڊيا جي سياستدانن، صحافين ۽ انساني حقن جي تنظيمين احتجاج ڪيو آهي.

جيتوڻيڪ صدر آصف زرداري تاثير فيملي سان رابطو ڪري يقين ڌياني ڏياري آهي ته اهي شهباز تاثير کي بازياب ڪرائيندا. پنجاب جي وزيراعليٰ شهباز شريف ۽ قانون جي وزير راڻا ثناء ان معاملي تي ٽيم تشڪيل ڏئي ڇڏي آهي، شهباز شريف تاثير فيملي سان ملاقات ڪئي آهي. راڻا ثناء الله چيو ته شهباز تاثير کي پوليس گارڊز ڏنا ويا هئا، پر راڻا ثناء ٻڌائي ته پوءِ ڪهڙي گارڊ سلمان تاثير کي شهيد ڪيو؟

شهباز تاثير سان جيڪڏهن پوليس گارڊز هجن ها ته به هو اغوا ٿي سگهي پيو ڇاڪاڻ جو هو ڪنهن معاملي جڳهه تان اغواه ناهي ٿيو. پنجاب حڪومت جي ٽيم جوڙڻ کان پوءِ به شهباز تاثير گهر واپس وريو ناهي.

هڪ ڳالهه ياد رکڻ گهرجي ته 13 آگسٽ تي لاهور مان آمريڪن شهري اغوا ٿي چڪو هو جنهن کي پئسه ڏئي بازياب ڪرايو ويو. ان جو مطلب هي واقعا نوان ناهن. پنجاب حڪومت ايتري نرمي ڇا لاءِ برتي رهي آهي؟

شهباز تاثير جي اغوا ٿيڻ جا ڪهڙا سبب آهن؟
• تاثير فيملي آمنه تاثير ۽ ان جي ٻارن جي سرگرمين کي محدود ڪرڻ آهي ته جيئن اهي پنجاب ۽ ملڪ ۾ پنهنجي جڳهه نه جوڙي سگهن،
• آمنه تاثير کي سياست ۾ روڪڻ جيڪڏهن سڀاڻي هوءَ قدم رکندي ته رجعت پرستن کي مات ٿي سگهي ٿي،
• سڀ کان اهم ڳالهه آهي ته سلمان تاثير ڪيس تان هٿ کڻڻ ٿي سگهي ٿو هن ڪيس جي هلڻ سان گهڻا رُخُ ظاهر ٿي پون.
اسان اميد ڪريون ٿا ته شهباز تاثير گهر واپس ورندو ۽ آمنه تاثير کي هڪ ڳالهه ضرور چونداسين، توهان جا انسانيت لاءِ اُٿيل قدم روڪجڻ نه گهرجن.

هي سڄي عوام توهان سان گڏ آهي، هاڻي نئين سوچ آڻڻي پوندي ۽ رجعت پرستن کي فُلُ اسٽاپ اچڻ گهرجي ان لاءِ عوام جي سگهه آمنه تاثير توسان گڏ آهي.

Daily News Review Published in Daily Ibrat on 28/August/2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Queen of Journalism! Profile

Oriana Fallaci! Who combated against lie through Pen…!


Freedom is a duty before it is a right.”

Can bird fly without wings? Of course everyone has an answer that Never.

If you have wings, you can be enjoyed flying under sky and in air, and birds know taste of freedom.

This above quotation is said by Queen of Journalism Oriana Fallaci, who showed importance of freedom. In life, human always talk for Freedom because life can not be survived in jail, life means freedom which gives real picture of universe.

Therefore, my beloved journalist Oriana Fallaci was correct to code Freedom as a duty.

If we start perform and respect our duty then none of them violate, hence; we must recognize our duty and right.

Oriana Fallaci was a journalist who spent hers life like bird and have had written each word in wave of freedom. That is why Oriana Fallaci has shaken world by her writings and interviews.

Whatever she thought or came in her mind she printed on page. This action can do those who have spirit of freedom; it is on freedom which gives strength in human.

Oriana Fallaci was born in Florence, Italy in June 29, 1929 and died of cancer in her native Florence at age 77 on Friday in 15 September 2006.

She had started work in journalism when she was ten years old, and her Father who fought against Nazi-Fascism during World War II.

Her father taught her to handle a gun, by handling a gun. She taught herself to handle a Pen by that way she had has won heart of world.

She wrote very popular writings and million people of world have read her writings. Very bold long letter to child who never born, “A letter to child who never born”, where she expressed strata of society and weaken of her beloved Alexandros Panagoulis who was leader of Greek resistance moment and she interviewed him early 70s, after then both had in love.

In her love life, she faced troubles which have printed in her writings. Oriana Fallaci, had as love as we mostly listen love character or see in movie, when one lady takes stand for her own beloved but beloved withdraws as in case of Oriana Fallaci.

But after killing of Alexandros Panagoulis in 1976, under such circumstance his dead become mystery, whether it was an accident or preplanned but Oriana Fallaci again took pen and wrote “A Man” book.

Her writings remained behind bars, because of she moved pen in ink of freedom and painted true story as she had.

She started journalist career in her teen age and worked as special correspondent for Italian newspaper in 1946. Later than she started worked as political correspondent and wrote for a number of leading newspapers and magazines.

She had written amazing books Letter to child never born, A Man The Rage and the Pride, Interviews with History and Conversations with Power, I’ll Die Standing on My Feet, and Inshallah.

In interviews with history, she had bold conversations with leaders, in interviews like Nguyen Cao Ky, Hennery Kessenger, Yasir Arfat, Ayatollah Khommeini, Walter Cronkite, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Nguyen Van Thieu, and Zulifqar Ali Bhutto.

White interviewing Z.A Bhutto spoke against Ms. Indira Gandhi and he was supposed to meet her in India, after that he realized, he should not have spoken for Indira Gandhi as he done.

So, he sent people to Oriana that she should omit words regarding Indira Gandhi. Sadly, Z.A Bhutto was on mistake that she was Oriana Fallaci who always inspired by freedom rather by personalities. Oriana Fallaci replied that before speaking Mr. Bhutto should have thought I would never omit single world.

Then, interview with Ayatollah Khomeini, asked questions which Ayatollah Khomeini could not have imagined.

(OF- I still have to ask you a lot of things. About the “chador,” for example, which I was obliged to wear to come and interview you, and which you impose on Iranian women. [...] I am not only referring to the dress but to what it represents, I mean the apartheid Iranian women have been forced into after the revolution. They cannot study at the university with men, they cannot work with men, and they cannot swim in the sea or in a swimming-pool with men. They have to do everything separately, wearing their “chador.” By the way, how can you swim wearing a “chador”?

AK- None of this concerns you; our customs do not concern you. If you don’t like the Islamic dress you are not obliged to wear it, since it is for young women and respectable ladies.

OF- This is very kind of you, Imam, since you tell me that, I’m going to immediately rid myself of this stupid medieval rag. There! Interviewed in 1979) source by Wikipedia website.

She faced most critics aftermath 9/11 where she spoke against Muslims and their one man show ruling actions after all like Oriana who always walked on bridge of freedom, how could be possible for her that she could have seen irrational and conservative groups in her society.

No one can accept and her angered where right although she had historical consciousness therefore she feared that might have again they captured our societies in the name of religion.

Instead, people must have realized her position and reaction all became and talked against her.

She said, The Muslims refuse our culture and try to impose their culture on us. I reject them, and this is not only my duty toward my culture-it is toward my values, my principles, and my civilization.”

In her saying, she was not wrong even though she believed strongly “The moment you give up your principles and your values, you are dead, your culture is dead, and your civilization is dead. Period.” Said by her.

A person who has belief in freedom and values never be compromised at ill-doings so how could Oriana Fallaci have done?

She had received Awards at her writings has twice received St. Vincent Prize for journalism; Bancarella Prize, 1971 for Nothing, and So Be It; Viareggio Prize, 1979, for Un uomo: Romanzo; Prix Antibes, 1993, for Insciallah; D.Litt.,ColumbiaCollege (Chicago). She used to say that she had two countriesFlorence andNew York.

Once she coded “Heroes can be sweet”. Surly she was true that heroes always sweet because they all combated against devils and lie, thus Oriana Fallaci was one of them who fought against devils and darkness and so she combated through Pen.

Oriana Fallaci was, is and will remained as Hero as sweet. Unfortunate Queen of journalism physically is no more but hers writings are evidence that she was a Queen of Journalism and true follower of freedom.

Hers beautiful thoughts regarding writings that “I sat at the typewriter for the first time and fell in love with the words that emerged like drops, one by one, and remained on the white sheet of paper … every drop became something that if spoken would have flown away, but on the sheets as words, became solidified, whether they were good or bad.”

Oriana Fallaci, your words were and are beautiful those have ink of freedom and this could be done by you.

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine on August 2011.

Open letter to Chief Justice of Supreme Court Pakistan!

Where are my Birat & Baba?

(This open letter is being said by little girl of Balochistan whose name is not be able to published here. Although her all feelings and talks are in letter.)

We don’t distinguish whether anyone puts attention on her request or Chief Justice of Pakistan will take sue motto, but will have wish that one day truth and reality would get justice instead of long history of ignores though it continues yet.

I would present my little innocent 12 year old little girl Baloch who is seeking for justice.

My Dear Lord Chief Justice,

I do not know how should I communicate to you? I am getting confused that have you aware about our adversities andBloodRiveron my land?

If you are aware, why do not you have take action? If you are not aware, Okay I am going to tell you my anguish story and hoping you will take sue motto on it.

My lord,

I belong to Balochistan; my family is not as rich or having political legacy as another has had inPakistan.

I am from poorest family which is unpopular, that is why our sorrow and difficulties are unpopular none of them pay attention on it. Once I heard from group of people that you must have to royal background or expensive ticket than people or statesmen will be heard your problem, if you do not have, so problem will be gone in dustbin.

Since day, I have been seeing such victimization with my people and own my family their pain and complains are ignored because of we all do not have royal or expensive ticket, this reason all are tried to take us in darkness.

My mother used to say that we are human and ought to be treated like human as others are being treated. Being a Human, is a good sign and I am more happy whenever I see myself on mirror and find out about me that I as am as you are all.

But having physical shape same is not enough I think so, is not it, My Lord?

If we are all same then why are we humiliated, killed tortured and taken away from our homes? Why … Why… Why…?

I have seen a mother who was running and crying that do not take my little son, do not do it…for god’s sake do not take my son, he is little … while running and following them, saying and weeping.. Where are you going? Give my son … Still that mother is searching her son and crying where and there.

I have seen her many times and recognized as human as it mentioned in your constitution.

My Lord, I promise with you she fills up all requirements those are being required.

Unfortunate, Justice is blind for her. She is filling all things and state justice is not filling single line for us.

I think of that maybe you people are thinking that we are alien and stranger than you those are living outside of Balochistan but bitter truth; we do not have four eyes or hands and feet.

We are simple and common human those are in under sky by physical shape but not by justice and human rights.

Therefore, being a human we need to right of human rights. But real picture is, we are not getting single drop of justice since long time.

Since my childhood, have been seeing bloods on my street, and dead bodies. My Mother told tale of children those plays and making jokes each others but if I see at myself and have doubts that am I child? Who has as rights as kids have in my mother’s tales?

My lord,

I am missing my childhood after seeing blood in feet, do not want to play. I do not ask that give me my child’s rights but I want to see my Birat and Baba both were taken away by Wardi Wallas (Security forces), they just entered our house and picked my father following they shouted at my brother whom I call Birat whenever I got into trouble. They also took away him.

My mother is weeping for long time and she has not spoken single word to me just saying they will not return us our beloveds and no justice.

My Dear Lord,

I want to know why my father has been missed and what was sin of my brother? Only that those are Balochs???

I do not have an idea whether they are alive or not, I miss them I am left alone my mother is going to die.

My father always cared me and I walked with my brother, after them I do not know where should I go?

I am knocking your door and asking that why our land has blood, dead bodies and firing coming from everywhere?

Does any justice exist? If yes then why do not for us?

My Lord,

You use to take sue motto and say against corruption, it is really good. So, if people take away illegally and kill, does not u count them in corruption?

Why your eyes are closed in our case?

I know not only my Baba and Birat come on missing list but many children have lost their parents and siblings.

We all knock your door, and seek for justice.

Give and return us our lives, will you take sue motto?

I am not sure, How do u see this letter, but I want make evidence and will be part of history when coming generation would be see that in past many kids were in blood bath and there parents were taken away.

Only knocking door and ask for justice that do we have right of justice?

Little Baloch Girl,

Hoping you will give justice.

Thanks dear my ohh means Lord of Supreme Court Pakistan.

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine on August 2011.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flood & Rain Victims!!!

آفتون ۽ ڌرتي جي سنڀال ضروري آ..!


سنڌ 27 ڊسمبر 2007 ع کانپوءِ مسلسل ڏچي ۾ رهندي پئي اچي، ڪهڙي ڪنڊ بچيل آهي جتي سنڌين کي ساهه کڻڻ جو اختيار هجي. شهيد پنڪيءَ جي شهادت کانپوءِ آفتن ائين منهن ڪڍيو آهي جيئن اهي سڀئي بس تاڙ ۾ هجن.
سنڌ هر دور ۾ صبر و تحمل جو مظاهرو ڪندي پئي اچي، اسان کي سمجهايو وڃي ته سنڌ ڪڏهن ۽ ڪٿي غير مهذب ۽ غير اخلاقيات جو مظاهرو ڪيو آهي؟ سنڌي عوام کي ئي قتل ڪيو ويو، انهن جي درن تان جنازه کنيا ويا، پنهنجن محبوب اڳواڻن جا جنازه ڪلهن تي کنياسين، سڀ ڪجهه برداشت ڪندي سنڌي عوام صبر ڪيو.

ڪراچي ۾ سنڌي نوجوانن جي داخلائن تي پابندي وڌي وئي ته ان وقت به سنڌي عوام ڪجهه نه چيو. سنڌ ۾ جڏهن گذريل سال ٻوڏ آئي جنهن دوران ڪراچي جا دروازا بند ڪيا ويا، ايستائين جو انهن ٻوڏ متاثرين مٿان آپريشن به ڪرايو ويو، آئي ڏينهن ٻوڏ متاثرين کي ڪراچي ۾ تنگ ڪيو ويو. ڇا سنڌي عوام ڪجهه ڪڇيو؟

ڳالهه صرف اتي ئي نه ٿي بيهي مسلسل سنڌ جي حساس رڳ کي ڇيڙيو ويو ۽ سنڌين کي سوڙهو ڪرڻ جي پوري ڪوشش ٿيندي رهي آهي. ذوالفقار مرزا جي بيان کانپوءِ ڪراچي کي باهه جي مچ تي رکيو ويو جڏهن ته هينئر تائين ڳالهه سمجهه کان ٻاهر آهي ته مرزا ڳالهايو ڇا هو؟ جنهن جي ردعمل تي توهان ڪراچي کي باهه تي رکي 15 کان مٿي زندگيون ختم ڪيون ۽ وري ان تي ڪير آکڻ وارو نه هو؟
ان کان مٿي ميڊيا تي نذير ناجي جهڙا سينئر ماڻهو اچي ڪري سنڌ کي وڏيرن جي جاگير طور پيش ڪري رهيا هئا صرف اهو ئي نه پر هن هي به چيو ته هي اسان ئي هئاسين جن سنڌ ۾ نئون نظام آئيندو، ڪنهن وڃي نذير نائجي کي ڇو نه ٻڌايو ته اڃا تاريخ زندهه آهي!!!
ان کانپوءِ متحده جو چيئرمين سنڌين کي گاريون ڏنيون، صرف اهو ئي نه پر ان کانپوءِ متحده جي ذميوار ڪارڪنن ٽي وي چينلز تي اچي ڪري سنڌي ڪلچر لاءِ جيڪا ٻولي ڳالهائي گهٽ نه هئي.

هڪ ڳالهه سمجهي ڇڏڻ گهرجي ته ناانصافي تي ڪير به ساڌو ٿي ڪري چپن تي آڱريون رکي پنهنجي تباهي ڏسندا رهن، ظاهر آهي ته جنهن مٿان وڌيڪ ظلم ٿيندو ته پوءِ ڪٿي نه ڪٿي ڪير ڪڇندو، پوءِ ان تي الزام هڻڻ جو ڪنهن کي ڪيئن اختيار آهي؟ جڏهن سڀئي هڪ ٿي ڪري وڏي سياسي گيم کيڏي رهيا آهن ۽ انهي گيم جو اصل مقصد سنڌ کي نئين شڪل ڏيڻ آهي.
جنهن ڪري ئي سنڌ مٿان مسلسل آفتون آهن ته جيئن پاڻ کي سنڀالي نه سگهي، گذريل سال مان پنهنجي ڪالم ۾ لکي چڪي هوس ته هيل آيل ٻوڏ جيڪا هٿرادو آهي، ان جو مقصد ئي آهي ته سنڌين کي ڳوٺن مان لڏ پلائڻ ڪرائجي ۽ اهي پاڻ پنهنجن گهر کي وڪڻي هليا وڃن، ۽ جڏهن اهي وري شهرن ڏانهن رخ ڪن ٿا ته انهن کي جڳهه به نه ٿي ملي، پوءِ هو نه گهر جا نه گهاٽ جا رهن ٿا.
هاڻي سڀني آفتن کي منهن ڏيندي ڏيندي سنڌ کي برسات جي آفت ۾ ڦاسايو ويو آهي، برساتن سان ايتريون تباهيون صرف سنڌ ۾ ئي ڇو آهن؟

اها هڪ سوچيل سمجهيل گيم آهي، ۽ اهي شهر ۽ ڳوٺ جيڪي مستقبل ۾ اهميت رکندڙ آهن، اهي ئي آفتن جي ٽارگيٽ تي آهن. جيئن ٿر جو مثال وٺو جيڪو ايندڙ وقت ۾ وڏي اهميت رکندڙ آهي، هاڻي اتان جي ماڻهن کان زمينون ڪيئن خريد ڪجن جيستائين انهن وٽ ڏڪار نه ايندو ۽ اهي مشڪل ۾ ڦاسين نه ٿا تيسائين زمين نه وڪڙيندا.
اها چال پراڻي آهي ته ماڻهو کي سوڙهو ڪري ڪم ڪڍي وٺو، ۽ هاڻي سنڌي عوام سان به ائين ئي ٿي رهيو آهي.
سڀني کي خبر آهي ته سنڌ زراعت جي حوالي سان گهڻي خوشحال آهي، مستقبل ۾ زراعت تي گهڻو توجه ڏنو ويندو جنهن ڪري عالمي مارڪيٽ ۾ به انهن علائقن کي وڌيڪ اهميت ڏني ويندي، جتي انهن کي مارڪيٽ ملندي، ۽ سنڌ زمين جي حوالي سان سوني جهرڪي جهڙي آهي.
هاڻي سنڌي پنهنجا گهر غير ماڻهو کي وڪڻي هليا ويندا ڇاڪاڻ جو آئي ڏينهن آفتون منهن ڪڍيو بيٺيون آهن، هاڻي اهڙي ڏڪار ۾ جيڪڏهن ڪير انهن جي در تي پئسه کڻي بيهي ٿو ۽ زمين خريد ڪري ٿو ته پوءِ ظاهر آهي اهي زمين وڪرو ڪرڻ لاءِ سوچيندا. اتي اهي سڀئي ڇو نه ٿا سوچن ته آخر نئين آيل همراهه کي ڪهڙو فائدو آهي جو اهو تباهه ٿيل زمين کي خريد ڪري رهيو آهي؟
سنڌ مٿان 27 ڊسمبر کانپوءِ آيل آفتن جو سلسلو هڪ نيئن سياسي شڪل جوڙڻ وڃي پيو اتي سنڌي عوام کي سمجهه ڀريا قدم کڻڻا پوندا ۽ انهن کي ڪيئن به ڪري ٻوڏ يا برساتن جي تباهي کي عذر بڻائي پنهنجن زمينن کي وڪرو نه ڪرڻ گهرجي.

ايندڙ وقت ۾ اها ئي زمين سوني ڪڪڙ جيان اهميت اختيار ڪري ويندي ڇو جو مستقبل ۾ عالمي مارڪيٽ زراعت کي وڌيڪ اهميت ڏيڻ وڃي رهي آهي. جيڪڏهن سنڌي عوام هاڻي ڪٿي به ڪا هلڪڙائپ جو مظاهرو ڪيو ته پوءِ مستقبل ۾ اهي پنهنجن ٻارن لاءِ ڪجهه نه بچائي سگهندا، موجوده حالتن ۾ پاڻ تڪليف ۾ آهن پر ان سان گڏوگڏ اهي مستقبل ۾ پنهنجن ٻارن کي به وڏي مشڪلاتن ۾ وجهندا.
تنهن ڪري اسان سنڌي عوام کي صرف ايترو چونداسين ته سورن جو سفر جيئن تيئن ڪري پار ٿي ويندو، هي آيل ٻوڏ ۽ برساتن جو پاڻي اڄ نه سڀاڻي لهي ويندو، پر انهن آفتن کي ڏسندي پنهنجون زمينون نه وڪڻو، ڀل شهرن ڏانهن ڪمائڻ لاءِ اچو پر شهرن ۾ رهڻ لاءِ پنهنجي زمينن کي سستي اگهن تي وڪرو ڪري مستقبل کي ڪاري غار ۾ ڦٽو نه ڪريو، ڪجهه سمجهه ڀريا فيصلا ڪريو.

ايندڙ وقت زراعت جو آهي ۽ مستقبل ۾ اهي خوشحال هوندا جن وٽ پنهنجي زمين هوندي. انهن جي گهڻي ڪوشش آهي ته سنڌي کي ڏٺو ڪجي ظاهر آهي پاڻ هاڻي سياسي يتيمي ۾ هلي رهيا آهيون جتي هڪ يتيم کي جتان ڪٿان سور ملندا رهن ٿا.
هي آفتون سنڌي عوام جي لاءِ مستقبل ۾ جڳهه جوڙڻ لاءِ آهن جيڪڏهن سنڌي عوام انهن جا پيرا سمجهي وڃي ۽ ڄاڻي وٺي ته انهن جي من ۾ ڇا آهي ته پوءِ سڀئي معاملا حل ٿي ويندا. هر مسئلي کي روايتي انداز سان نه ڏسڻ گهرجي، اسان کي سمجهڻ گهرجي ته عالمي سياست ۽ عالمي مارڪيٽ پنهنجا مزاج ڪيئن ۽ ڪهڙي ميار تي رکڻ وڃي رهيا آهن؟

ان ۾ سياسي پارٽين کان وٺي عام سنڌي تائين ڪنهن کي جلد بازي جو مظاهرو نه ڪرڻ گهرجي، آفتون اينديون رهنديون آهن، مڙس ماڻهو جو ڪم آهن آفتن کي منهن ڏيڻ نه ڪي آفتن کي ڏسي ڀڄي وڃڻ. اها روايت سنڌ ۾ ناهي. پهرين انهن ٻوڏ سان اسان کي تباهه ڪرڻ چاهيو هاڻي وري برسات جو پاڻي آهي. اڃا ٻئي تباهي به ضرور موڪليندا، پر سنڌي عوام کي ڪنهن به صورت ۾ سمجهوتو نه ڪندي، پنهنجو پاڻ کي آفتن جي امتحانن مان پار ڪرڻو آهي، جيڪڏهن سنڌي عوام هيل آفتن کي منهن ڏئي ويو ته پوءِ ايندڙ وقت ۾ عالمي مارڪيٽ اندر سنڌين جي حصيداري هوندي.
هاڻي سنڌي عوام جي هٿ ۾ آهي ته اهي ڪٿي پاڻ کي بيهارين ٿا ڇا اهي وقتي آفتن کان ڀڄي پنهنجي زمين کي سستي دام تي وڪڻن ٿا يا وري اهي ان جي سنڀال ڪري ايندڙ وقت ۾ عالمي مارڪيٽ ۾ حصيدار ٿين ٿا؟

Published on daily Ibrat on 24/August/2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Martyred Salmaan Taseer honored by Nishan Imtiaz

!!! آخر ڪار انهن قبول ڪيو ته تون درست هوئين


جيستائين ڪنهن به ملڪ ۾ انساني حق برابر سطح تي هر شهري کي نه ٿا ڏنا وڃن اهو ملڪ ناڪام آهي. ڇاڪاڻ جو رياست جو وجود ئي انهي ڪري پيو ته هر انسان کي تحفظ ملي سگهي ۽ هو پنهنجي زندگي آرام سان گذاري

هر رياست تي پهريون فرض عائد ٿئي ٿو ته اهي بينا ڪنهن فرق، رنگ روپ ۽ مذهب جي سڀني شهرين جو تحفظ ڪري ۽ هڪ شهري به پنهنجي رياست مان اها ئي اميد رکي ٿو ته ان جي جان ۽ مال جو تحفظ ڪيو ويندو، جنهن رياست ۾ شهري کي تحفظ مهيا ناهي اها رياست ان شهري لاءِ جيل برابر آهي جنهن جي هر موڙ تي ان کي خوف هجي ته ايندڙ ڪجهه گهڙين ۾ ان سان ڪٿي به اڻ وڻندڙ حادثو ٿي سگهي ٿو

اسان کي گهڻي افسوس ۽ شرمندگي سان لکڻو پئجي رهيو آهي ته پاڪستان جهڙي رياست ۾ صرف غير مسلم ئي نه پر مسلمان به ڏچي ۾ آهن ڪنهن کي به ڪٿي تحفظ ۽ شهري حق ناهن، هتي صرف هڪ مخصوص گروهن جي چهيتن کي شهري ڪيو ويو آهي ٻيا ته ڄڻ گناهه ڪبيريٰ ڪري آيا آهن جو انهن کي شهري هجڻ جا حق نه ٿا ڏنا وڃن.
تصور ڪيو ته پوءِ اتي غير مسلم شهرين جو حال ڪهڙو هوندو؟
ڇا اهي آزادي سان ساهه به کڻي سگهندا هوندا؟ يقينن اسان سڀني جو جواب ”نه“ ۾ ئي ٿي سگهي ٿو ڇو جو اسان سڀني جي اڳيان گذريل سال احمدين جي عبادت گاهه تي حملا ٿيا ۽ جنهن ۾ سوء جي لڳ ڀڳ احمدي مارجي ويا ۽ ڪيترائي زخمي ٿي پيا، ان کان اڳ گوجرا واقعو ٿيو جنهن ۾ عيسائين جي سڄي ڳوٺ کي تباهه ڪيو ويو، پر موجوده حڪومت ڪنهن به واقعي تي سنجيدگي سان نوٽس نه ورتو.
ان جي ابتڙ راڻا ثناء الله جيڪو پنجاب حڪومت ۾ اهم ۽ ذميواري نڀائي رهيو آهي پر ان جا بيان ۽ عملي ڪم ڏسندي نه ٿو چئي سگهي ته هو ڪنهن ذميوار سيٽ تي فائض به آهي

ڇاڪاڻ جو راڻا ثناء الله جا انتهاءپسند تنظيمين سان واسطا آهن ۽ هي انهن جي جلسن ۾ به ويندو رهيو آهي. پنجاب حڪومت کي عيسائين ۽ احمدين سان ٿيندڙ ناانصافي تي نوٽس وٺڻ جي بجاءِ نظر انداز ڪندي پنجاب ۾ انتهاء پسند تنظيمين کي ڇوٽ ڏني وئي ته اهي آرام سان پنهنجو ڪم ڪري سگهن ٿيون، پنجاب حڪومت لاءِ اڃا ڇا چئجي جڏهن لاهور جي ڀتين تي احمدين ۽ عيسائين خلاف بينر ۽ نعرا لکيا ويا ته ڪنهن نوٽس ناهي ورتو

هاڻي جڏهن گناهگار هٿن کي سزا نه ڏني ويندي ته پوءِ ٻين شهرين جي من ۾ به غلط ڪم ڪرڻ جي سوچ پيدا ٿيندي. ڪنهن سچ چيو ته جڏهن انصاف خاموش ٿي وڃي ته پوءِ پڪ ڪري وٺو ناانصافي توهان جي اردگرد لامارا پائي رهي هوندي، ڇاڪاڻ جو ان تي ڪير قانون لاڳو ڪرڻ وارو ناهي

ائين ئي آسيه بي بي ناانصافي جي وَرَ چڙهي وئي، جنهن مٿان توهين رياست جو الزام لڳايو ويو، آسيه بي بي چئن ننڍڙن ٻارن جي ماءُ آهي، جيڪا مسلسل رڙيون ڪندي چوندي رهي ته مونکي ڳالهائڻ جو موقعو ڏنو وڃي، ۽ ملڪ جي غيرت مند ميڊيا آسيه بي بي جي ڳالهه نه ٻڌي سگهي، اتي ئي پنجاب جي ڌرتي مان ئي بلي شاهه جي آواز ۾ گورنر سلمان تاثير قدم اڳتي ڪندي آسيه بي بي جي ڪيس کي ٻڌيو، سلمان تاثير سان گڏ هن جي سلجهيل گهرواري آمنه تاثير ۽ ڌيءَ شهر بانو سلمان تاثير سان گڏ ٿي ڪري آسيه بي بي ڪيس کي ٿڌي دماغ سان ٻڌو

ان ۾ شڪ ناهي ته مذهب کي گهڻن لالچي ذهنن غلط استعمال ڪيو آهي ۽ جيڪڏهن مان هتي هي لکان ته آسيه بي بي ڪيس ۾ به ائين ئي ٿيو جو ان کي ذاتي دشمني ۾ اچي ڪري توهين رسالت جو الزام هنيو ويو. جڏهن سلمان تاثير آواز اٿاري رهيو هو ان وقت هن مٿان هر سطح جا الزام هنيا ويا ۽ پاڻ کي مذهب جا چئپين سڏرائيندڙن هن کي عوام اڳيان غلط ڪري پيش ڪيو ان سان گڏوگڏ راڻا ثناء الله سلمان تاثير کي واجبل قتل قرار ڏنو.
سلمان تاثير جيڪو هڪ ماءُ کي انساني بنياد تي حق ڏيارڻ لاءِ قدم کڻي رهيو هو ان تي اهڙا غيرذميواراڻا بيان ڏيندڙ راڻا ثناء الله تي ڪنهن نوٽس ورتو؟
اتي سپريم ڪورٽ جو سو موٽو ڪٿي هو ته هڪ گورنر لاءِ ڪيئن بيان ڏنا پيا وڃن؟
سلمان تاثير کي غلط ڪري پيش ڪيو ويو ۽ ائين انهن جي ناانصافي ڪري سلمان تاثير 4 جنوري 2010 تي شهيد ڪيو ويو. هڪ اهڙو آواز جيڪو رياستي بنياد تي شهرين کي بينا رنگ، نسل ۽ مذهب جي فرق تي برابري جي بنياد تي انساني حقن لاءِ آواز اُٿاري رهيو هو.
سلمان تاثير جي شهادت کان پوءِ ڪير به مڙسي ڪري ڳالهائڻ لاءِ تيار نه هو ته سلمان تاثير درست هو جيڪو ڪجهه هن ڪرڻ چاهيو اهو انساني حقن ۽ مذهبن جي نظر ۾ درست هو ته هر ڪيس کي ٻڌيو وڃي ۽ جاچيو ته ڪير اصل ڏوهاري آهي؟ ائين نه ٿئي ته ڪير بيگناهه سولي تي چڙهي وڃي. پر افسوس! سلمان تاثير جي آخري موڪلاڻي کانپوءِ جنهن ۾ هن 25 گولين جا گهاوَ کاڌا، جنهن کانپوءِ سڀني محسوس ڪيو ته اسان 4 جنوري تي بلي شاهه جي آواز جو پروڪار سلمان تاثير جهڙو پروگريسوِ ذهن وڃائي ويٺاسين.
هينئر تائين ڪجهه ناسمجهه ممتاز قادري جنهن سلمان تاثير کي شهيد ڪيو، ان کي گلن جا هار پارائي رهيا آهن. ڇا انهن کان ڪنهن پڇيو ته ممتاز قادري کي ڪنهن مارڻ جو لائسنس ڏنو؟

سچ هميشه جيت حاصل ڪندو آهي، جن سلمان تاثير جي شهادت کي قبول نه ڪيو انهن 14 آگسٽ تي تسليم ڪيو هوندو جڏهن سلمان تاثير کي نشان امتياز سان نوازيو ويو، ۽ رياست قبول ڪيو ته سلمان تاثير تون درست هوئين.
اسان سمجهون ٿا ته سلمان تاثير جهڙا سلجهيل ذهنن کي ياد رکڻ ضروري آهي، جتي ايوارڊ ڏنا وڃن ٿا اتي سلمان تاثير جو ڪيس اڄ به پنهنجي حصي جي ٻڌڻي جي انتظار ۾ آهي

Daily newsreview published in Daily Ibrat newspaper on 16th August 2011.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A State between Truth & Lie!!!

هڪ رياست، سچ ۽ ڪوڙ جي وچ ۾...!!!


مهاتما گانڌي ڪيترو نه درست چيو آهي ته There is no God higher than Truth.
سچ کان مٿي ٻيو ڪو به خدا ناهي. دنيا ۾ هينئر تائين جيڪا به ويڙهه هلندي رهي آهي انهن سڀني ويڙهن مان سڀ کان پراڻي ۽ قديم ترين ويڙهه سچ ۽ ڪوڙ وچ ۾ هلندڙ جنگ آهي، جيتوڻيڪ سچ جي حصي ۾ هميشه هر دور ۾ ٿورڙا ماڻهو آيا آهن، ان هوندي به جيت سچ جي حصي ۾ ئي آئي آهي.

ڇاڪاڻ جو سچ پنهنجي پَرَ ۾ ديو مالائي ڪردار جيان آهي جنهن کي جيتريون مشڪلاتون ڏنيون وينديون، هو ڪمزور نه ٿيندو پر ان جي ابتڙ پنهنجي اندر وڏي سگهه حاصل ڪندو.
سچ جي اهميت کي به اهي ڪردار سمجهي سگهن ٿا جن وٽ سچ کي محسوس ڪرڻ جي حِسَ هوندي، ۽ گانڌي جي، به انهن ڪردارن مان هڪ آهي جنهن سچ جي سچائي کي محسوس ڪيو آهي. هونءَ به سچ ئي چيو ويو ته ڪيسين رهندي نيٺ ته ڊهندي دوکي جي ديوار او يار...!

سچ کي ختم نه ٿو ڪري سگهجي ۽ نه ئي ان کان اکيون ڦيري سگهجن ٿيون. جيڪڏهن ڪجهه ڪردار سچ کان منهن ڦيرائي، ڪوڙ کي درست ڪرڻ جي ڪوششن ڪن ته ان جو مطلب هرگز اهو نه ٿي پوندي ته ڪوڙ سچ ٿي پوي ۽ سچ ڪوڙ ٿي وڃي.
وقتي سطح تي ڪوڙ ديده دليري ۽ هٺ ڌرمي سان بيٺل هجي ائين نه ٿيندو جو ڪوڙ، سچ ٿي وڃي. ائين ئي پاڪستان رياست ۾ اڄڪلهه ئي نه پر شروع ڏينهن کان وٺي ڪوڙ کي داداگيري سان جڳهه ڏني وئي آهي، ۽ جڏهن جڏهن ڪوڙ خلاف قدم مٿي اُٿيا آهن انهن کي ختم ڪيو ويو آهي.

بنگلاديش ڪڏهن به نه ٺهي ها جيڪڏهن ان کي ڪوڙ ۽ ٺڳيبازي جي زور تي دٻايو نه وڃي ها، هڪ اهڙي ڌرتي جنهن جي هر رڳ ۾ تاريخي ورثو، ثقافت، ادب، ۽ قديم مهذب ٻولي ڊوڙي رهي هئي ان ڪري ڪيئن ممڪن هو جو بنگال کي دٻايو وڃي ها.
انهن بنگالين کي دٻائي نه سگهيا پر اهي بنگال کان پوءِ ٻين تاريخي ۽ تهذيب يافته صوبن کي دٻائڻ جي پوري پوري ڪوشش ڪندا رهيا آهن. تاريخ جي سيني تي اڄ به لفظ موجود آهن جڏهن جنرل ٽِڪا خان چيو ته، بنگال کي فتح ڪرڻ ممڪن نه هو، ڇاڪاڻ جو اسان جي فوج مارچ نه پئي ڪري سگهي، بنگال جي بنسبت سنڌ ۽ بلوچستان ڏانهن آساني سان مارچ ڪري سگهجي ٿي ۽ ڌارين کي آباد ڪري اصل رهاڪن کي ختم ڪري سگهجي ٿو.

جنرل ٽِڪا خان جو ڪوڙ منظم طريقي سان سنڌ ۽ بلوچستان جي سچ کي ختم ڪري سگهجي ٿو، ۽ ائين ٿيندو رهيو آهي.
سنڌي ۽ بلوچ کي پاڪستاني ثابت ٿيڻ لاءِ سرٽيفيڪيٽ ڏيڻا پئي وڃن ٿا، هاڻي جنهن ملڪ ۾ هر موڙ تي سرٽيفيڪيٽ پيش ڪيا وڃن ۽ پنهنجي سچائي جو ثبوت ڏيڻو پوي ته پوءِ اصل رهاڪن جي اهميت ڪيتري وڃي بچي ٿي؟ مٿان وري سچائي جو ثبوت اهو آهي جو انهن جي ڪوڙ کي سچ ڪري مڃيو وڃي ۽ سنڌي ۽ بلوچ جي سچ کي ڪوڙ چيو وڃي، اها ئي هن رياست ۾ سچائي جي قيمت آهي.
جڏهن ڪنهن رياست ۾ سچائي جي اِها ئي قيمت رهجي وڃي ٿي ته پوءِ بچي ڇا ٿو؟

اڄڪلهه ملڪ ۾ حالتون خاص طور تي سنڌ ۽ بلوچستان ۾ خراب ٿيڻ جا سبب ئي هي آهن جو انهن جي اصل حيثيت کي ڪوڙ جي زور تي دٻايو وڃي ٿو. جيئن ته هينئر سنڌ جيئن ٻري رهي آهي، ان جو پهريون سبب ئي اهو آهي ته انهن ٻيهر غلطي ڪرڻ شروع ڪري ڏني آهي جو انهن سنڌ کي ڪوڙ جي ڏاڍ تي دٻائڻ ۽ ختم ڪرڻ جي ڪوشش ڪئي پئي وڃي، يقينن سنڌ جون اکيون ۽ دل اڃا مري کپي ناهن وڃون جو اهي پنهنجي تاريخي قديم سچ کي لوڙهي ڇڏين.

ايترو آسان ناهي، پر جيڪڏهن بندوق ۽ گولي جي زور تي هيسايو ويندو ته پوءِ اهو به وقتي هيسائڻ هوندو، هڪ نه هڪ ڏينهن ردعمل پريشر ڪوڪر جيان ڦاٽي پوندو.
سنڌ جي شهر خاص ڪراچي ۾ مسلسل خراب ٿيندڙ حالتن تي مان پنهنجي گذريل سال جي ڪالمن ۾ لکندي آيس ته ڪراچي ۾ اصل جنگ مال پاڻي تي آهي، ۽ ظاهر آهي مال پاڻي ان کي ئي ملندو جيڪو پنهنجو ڏاڍ رکندو، پڻ ٻئي پاسي ڪراچي ۽ حيدرآباد کي الڳ ڪرڻ جا منصوبا جڙي چڪا آهن جتي مون لکيو هو ته هاڻي ڪجهه چوڻيون ماضي جو حصو ٿي وڃون ته سنڌ کي ڪير به فتح نه ڪري سگهيو آهي.

درحقيقت سنڌ کي فتح ڪرڻ جي ضرورت ڇا جي آهي؟ سنڌ جي اڌ ڌرتي ڌارين جي پيرن هيٺيان اچي چڪي آهي، ان وقت ڇو نه سوچيو ويو ته ايندڙ مستقبل ۾ سنڌين جي حيثيت ڪيتري رهندي؟
هاڻي ان جو ثبوت ملي رهيو آهي جو سنڌين کي پنهنجن شهرن ۾ رهڻ پري جي ڳالهه آهي انهن کي ٻچن کي تعليم حاصل ڪرڻ جي به حيثيت ناهي، تعليم حاصل پري جي ڳالهه رهي، پر سنڌ جي هڪ وزير لاءِ چيو ويو ته هو ڪراچي ڪجهه ڪلاڪن ۾ ڇڏي هليو وڃي. هي هڪ ڌمڪي نه هئي پر ان مستقبل جي خاڪي جو عڪس هئي جيڪو جڙي چڪو آهي. هڪ وزير جڏهن ڳالهائي ٿو ته باهه مچي وڃي ٿي.
اتي ئي جڏهن متحده جو چيئر مين سنڌ خلاف گار ڪڍي ٿو ان وقت سنڌي ڪيئن خاموش رهيا؟ جَسُ هجي عوامي تحريڪ کي جنهن تذليل کي محسوس ڪندي، احتجاج ڪيو. اسان سڀئي مڃون ٿا ته متحده ۽ پي پي وچ ۾ ويڙهه اقتدار جي آهي، هاڻي ڳالهه صرف اقتدار جي ئي ناهي، هي ماجرو اقتدار کان مٿي ٿي سنڌ جي حدن تي مالڪي جو ٿيندو پيو وڃي.

عجيب ۽ حيرت ۾ وجهندڙ وقت هو ته سنڌ سراپا احتجاج ٿي وڃي ها جڏهن سنڌ مٿان متحده جي ڪنهن عام ڪارڪن نه پر هڪ ذميوار عهدي تي ويهندڙ گٿا لفظ ڳالهايا. جيتوڻيڪ ان معافي گهري پر ڇا سڄي ڳالهه اتي ختم شُدِ تي وئي.
رياست ۾ هميشه عوام جي ردعمل کي جاچڻ لاءِ ننڍڙا ننڍڙا پٿر اڇلايا ويندا آهن ۽ ڏٺو ويندو آهي ته ان قوم جا باشنده ۽ اڳواڻ ڪيتري سگهه ۽ مستقبل تي نظر رکندڙ آهن. سنڌ ۾ پيپلز پارٽي لاءِ ڇا چئجي؟ شهيد پنڪيءَ جي پارٽي ڪٿي وڃي بچي آهي؟ ان جو اندازو ان وقت ٿيندو جڏهن بلاول ڀٽو پير رکندو ته شايد ان کي پي پي ڀريل ملي، اصل ٽف ٽائيم بلاول ڀٽو لاءِ هوندو. ڪاش! پيپلز پارٽي سمجهه ڀريا قدم کڻي.

سنڌ عوام لاءِ ڪير به سڄڻ ناهي، جن کي آباد ڪيوسين ۽ جن کي ووٽ ڏنوسين پوءِ اهو ووٽ پاڪستان ٺهڻ لاءِ هجي يا ايوانن تائين پهچائڻ جي ٽڪيٽ، هر پاسي کان گهاوَ ئي مليا آهن.
موجوده حالتن ۾ هڪ ٻيو ڪوڙ سچ ڪري پيش ڪيو پيو وڃي ته ڪراچي ۾ ڪمشنري نظام نه ٿو هلي سگهي ۽ ڪراچي جي عوام جي مينڊيٽ جو احترام ڪيو وڃي.
پهرين ڳالهه ته ڪراچي ۾ ڪمشنري نظام ڇو نه ٿو هلي سگهي؟ جيڪو نظام ملڪ جي ٽنهي صوبن ۾ هلي سگهي ٿو، اهو سنڌ ۾ ڇو نه ٿو هلي سگهي؟ ٻئي پاسي ڪراچي جي عوام جي مينڊيٽ جو احترام مان ڇا مراد آهي؟ ڇا ڪراچي جي سڄي عوام هڪ گروهه کي مينڊيٽ ڏنو آهي؟ جيتوڻيڪ ائين بلڪل ناهي، هڪ ئي صوبي ۾ ٻه ٻه مينڊيٽ ڪيئن اچي سگهن ٿا؟ مينڊيٽ هميشه صوبن جا هوندا آهن.
جڏهن متحده ڪراچي جي عوام جي مينڊيٽ جي ڳالهه ڪري ٿي ته ان کي لياري، ملير ۽ گڏاپ کي باءِ پاس ڇو ٿو ڪيو وڃي؟
هڪ گروهه ڪري سڄي سنڌي عوام جي مينڊيٽ ئي نه پر ملڪ جي سسٽم کي لتاڙيندي 2001 جي سسٽم کي بحال ڪندي ڪراچي جي پراڻي حيثيت کي ختم ڪندي هڪ يونٽ ۾ بحال ڪيو ويو آهي.

هاڻي سڄي سنڌ ٻري پئي، سنڌ کي پهرين ڏينهن کان احتجاج ڪرڻ گهربو هو جڏهن سنڌ مٿان گار آئي هئي ته هو غلام ۽ جلاد آهن. خير اڄ سڄي سنڌ ٻري رهي آهي، هي سڄي سنڌ ڪوڙ خلاف احتجاج ڪري ٿي، آخر هڪ قوم ڪوڙ کي ڪيستائين ڀوڳندي رهندي؟
انهي ڪري رياستي هٿڪنڊن کي سوچڻو پوندو، اهي ڪوڙ کي سچ مٿان ڪيئن ٿاپيئندا رهندا؟ هاڻي ڪوڙ کي مڙهڻ واري راند بند ٿيڻ گهرجي، جيڪڏهن ان کي فل اسٽاپ نه آيو ته پوءِ تاريخ جا ورق شاهد آهن، سچ هميشه کٽيو آهي.

سنڌ کي فتح ڪرڻ يا جاگير سمجهڻ کانپهرين سوچڻو پوندو ته سچ کي فتح يا ان کي جاگير نه ٿو بڻائي سگهجي.
هاڻي سنڌ کي ڪوڙ تي فتح ڪرڻ آسان ناهي، سوچڻو گهرجي ته هن رياست ۾ ڪنهن کي ڪهڙي حيثيت ۽ بنيادن تي رهڻو گهرجي؟ ڪاش! سچ ۽ اصل رهاڪن جي مينڊيٽ جو احترام ڪيو وڃي. ڇا ائين ممڪن ٿيندو؟

Published in Daily Ibrat newspaper on August - 9th - 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Voice never minority!

Hindus – Ahmadis & Christian not allow to take breath…!!


After 14th August 1947 one land divided into two parts one is called Pakistan and second India.

How could be happened when ancient country came up at point of separation? It can happen whenever you bring sword of religion on societies, to be caused of division and overwhelm among people.

Unfortunate, Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah late, very well-known about his liberalism but we all are being forgotten that Mr. Jinnah brought religion in Politics later this way he got ticket of religion and being passed train on new road of Pakistan but he could not be assumed that ticket of religion would have caused of discrimination in foundation of new born state.

Once you planted seed of discrimination later you were accepted sweet fruits from discriminated seed, does it work?

Today Pakistan is facing trouble and worst conditions because of wrong starting of Politics through religion.

Mr. Jinnah might have thought that after getting Pakistan, would turn leaf of politics; unfortunate he may not had experienced regarding religion which runs in vein of societies and selected power ruling groups always ride on religion for centuries. If Mr. Jinnah had read history of religion and power politics, would not have injected religion in politics.
His little step has made up big fragile wall that can neither cross nor has fall down its each brick been coloring in the name of religion.

You can remove and amend thing, those things are being named religion hardly single bring amend in societies those are still in pre-mature period.
Independence was being brought in the name of religion and it rotates around the extremists and power makers, as we had bitter experience of General Zia – ul – Haq who polluted 11-years of country in the name of religion, did single person up voice against his system? Pakistan can not bring change General Zia’s ill-ordinance because all have religious color though each citizen knows that blasphemy and Hudood ordinance both are being used against innocent and blameless people, can not be up voice because you would be declared anti-state and religion.

In such inflexible situation not only common Muslims and non-Muslims both are tortured by religious zealot. If we count that how is top on list, of course non-Muslims to be treated like animal cart, without giving any explanation just pick axe up and take breath forever of innocent people in the name of religion.

Non-Muslims are not alien who are considered in society as un-touchable. We understand that creates hatred approach against non-Muslims extremist being tried to up its political-chart.
Where people should have rejected at their sins, here we are seen people is refused on their religion beliefs.

Who will decide which god is up among all religions? We are not able to comment on it but here in Pakistan country when all politicians beat drum for democracy and sovereignty, would they tell us half of population being ignored and denied for franchise. Why? Are they not part of country and strengthening?

We understand, in which country where dull system exist and democracy runs by selected group then not only minority groups alongside entire public of country being neglected, mostly in Pakistan minority groups more tortured although are being killed after such results gigantic trouble is nowhere justice for them and they have licensed to kill non-Muslim.

When societies get license for killing, those become worst like hell.

I would like to share population data of minorities in Pakistan Since 1972 to 1998.

When I was collecting population date, it was surprised for me where rarely seen Ahmadis name even in 1972 data somewhere had written Ahmadis, in next stage did not write Ahmadis’ name beside in 1951 – 61 population data they were counted in others.

After looking at population data, can not image that half of population of Pakistan is in harassment and target killing in the name of sacred. According to report Local government elections: The Ahmadis continued to be denied a joint electorate.
Besides local government elections recommended, 6. Joint electorate must be restored for all citizens at all levels.

This is what? We are not allowed to ask or say any thing otherwise our mouths will be sealed up in the name of sacred.

Nowadays Pakistan Supreme court has sovereignty they can sue motto easily as like in era of kingship when kings ordered than no one could denied them following we have supreme Court, which can take action, hence; it strange to me when I see silence of Supreme Court on non-Muslims, killing to innocent, is big crime rather corruption even one young Sarfaraz Shah killed by rangers in Karachi, Chief Justice quickly took action and de-threw responsible officers.

Have we heard or seen such steps on minorities those are being cut out like onions and crates?

Some Incidents when Hindus, Ahmadis & Christians have been killed.
Incidents – Christian:
On August 1, 2009, a Christian locality in Gojra, Punjab was attacked and nine Christians were killed, 18 were injured and more than 120 Christian homes destroy by Muslim mob who were enraged by the allegation that a chirstian in a village, Korian had desecrated the Holy Quran. Among the victims was 50-year-old Hameed Masih, who was shot dead and seven of his family members including women and children (the youngest was just four years old), who were burnt alive, reported.

On July 19, 2010 two Christian brothers Pastor Rahid Emmanual, 32 and Sajid Emmanual 30 were being led out of a court by a police escort in Faisalabad City after a trial hearing in a blasphemy case, were gunned down by a religious zealot, reported.

Allegation of blasphemy of the Holy Quran, 2,000 Muslims attacked a Christian locality in Sangla Hill, Punjab on November 12, 2005.

On February 6, 1997, about 3,000 Muslims attacked a Christian Village, Shantinagar, Khanewal in the Punjab. About 80% village destroyed, mob ransacked 785 houses, 13 churches and over 1,500 Bibles, hymn book religious commentaries were burnt.

2010 a woman Aasiya Bibi who has four children was alleged in case of blasphemy whose crime was a spat with two Muslims women of her village who refused to drink water from a glass she has touched because they said it has been defiled due to her faith and caste. Apology for allegation has been submitted by her, in returned result has given that on 4th January 2011 Governor of Punjab Salmaan Taseer gunned down by his own guard Mumtaz Qadir who is now in jail and confess his sin, instead he should have punished extremist minds paid flowers and praised him. After 51 days MNA Shahbaz Bhatti had been killed on 2nd March 2011.

Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti tried to maintain Law & Justice for victimize and weaker people those are threaten in the name of blasphemy.

Incidents - Ahmadi:
A team of the international commission of jurists visited Pakistan in April 1987 to assess the state of Human Rights in Pakistan after the lifting of Martial Law and studied the situation of the Ahmadis in Pakistan and said “The Ahmadis have suffered a relentless decline in their religion.”

According to HRCP Report that NANKANA Riots at NANKANA SAHIB 12APRIL,
The incident of alleged burning of some loose sheets of Holy Quran in the Ahmadia Palace of worship in Chak. Result of this incident again Ahmadis lost damage to household goods 2,339,419. Damage to Building 722,625 and total loss suffered 3,062,044.

According to HRCP report LAHORE: 3rd June 1989 Dr. Mubashar Hassan former finance Minister has said that the Punjab Government has totally failed to protect the weaker section of society.
After incident Punjab government spokesman said on 5th June said, has been providing all possible care encouragement and assistance to all minority communities and they were all enjoying full rights of citizenship and participating in community life and national affairs actively.

On January 29, 2009 reported that a case for blasphemy has been registered again five persons of Ahmadiyya community under section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) in Kot Sultan police station of Layyah district. A complaint lodged with the police accused five Ahmadis of writing the name of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the walls of the mosque’s toilet in village, reported by HRCP.

In April, local authorities in Kasur dug up the grave of an Ahmadi girl Nadia Hanif 17, buried in Muslim graveyard, ten days later after her death and moved her body to an Ahmadi cemetery under pressure from local extremist elements, reported.

According to report Ahamdis shops were attacked in Rahimyar Khan in February, during protest against Cartoons had been published in Danish newspaper.

0n 28 May, 2011 two Ahmadis worship places were attacked and more than 80 people lost their lives. Even though year has been passed don’t know what happened to the investigation.

Incident – Hindu:
According to report Thirty-Three Hindus Killed in Pakistan in Attack by Government Troops. Most of the Dead Women and Children. Many More Injured. Hundreds Flee Homes…headlines like these never managed to hit the Indian media when it all happened in the neighbouring nation in 17 March 2005, Hindu Human Rights – Pakistan, and Ms. Asma Jahangir said There’s discrimination against all religious minorities. But what’s particularly frightful for Hindus is the kind of harassment they face from the intelligence agencies.”

Others reports say, Balochistan, Pakistan (Chakra) seven members of a Hindu family were killed while being caught amid a gun battle between tow rival Muslim tribes in Pakistan.
Ten members from the minority Hindu Community in Pakistan were sleeping outside of their hut when the gun fight started killing Shankar his wife and five children immediately.

Above reports only wee bit look about situation of non-Muslims those are being killed and whole village burnt down but nowhere can you see voice of justice.

According to my poor information I have been tried lot get to information about Hindus but I could not find out about it, including on HRCP website has not data about Hindus, no doubt we can easily get information regarding Christians and Ahmadis.

Now we can read language of international laws & Pakistan Law those are colored with Humanitarian.

Constitution of Pakistan preamble: subject to law, public order and morality (a) every citizen shall have the right to profess, practice and propagate his religion and (b) every religious denomination and every sect thereof shall have the right to establish, maintain and manage its religion.

Constitution of Pakistan Article 32 “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

In Pakistan Law also takes this In 1974, Ahmedis were declared non-Muslims and a decade later, In 1948 General Zia-ul-Haq promulgated ordinance XX that basically criminalized Ahmedi worship.

Although Pakistan is signatory of United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and it says:
Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
Article 6. Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.
Article 18: everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Our country has beautiful words in constitutions and at international level followers of Human Rights Law, in returning laws have not applied for people even dreadfulness laws passed by General Zia, have applied. According to a report, from 1986 to date 4,000 blasphemy cases have been reported in the country, 69% have been registered in the Punjab, 25% were reported in Sindh and 2.5 in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

All blasphemy cases do not have receive proper investigation and justice, how is it possible when government ministers themselves part of religious zealot Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah rubbing shoulders with Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, the leader of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, a banned organization, at an election rally even he visiting the group’s madrassa.

He also passed statement for martyred Salmaan Taseer that he should be killed because he is willing to change blasphemy law though reality was changed Salmaan Taseer only coveted to save Asiya Bibi's life and wished proper investigation of Asiya Bibi, later Salmaan Taseer dead, once again he said, Salmaan Taseer was not Muslim.

Thos people are sitting on responsible seats and passing irresponsible statements then of course extremist groups push up, and they will do each step whatever comes in their minds. We have not listened single action has been taken against Rana Sanaullah.

This is the result that we are again seeing that pamphlets giving a call to kill members of the Ahmediyya community in the name of Islam are openly being distributed in Punjab, beside it Clerics in Lahore have issued yet another blasphemy fatwa (religious decree). This time it is against Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP’s) Samina Khalid Ghurki and one of her supporters, Haji Nasir, who the clerics have alleged to be blasphemers, reported in Daily Times English newspaper.

When justice close its eyes and law become stranger, then innocent people are being killed, our streets and chat-rooms have shadow of silence because some people have hold stamps for approving religious people if can not be approved than can kill us.

How long are we hide our eyes from truth that human must be treated as human not on bases of religion. If societies follow it, this earth will soon burning and everywhere blood river instead of waterway.

This time system and selected minds have to decide what they want? Since first day discrimination creates distortion, learn from history that discriminated state can not be run.

Hindus, Ahmadis and Christians are citizens they have as living rights as Muslims have.
At least IF Pakistan government is not able to honor non-Muslims then must honor its constitution and signatory Laws with others.

State means where people behave like citizen of state, not like slave.

One minority voice says,
I live in country,
Where air exists
I am not allowed to take breath,
Where people pray,
I am not allowed to pray,
Where people laugh and meet each other,
I am alien among them,
Where people has right to say,
I am forced to seal up my right to say,
Ohh...My mother,
Are you sure,
Are we live in country? (Helena)

Published in Bolan Voice Magazine in July 2011.

Karachi’s Humpty Dumpty..!!


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again. (English Nursery Rhyme)

Sometimes, worst situation can be solved through children rhyme and this time we would like to present nursery rhyme and wishing power makers will get listen from above rhyme.

So, don’t makeKarachisituation as Humpty Dumpty fall.

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine in July 2011.