Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leave my anguish in inner!!!

I don’t know,
After long time, I have picked up pen,
And taken look at plain page,
Plain page,
Where no single letter, has been written on it,
I am thinking of,
What should I write?
How could I be preserved?
My inner anguish on page,
I know, you have left world,
And thinking of you,
Now, you never come in my room,
Open my writings,
When you were found my childish writings,
Today, my pain converts into anguish,
Needs to be written,
Oh…but … Am thinking,
You are not here to read,
Neither plain page can be bore my anguish,
Nor you to be seen,
Ah … Just leave … remain page as plain as It is,
Leave my anguish in inner………!
Published on November/11/2010.