Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Journalist of world, Unite! – II.

A Beautiful Voice!

I wrote about Arundhati Roy in July of this year. Roy who is passionate about the rights of the down trodden and was condemned by her government and others with vested interests for writing about Moist “Walking with Comrades”.

The writes and human rights activist is again in trouble with the Indian government. She has voiced the plight of the Kashmiri people and has bluntly stated that the valley is not an integral part of Indian.

Her voice is beautiful which peaks for the oppressed people anywhere in the world. She is ready to put her personal safety at risk to he the spokesperson for those coerced into subjugation.
And like many of her kind her sympathies for the poor and oppressed do not know boundaries. She is the blood relative of any body who is subjected to tyranny; she is ready to stand up for the victim and against the tyrant.
She went to Kashmir and made a speech there condemning the atrocities of the Indian government. New Delhi has accused her of trying to incite Kashmir against Indian occupation.

On October 26, 2010, she wrote form Srinagar saying that the news was that she may be arrested on charges of sedition. Roy claimed that what she had said was that has been said by countless men and women with conscience for ages. She has done nothing more than calling for justice with the people of Kashmir. She chided the Indian government and wrote: “Pity the nation that needs to jail those who ask for justice while communal killers, mass murderers, scamming corporations, looters rapists and those who prey on the poorest of poor, roam free.”
It is not the fist time that she has been so threatened. Every time the Indian government wants to jail her, the freedom loving people of the world protest and the Indian government back downs.
This time too the government after sending feelers found opposition to her arrest and finally said it was not arresting Roy.

She will draw attention when President Obama visits India. But Roy is the kind of problem that will not go away even after the US president’s visit. She is the kind of threat that will always worry the Indian government.

She is not alone. She has influence and her voice for the downtrodden and enslaved people throughout the world, is resounding with many in the Indian society.
While the governments for Pakistan and India are playing politics with rights of Kashmiris and each country wants to annex the valley, Roy is saying to both countries that let the people there decide what they want. It is their decision; if they want to join one of the two to join one of the two countries, well and good. But if they want to be independent, accept their will.

The task she has undertaken is huge and she is facing as great an opposition. The current support around the world is welcome but it may not be enough. Like many activists of her kind, there are always threats to her life, conspiracies are hatched to render her ineffective, and efforts are made to distract her from her mission. Men and women like are the pride of the humanity loving intellectuals. Such as she is, is always a solace of people with conscience. But such as she is, is always a great source of uneasiness to those whose rise in wealth and position depends on stealing the meager earnings of the suppressed. Her life will always be a threat to those who usurp the rights of people.

We the journalists have to show our support for her loudly, forcefully and in no uncertain terms to make sure that her beautiful voice which sings of human happiness in not silenced.

Published in “The Frontier Post” on September/07/2010.


  1. Hey wonderful posts ... i thought the 1 billion people in india think otherwise .

  2. Thanks Pranzal for sharing urs beautiful thought.

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