Saturday, October 23, 2010

Musharraf’s kitty kitten party!

By Veengas
“Everything goes in Pakistan” is a saying popularized by the rich to justify their evil and undemocratic actions. The rich and powerful are mostly educated and they have always supported undemocratic forces. They sided with Gen Zia when he hanged Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Behind the scene they supported those who overthrew Benazir Bhutto. They supported Gen Musharraf and his fake enlightenment philosophy. They should have banged their heads to the wall when a general usurped power from an elected government.

The rich and educated supporters of the military general should have known that enlightenment means separating right from the wrong. But for Musharraf the word meant ‘Everything by Mush, for Mush and of Mush.’ Now, after leaving the country in a mess, he is saying that he will come back to take part in the general elections to be held in 2013.

Even when he launched his party in England the people attending the event were mostly elite and models. He has apologized to the nation for his past misdeeds and promised to galvanize Pakistan and fight against hunger, poverty, illiteracy and backwardness.
Who can in his right mind believe him. He had the gal to say, in an interview with BBC, that the people of Pakistan did not like politicians but rather look up to the army for guidance and good governance. He said people were despondent because of massive corruption and remembered his rule which was free from corruption. However, his party is said to be supported by the establishment as it wants somebody like them and the rule of someone like so that they can do whatever they want. It is also rumoured that after the death of Imran Faqooq, the MQM needs someone like him to replace the dead leader. Even if this does not work out MQM will support the retired general. Some also say that Musharraf launched a new party to satisfy his inflated ego. The people, especially women, do not forget that instead of giving justice to Dr. Shazia, who was raped in Sibbi, he said that women facilitated being raped to get visas of advanced countries. Many people gone missing during his rule are still missing. He killed Akbar Bugti and Baalach Marri.

When almost fifty men were brutally killed in Karachi he said at a public meeting in Islamabad that it was the manifestation of his power.
He has as yet not given the account of all the funds that were given to Pakistan by foreign countries. He received tens of billions of dollars from the United States. He compromised sovereignty of the country on US orders and closed down the camps of freedom fighters in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. He promised not to allow the fighters going into the Indian occupied Kashmir. When he says that people don’t trust politicians he should try to remember the kind of welcome Benazir Bhutto got from the people.
Has he ever been welcomed this way. But he is lucky. The country is ruled by political orphans and now he is thinking of becoming a leader as he moves around amongst the rich in London.

Even if he does participate in elections the only people voting for him would be models: the kittens of his party and though would be paid from his kitty.

Published in "The Frontier Post" on 24/October/2010.

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