Sunday, September 19, 2010

On Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto.

14th death anniversary of Braveheart Che Mir


Why do people embrace martyrdom? Recently, my inner voice gave me the answer: People who lay down their lives for noble causes live in history’s hall of fame; most of us perish without leaving a trace. Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto whom I call Che Mir, after Che Guevara, was one such historic figure who died for a noble cause. Today on the 20th of September, exactly 14 years ago, Che Mir was inducted in history’s hall of fame. And though he is no more with us, his struggle and spirit does. Still the pain of him leaving us remains after so many years. Among the myths about him is one which says that he had a militant or terrorist approach. While going to attend anniversary of his martyrdom, a well wisher asked me who was Che Mir and I explained Mir Murtaza Bhutto who spent his life in danger and who had to move with his family from place to place.

And yes he was outspoken because his sister was the prime minister but it did not save him from the murderer’s bullets. In fact he rebelled against dictatorship but was called a terrorist. His daughter Fatima Bhutto wrote a book “Whisper of Desert” which among many things reveals a broken heart because of her father’s untimely demise. Che Mir never cared for his wife and children when it came to his mission of fighting for the rights of the downtrodden. He was not a felon, rather he was labelled as such by those who hated his guts. If fighting for justice is terrorism then he was one. But no just person would call such a person a terrorist. During his whole life Mir never took any step against interests of the poor. General Zia propagated such notions as he could not justify his own dictatorship. Che Mir had not chosen to rebel rather he was living in the era of dictatorship and he had no choice but to rebel. He had to fight and resist an oppressive ruler.
It was the constant struggle of Che Mir that Zia ruled under threat from the ordinary people. It is sad that he and his sister Benazir Bhutto could not unite and became victims of conspiracies of those who did not want to see Bhuttos united. He died from bullets and so did his sister when she returned to her country. Mourning the death of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, Benazir said in an interview to the Indian channel Zee TV that the martyrdom of Mir has broken her backbone. She felt so weakened and sad by his demise. The Bhuttos have faced violent deaths for working for the cause of justice to the poor. Who will give them justice? Benazir’s sister Sanam Bhutto once said there was no justice in high profile murder cases. Well Chief Justice of Supreme Court Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry might give an answer to her question. Mir’s wife Ghanwa has long lost hope and had said that she has put her case in the court of the public. President Zardari talks of changing the party. He should follow the example and views of Che Mir and change the party according to these. Physically Che Mir is no more but his spirit is alive. People can die, spirits never die. He was a man who made his own history by his revolutionary spirit.

In a play by Shaikh Ayaz (Sindhi poet) the character of play on Death says to his sister Bhaaghi. Bhaaghi! If I give up life today, If I am offered to the earth, Yes, you will be truthful if you tell me that breath will be gone, But the faith in humans will not be gone. (Shaikh Ayaz) Che Mir is no more with us but his memory lives with the common and poor people who throng his tomb in Garhi Khuda Bux. He has found his place in the hall of fame of history.

Published in The Frontier Post on 20/september/2010.


  1. he was a brave man who against the zia dictatorship .


    zulfiqar ali

  2. Yes! He was, is & will Brave in our hearts & history. Thanks

  3. we love SHAHEED MIR MURTAZA BHUTTO and his tenet and we are followers of him.and in one day we will get revenge of the killers of MIR BABA.
    we are missing you MURTAZA come back we need you we will die for you....