Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Comical wave to justice at flood victims’ camp have gotten fired!

By veengas
Before twenty minutes I myself had seen police operation at Chapel City – Karachi.
You all are thinking that there might be criminals, Oh no .. Never my dears, they are those people whom you are collecting fund and food, have worries for health care.
Yes they are flood victims people who not only smashed by man-made floodwater, now that are being killed by Police men.
They are not allowed to live in Karachi because MQM has authority, they don’t like entry Sindhis in Sindh’s City. MQM has been forgotten Sindh’s kindness when they were settled in Karachi, Hyderabad then slowly moving to other areas of Sindh.
When Sindhis poor people are facing worst time ever in life in spite of help they put on them Guns.
We all know, now challengeable voice are sleeping in graves and nowhere voice of my Che Mir who warned to MQM that Karachi is not yours father’s property once upon said Che Mir. Now in challenging time we don’t have single voice!
If Benazir Bhutto were alive, she would never see such cruel act on victims’ people! Rulers got power in the name of her, today Govt. silent and seeing killing, Is it revenge by Democracy that give shelter criminals and kill innocent?

People are now searching their own identity on their land, I only covet to ask from heart of Human, Is It Justice to those people who lost its shelter and giving shelter they are giving fires. People don’t need only one medicine they need roof for saving life.

Please Save flood victims’ people who are become orphan. Don’t make their lives for laughing at circus.
Injustice should have been limit otherwise it creates way out for justice.

I am a journalist, being journalist I know well freedom at this puppet system, I’d request to all of you that please raise voice for innocent people, they are help less now, and seeing wave of help from all of you.

Wake Up! Queen of Justice. When You Wake Up? After Killing of people, so whom you give justice dead world can’t be seen your justice, Kindly do justice in presence of victims people.

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