Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is love boat?

May 31 has gone by and we all have resumed normal working. Do we remember what happened on May 31? In my native (Sindhi) language we have a disease of forgetting everything so that we cannot remember what happened to us. I think, this problem is not only with us but this is all over the world. We don’t raise voice against injustice. We only raise voice for justice by holding placards, chanting slogans and standing in queues for four or five hours on the day of events and later moving homewards. What a comical situation for getting peace and justice! By this way, can the sleeping queen of justice be awakened? Answer is simple, No.

May 31 was the day when Israel attacked Gaza Flotilla aid Ship and killed nine innocent people. Can we forget the words of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu? He had said: “The soldiers had been met by “vicious mob” and acted to defend themselves.” He said it was Israel’s duty to prevent rockets and other weapons being smuggled into Gaza to Hamas by Iran and others. The Flotilla, he argued, was not aiming to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza but was trying to break the blockade. This was not a love boat; this was a boat of hate. He said 700 activists including 400 Turks, were trying to break the blockade of Gaza strip by bringing in 10,000 tonnes of aid. On the other hand Reporters said that “The aid included school supplies, building material and two large electricity generators.” What is love boat? Before dealing this question, I would like to re-call reactions of world leaders after the so-called Israel’s self-defence. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the situation in Gaza “Unsustainable”.
The lone challenging voice of Turkish Prime Minister Reccep Tayyip Erdogan said: “You (Israel) killed 19-year old Furkan Dogan brutally. Which faith and holy book can allow his killing. I am speaking to them in their own language. The sixth commandment says ‘thou shall not kill’. Did you still not understand? So I’ll say to you in your own language. I say in Hebrew “Lo Tirtzakh.” Reccep Tayyip Erdogan is the only one who courageously came up. Pakistan Government has no direct ties with Israel. Pakistan very politely condemned Israel and appealed for release of their people because prominent journalist Talat Hussain along with two of his men was travelling in the aid flotilla for coverage and had been arrested along with others. Thank God Israeli government released all activists along with Talat Hussain and his team. The United Nations also condemned the incident and meekly asked for international probe but as we know the United Nations cannot order the US or its puppet Israel. Therefore there is a little hope that any probe will be conducted into this sordid affair.
I wish and pray that one day the United Nations should stand up for the poor, downtrodden and victimized people of the world. The following passengers of the flotilla were killed in the Israeli raid. Activists Killed, names & Ages: Turkish victims: Ibrahim Bilgen (60) Ali Haydar Bengi (39) Cevdet Kiliçlar (38) Çetin Topçuoglu (54) Necdet Yildirim (32) Fahri Yaldiz (32) Cengiz Songür (47) Cengiz Akyüz (42) US victim: Furkan Dogan (19) Flotilla aid Ship not only presented a panorama of sea war but also highlighted two main words, - one is love boat from Israeli P.M and the other is Sustainable from the US Secretary of State Ms Hillary Clinton. What is love boat? Does Mr. Netanyahu have any knowledge of it? At least while killing innocent people and feet dipped into blood, you cannot sing a song for love and peace. Flotilla ship was definitely a love boat, when ordinary citizens of the world, some of them belonging to the West, few even American Jews, embarked on a trip carrying relief goods for the victimized Palestinians trapped in Gaza strip by the Israelis. But Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu could not tolerate this message of peace and decided to stop this flotilla with a force of Israeli commandos. We realise that common people of Israel do not think like Israeli government. The Israeli commandos though stopped the Turkish aid flotilla after killing nine innocent people and injuring many others for the time being but they are mistaken that they can eradicate the love of humanity. This type of incidents give strength to spark which if ignited can engulf all the evil-doers and the spark of truth is struggling till it reaches its own path. If those who say this spark is fake, they should peep into the history and learn a lesson from it. I would like to remind Mr. Netanyahu that love boat could not be stopped; it has soul of purity and love for soil, cowards stop material things but what about the spirit which cannot be stopped? Israel has acted illegally by committing terror on the sea which is alarming. The US should seriously think over that for how long it could protect the Israeli misdemeanour Ms. Clinton quoted unsustainable situation, we remind her too, Nine people had been killed and it was an “unsustainable” word. I swear, if this had happened in Pakistan, Ms. Clinton would have ended up giving warning remarks. The US is bolstering Israel’s injustice, which is harming Israel plus the White House. We still remember remarks of Mr. Obama when he said that if any one attacked my home, I would do anything to save it and two daughters sleeping at home. How did White House close its eyes from that remark? When Israel was attacking and killing Palestinians. Israel is deceiving truth on support of US. If we take a look at UN Charter then we should not ask Ms. Clinton and the United Nations, to look at yours laws and words which call for justice. So please do justice with these words and laws. LEGALITY OF CONVOY RAID. • The UN Charter on the Law of the Sea says only if a vessel is suspected to be transporting weapons, or weapons of mass destruction, can it be boarded in international waters. Otherwise the permission of the ship’s flag carrying nation must be sought. • The charter allows for naval blockades, but the effect of the blockade on civilians must be proportionate to the effect on the military element for the blockade to be legally enforceable. • A ship trying to breach a blockade can be boarded and force may be used to stop it as long as it is “necessary and proportionate”. • The Israeli Defense Forces say soldiers acted in self-defence. • An investigation, either by the UN or by Turkey, is required to find if the use of force was proportionate to a claim of self defence. I see, in my clime, no justice, no democracy and charlatan promises with people. If any incident happens unjustly and killing of people, let me say that in our region powerful people has license to kill the common poor people. We know in Pakistan institutes are hijacked, but what happens in democratic countries which have institutes and democratic process, United Nations platform, where they bring justice. After Israeli attack on Turkish aid flotilla we feel that not only our institutes are hijacked but also United Nations has been hijacked. One of my friends used to say that you people violate the law. I told her, we are fighting for justice. I think now she should also start struggling that their institutes should work for justice as we do. Wrestling between Israel and Palestine for living, but Israelis sustain and stretch their feet into Gaza only for getting power because West Bank is main player in Palestine, if Israel controls West Bank, it might stop water for Palestine and then slowly finish the Palestinians.
After this Israel can hold command in Middle East. That is the reason, since creation of Israel in 1947, the United Nations partitioned the land, allotting the Jews 55 per cent of Palestine. Arabs did not agree to this partition and in 1948 “war of independence” did. While Israel ended up with 78 per cent of the area of Palestine. Palestine lost 78 per cent of their land to Israel and was left with 22 per cent. Is this called Justice? Now who will decide the guilty, either it is Israel or Palestine? No justice for Flotilla incident but Hamas leader, President of Palestine Mr. Abbas met Mr. Obama who told him that “it is time for us to go ahead, move forward on a two-state solution.” He said the US would provide $400m (£274m) in new aid for the Palestinians. And Mr Abbas has shown his faith in two-state solution in Middle East peace. If Palestine shows flexibility in peace process, will it be possible for Mr. Obama to change his mood as he did in case of Iran. World needs justice not aid of coins, if we want to live long on earth we need love boat, and peace. At least we have learnt a lesson from flotilla aid ship incident that Palestine has got sympathy even from common Israeli people, and Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in Gaza on 16th March, 2003 as she tried to stop it from demolishing a Palestinian home. One of the ships in the Freedom Flotilla aid convoy is named ‘Rachel Corrie’, an American peace activist killed by an Israel army bulldozer. This is a message for those who say it was not a love boat, but this incident is line out between greedy politics and peace politics.
Pain of injustice is killing humans, could greedy politics hear voice of innocence.

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