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Interview Nawab Khair Bux Marri (1928, February 29th).


(Balochistan earth has different history; Balochistan has been facing war for long time. Each generation of Balochs are met bullets and stand on explosives material, those generation lost its dreams in blood creek.
We don’t have seen any solution for Balochistan yet and all having believed that flowers can not be planted in bloody earth. So how could be possible in case of Balochistan, while shouting Balochs, Establishment hopes that Baloch will give them Maala of flower. What a comical gesture!!!

Islamabad should be think and release, how could they appease to Balochs at least military operation is not solution, in fact it creates vacuum.
Pakistan’s real power makers don’t have learnt from past, but still we have hope that they might sit and think on their dull strategies.
I have conversation Nawab Khair Bux Marri 82years old, who’s known as rebel, He was member of Pakistan parliament, then he exiled to Afghanistan. His political career is fair-haired. He believes solution of Balochistan in resist movement, he built Baloch Liberation Army.
He has six sons, Changez Marri, Gazain Marri, Hairbairyar Marri, martyred Balaach Marri, Hameza Marri and Zameran Marri.
As we know our beloved young Hero Balaach is no more, but also his other sons are facing trouble ness.

He always remains silent and rarely speaks but when he starts speaks, hardly to bear home truth for this state. If I call him Guerrilla of Balochistan, it won’t be less harm, He is a man who suffered and suffering whole life, when he received news of Balaach Marri’s Martyred, how much it painful that he was not able to give last shoulder to Balaach Marri. To me, it was shocked and hurting movement when he was wept for Balaach Marri, while interviewing.
Not only Khair Bux Marri who has anger but all Baloch has bitter anger.
Following interview him, I was asked from man who performs his duty as helper in Marri house, my question was simple that How do you think, what will be happened to Balochistan?
He replied, I will let know, when time comes.
Now establishment should realize that bitter experience not only in Baloch Sardars but now it also comes in common Balochs. Matter is this; would establishment and power makers can see this bitterness?

If Balochistan becomes Mudas lair, wont be possible for Establishment to come out from it. So think before doing act.
I cant sit to say that Balochs are brave nation, who never surrender in front of injustice.
He gave time for Sindhi Newspaper Daily Ibart, originally this interviewed for Daily Ibart, while interviewing we were prohibited for recording, somewhat felt bit difficulty, but we enjoyed lot while interviewing with him. Now I am also going to be shared his view all of you.
Abbreviation:- KBM (Khair Bux Marri). )

Q. You have been spend time in politics, how do you see nature of politics in Subcontinent?
KBM: - (given slightly smile) this question is long; I am not able to talk at each nation.

Q. In your view, how has been over all politics in this region?
KBM: - I restrict myself by have nations (Pakistan), mostly behave remains slavery like Punjabis, always do un-holy tact (while sharing one incident) he says, there are some proverbs for them like Punjabis, give them money, Sindhis, to remain them under pressure, Pakhtoons, also covets money and Balochis, make them foolish through respectable talks (while smiling) said, really it happens
if you give respect to Balochis, he can be done any sort of work.
Punjabis just want to box of money and Pakhtoons never be able to accept challenge, for time being they fight, suddenly they do surrender.

Q. Do you see any differentiate between Mr. Jinnah and Gandhi jee?
KBM: - (loudly laughed) answer is simple that Gandhi was a man of human and
Jinnah was a man of British.

Q. how do you feel, who brought religion in Politics? (We are asked scenario of
Politics during Freedom Movement)?
KBM: - deeply looking then asked question, do you think do we have freedom from British?
Veengas: - We will also talk on this issue.
KBM: - but your question is very delicate, (after remain silence) he says, I do
not know who was responsible for bringing religion in Politics.

Q: - Now we are to back on above question that how do you see freedom or division in subcontinent?
KBM: - what do you think for it? According to our informal discussion you (Veengas) coded word selected.
Veengas: - this time we have desire to know about your view. Hence, more notions are running, some people says, it was pre-planned and some of them says, in favour of Freedom.
KBM: - (given grinned) verily, movements of freedom were on everywhere, nowhere was permanent slavery. And cause of fight between Muslims-Hindus, because of jobs and were controlled at important places. In Pakistan, what we do have? Pakistan (Punjabis Army) whose was/is subordinate of English men and now Americans.
To me, it was pre-planned division of subcontinent, these (Punjabis) dim-witted, inhuman only was to see their own power; they could not be understood British’s strategy. British was not a foolish; before British left Hindustan, that time
Punjabis had only problem in Hindustan. Now Pakistan is to salvation and full supported is going to Establishment.
He forcedly said we are not slaver of Punjabis; in fact they don’t have strength
for it. Truly we are prisoner of international power.

Q. What is reason that Indian Govt. has strong parliamentary system, and
Pakistan doesn’t have yet?
KBM: - (given rankle at his face) would like to say it Parliament? Is it really Parliament? It has influenced by establishment, how could it be called
Indian has supported their system, they have sense of Freedom and those cant be understood spirit of freedom, like are animals and living in salvation.
Independency has spirit of nature and here in Pakistan has un-holy (Na Pak) system.

Q. Do you have view at dilemma of Bengal 70s?
KBM: - Look, they had already decided that either slave or leave them.

Q. What meant by word “They”?
KBM: - Verily I meant is Army un-holy (Na-Pak).

Q. How did Bengalis gotten freedom, what had them?
KBM: - (remained silent) then said, they had wisdom and perhaps, they already started work on it, (Sharing his personal incident) our family member went to Bengal that time, when he returned, told me that all Bengalis know you and they
are saying that Khair Bux Marri is honest man and doing fair politics. Then he says before some moments you (Veengas) shared general Tika Khan’s remarks that he said we can easily march to Balochistan and Sindh, and so army could not march to Bengalis as they march towards Balochistan and Sindh now. Bengalis were had support of Indian, reason was that India beside them.
Whatever, army never had intention to live with Bengalis because Bengalis were so intelligent. Therefore they were to plan leave or slave them and then they left Bengalis.

Q. When did start role of Army in politics, although in 1948, Balochistan
Forcedly involved in Pakistan, through army operation.
KBM: - Army has had their role since first day; they were born for making others
Slave and they don’t want to modify their Master. Even they were to prepare
For commanding at others.

Q. Could you reveal veil from Master word?
KBM: - (giving smiling) International power means British and Americans.

Q. How do you see Balochistan?
KBM: - (his eyes given brighten and happily) said, how I do see my Balochistan?
It is beautiful, attractive where always love is and while singing songs,
Shepherd, a man who looks after his sheep, where mountains are looking more
Beautiful and perfume in air… (He became silent) then slowly telling; to me Balochistan is beautiful.

Q. Is Balochistan burning?
KBM: - (actively responded) this is the question, yes! Balochistan is burning.

Q. Who is responsible anguish of Balochistan by now?
KBM: - I think, this responsibility goes on shoulder of international power and this Pakistan its subordinate, America is supported them, they (Pakistan) are sinner and guilty that they have captured our resources.

Q: - Isn’t seemed strange that by now you are blaming at international power but when you go into public you use to critic on establishment?
KBM: - Oh, your name’s pronunciation is too hard, could I call you Comrade?
(Veengas: of course), then; he says, yes, probably it happen but establishment is their subordinate we blame at those, who are in front us. American is ruled Pakistan. They (Pakistan) don’t have more vigor for commanding at us.

Q: - Do you feel any such different between British Raj and Pakistan ruling?
KBM: - (for while remained silent) Yes, somewhat, it is. British Raj’s slavery was initial but this Pak-American’s salvation is not as initial as British Raj’s. We are tortured lot by now.

Q: - Could you elaborate mean of initial?
KBM: - Britain built foundation up, but Punjabis give us Blood Creek and is slaved us, therefore, what will we do such like circumstance so that we are replied them and this time I am again saying you that Punjabis are subordinate of imperialistic. Hence, one day American will have to talk with you, when they realize that Baluchis have been fighting and don’t surrender, and then their interests in Baluchistan will be force turned to us.

Q: - Do you think, have Balochi Sardars learnt from their historical consciousness?
KBM: - (given lightly smiling) yes, they are learning but still some of them, having hopes that these un-holy people will give benefit them, now Balochistan hasn’t solution in packages, packages are only made stupid us. We are protruded in our struggle and never return back to Pakistan destiny.

Q: - Would you mention names, which you called “They”?
KBM: - (getting into anger) these Raisani, Magsi, some of Bugtis and also some people of Marri Tribes too. Those are offered greediness for money. Because, from those areas establishment found coal, also has gotten information that how much Balochistan having its resources, they have found also oil, but don’t to be opened it. Our solution is not in roads and kind of fake construction, and in packages.

Q: - According to cabinet plan, Kalat state was freed and Mr. Jinnah also accepted independency of Kalat State, after then we saw that Kalat State forcedly occupied by Pakistan army. How do you see his (Mohammad Ali Jinnah) gesture in this case?
KBM: - Truly, he was subordinate of international power.
Q: - But people are said that he was a man of principle.
KBM: - (getting puckered) who is said? If he was principles person, then why he advocated of Khan of Kalat and Kalat State’s case? He his double role. It was strategy of British and American, to involve Balochistan in Pakistan.

Q: - Will you be agreed that before partition of subcontinent Balochi Sardars’ loyalty towards theirs own tribes but after partition or occupied by Pakistan, Sardars’ faithfulness converted to the earth?
KBM: - Our forefathers fought and defend Balochistan sovereignty, but in some context you are right.

Q: - Balochistan has had military operations in 1948, 1958, 1962, 1973-76 and still goes on, which is worst from all of them in your view?
KBM: - whenever they assail, they have received hard reply from us. We will fight with them. Perhaps, we might still not unite as we should. But in public level, are united. We will have to stand for fighting.
In previous time people thought, no such resistance in Quetta, but now you can see there resistance. (Passing smiling) means Baluchistan is changed now. Our children ask for weapons instead theirs toys. We are not as in same position as we were. Our state has been revolutionized now.

Q: - How do you remark at late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto?
KBM: - (given meaningful smiled) what I do say? He was not a nationalist, but he was democratic, socialist and Machiavelli also cheater, (while remained silent) said, he was just a Machiavelli.

Q: - We are not able to say, either you are getting any sort of support from outsider or nor, but how will it be possible for any struggle that without supporting from outsider, war can be won. You take a look Palestine, Kashmiris are receiving supports including Moist also get sympathy intellectual class of India.
In your case who is supported? Apprehension, your single report is not allowed to publish in Pakistan media.
KBM: - yes, we are not receiving support as we deserve. But only encourage is high support for us. And don’t you know guerrilla war has more effectiveness, how many states were with Che Guevara?
Our people are more technique trained in guerrilla war; they have enough experience of war now. Other hand, those are living in abroad, are raised voice for Balochistan. This is support for us. (Smiling) Sindhis and Balochis are getting together and raise voice for their rights in abroad.
He shared his fold example that, one young boy supposed to be merry his beloved but his mother-in-law didn’t want so she gave him task that if you alive, while dropping water at you whole night, then you will be able to merry to my daughter, season was cold and whole night shower of water beneath tree. In morning boy was alive, people came cross to knew reason that boy’s beloved On her room light whole night and that light was given him spirit for living. So we are hoping only that kind of support, and next remain question that India is supporting us or not? I don’t think so, little support, is called support from which country has skill of air power, she doesn’t support us in this regard so what kind of support? Second question, where weapons comes from?
During Afghan – Russia war, many weapons were left behind and nowadays weapons are easily gotten from market, it is not big problem. Don’t forget through guerilla war Afghanis defeated Russia.
Veengas: - but Afghanis (Mujahedeen) were supported by USA wasn’t it?
KBM: - (smiling) yes, you are right, look, guerrilla method is power full.
Our people have been kidnapped, they are saying missing people amount are above hundreds, whereas, I believe; those numbers have in thousands and they are killed, not alive by now.

Q: - Supreme Court took step for missing people; do you think Supreme Court can be acted on it?
KBM: - first fall, how much does Supreme Court give importance it? Supreme Court has not power to take action against establishment. Here is not democracy and justice, then how for will they give us Justice?

Q: - According to you which side plays significance role in movement?
KBM: - In movement, theories, thought and guerrilla method is vital, and more then spirit is keen role playing in movement. Each Baloch should take part in war and analysis side of socialism, by this theory we will be able to create equal society.

Q: - Recently Khan of Kalat has demanded for non-violence moment for Balochistan, what is your remark?
KBM: - (given angrily puckered at his face) he has narrowed minded and he is commodity.

Q: - What is meant by commodity in case of him?
KBM: - he is goods and selling thing in market.

Q: - Khan of Kalat was asked by BBC Urdu Service that do you have plan demand for separate Kalat State, where he refused it.
Do you think hidden hands; can be played this kind of role that they might divide Baluchistan among Sardars, as British Raj did with subcontinent?
KBM: - ( remained silent and looking to the earth) then he spoken, we are understood, they can use fifth column and Kalat is not whole Baluchistan even by now Baluchistan can not be divided, reason that common people will be fought and it is not ease way to divide us.

Q: - Hairberyar Marri said that army should direct speak with me, how you see it?
KBM: - (gotten annoyed) verily I don’t have idea about it, (sudden his close man verified that BBC Urdu Service has been apologized for it because they mislead news, crux of news was that Hairheryar Marri said, Baluchs are real master of Baluchistan, if army (which has real power in Pakistan) to talk direct Baluchs.)
KBM: - I have already told you that they will use fifth column for feeble our movement.

Q: - Current scenario regional politics is going to be changed, Afghanistan is in own Mudas lair means in trouble, can not support you, Iran is going to be change its gesture, do you think, will Iran support you?
KBM: - (laughing) Iran will never ever support us, if Iran has strength, vanish us our seed too. For Afghanistan, I can say more, yes Afghanistan is not our active enemy, also not close friend. I take its friendship as traditional relations because my father went there and I too, in exiled days. During my exiled days, I found myself under their commanding, you were not to allow move other places, even they are not honest socialist. We don’t have more hope from Afghanistan for helping us.

Q: - How do you see Parliament of Pakistan?
KBM: - Is it Parliament? Where you are not allowed speak for Army. You (poor) can give vote but not be allowed for ask vote. Which is this system? This is all the drama, common people is as slavery. We need to system where everyone is equal and existence of socialism, where feel the difference in human and inhuman.

Q: - How do you see future of Pakistan?
KBM: - Dark.

Q: - During 70s era, Pakistan became weaken, that time you had a chance to get your rights but you supported 70s constitution, while having bitter experience.
KBM: - That time condition was totally changed, and we have less political consciousness although we were as not united as we are now. Situation has changed, those, who are asked for rights, they are killed. Hence, we are converted into minatory through Gowadar Port.

Q: - How do you think about Sindh’s conditions?
KBM: - I am not able to understand that why have Sindhis accepted slavery? What will they get from this democracy? They are silent only because of Peon job. Why don’t they stand?

Q: - Would like to comment for G.M Syed?
KBM: - No comment.

Q: - What about view for MQM in Sindh?
KBM: - what has MQM given to Sindhis, they hung it, MQM is which disease can not be vanished itself and don’t let you to die out it. (angrily) said, once time we said that we will defend Karachi, that time bunch of critic came on us, even we said in reaction that if you (Sindhis) don’t care Karachi, then we will defend it.
Let me inform, we should I came to you for (JIRGA) public meeting. For which Masiha, you are waiting.

Q: - What do you have comment for Dictator General Zia, he released whole Baloch leaders?
KBM: - What do you mean? He was dictator and which he released, were not nationalists.

Q: - Do you think, those are fighting on mountains, will be defeated international power?
KBM: - Look, nationalism don’t see any thing, we have spirit and guerrilla method. I say, one day International power will have to talk with us (Baluchis), we have only one choice is this that we are to fight, now Pakistanis job wont defeat us.

Q: - How do you think of Military Dictators of Pakistan?
KHB: - You yourself mention them Dictators, so Dictators are dictators.

Q: - You were in exiled, still you feel yourself in exile?
KBM: - Of course I am in exiled. I will get peace when see freedom, not only for Baluchistan but also entire world where people live in equalitarian society. Baluchis won’t remain more slaves, if we don’t fight, will be shape into minatory.

Q: - Late Z.A Bhutto introduced law of prohibition on Sardari system, how do you see it?
KBM: - he was himself feudal lord and liked napoleon (KBM asking question, do you think napoleon was good man?) Z.A Bhutto introduced Sardari system only sake of Socialism, it was drama.

Q: - In Pakistan Bhutto family especially has been targeted, during Late Ms. Benazir Bhutto, her own Govt. hers brother Late Mr. Mir Murtaza Bhutto was killed and his murdered blame took over his sister Ms. Bhutto, how do you see this bloody game in this country?
KBM: - No doubt that family murdered and establishment was killed Mir Murtaza Bhutto. I can not say any thing but I have doubt that Benazir Bhutto was well aware for her brother killing; perhaps they told her that you remain silent and at least what could she have done? Although surrounding her sponsors and establishment killed her brother and she knew it, she was not innocent.
Benazir came and met with me, I was tried to ask from her that don’t you think for take revenge from those who killed your two brothers and father, but I was not able to ask, she was broken hurt and time was too short that I could not be asked from her.
Mir Murtaza Bhutto was met me in Afghanistan, it was accidentally that we both met, Mir came with my Son Gazain, and Mir was his friend. I asked to Mir that what is meaning of Peoples Party is it some group, nation regarding Sindh or selected group? Mir replied with smiling that Peoples Party is Peoples Party that’s it. Further I could not ask because I did not wish to made bad relation with him.

Q: - How do you see by yourself to Khair Bux Marri?
KBM: - (given innocent smiling) Oh, I am strong by visionary approach, but physically I am now old and weak man. I can not fight but I have much more spirit for fighting.

Q: - From which theory you are inspired?
KBM: - I support that theory which is not popular and this theory believes in equality, where no one is exploited.

Q: - What do we call it?
KBM: - (loudly laughed) don’t you have idea about it?

Q: - What we get sense from it?
KBM: - If I put name, you can not be written?
Q: - You just convey it?
KBM: - Socialism.

Q: - Where is Balaach Marri?
KBM: - (happily smiling) He is on mountains of Balochistan.

Q: - Does Balaach martyr or not? Previously, you never receive any condolence.
KBM: - (silent and wept) for time being silenced movement and looked at us saying slowly, Balaach is movement and he is alive for me. Some people saying from religious view that martyr never die. Balochis meet and say me that our houses have pictures of Balaach Marri. No one is agreed on it that Balaach martyred.

Q: - Sindhis also love him.
KBM: - I am pleased of Balochis and Sindhi, who give this respect. Balaach was intelligent but he was trouble maker for American and establishment, because of that they removed him. Balaach never tried when he traveled long journey by feet, which journey we all travel by train. Yes Balaach was son of Sardar but his attitude was not like Sardars. But where others sons martyred, those all for me as Balaach. Because being an old and weak, if I am not able each name of martyrs, means not I don’t remember them, I remember them but some time I miss names, so that I prefer to don’t show up any name. I have proud that Balaach is my son and he is my forefather. I am inspired from Balaach character of Balochistan, so I prefer to give name this for my son Balaach, because of like Balaachs, who all martyred and their blood give result in shape of this that Today Balochi women talk for freedom.

Q: - How long will movement be continued?
KBM: - I don’t know for time duration, when it will end up, but it will continue until we reach our freedom.

Q: - Anger younger, who are on mountain, will be pacified?
KBM: - (angrily) I am not spoke person of them.

Q: - Do you have any place of talks
KBM: - whose have sane and Baloch never talk with liar. I will never negotiate. If those people have interest for negotiate, go ahead. We never wanted war, but they killed and given bloody river and death bodies in blood, instead them what they want? Here is not justice. We want system where everyone lives equally.

Q: - Dictator Pervez Musharaf said that it is not 70s era. But method of resist is same like guerrilla war.
KBM: - Yes we have unchanged guerilla war system, but don’t forget general Musharaf that we are not 70s era’s Baloch.

Q: - Which structure does you see Balochistan in Future?
KBM: - We have traditional system and it will be slowly disappeared, of course those Balochs are fighting, they won’t see Balochistan in Sardar system. Those fighters have wisdom and will bring equal system in our society.

Q: - What is philosophy of life?
KBM: - Life is not meant live in luxuries, to me life is struggle for freedom of society and brings equal system on this structure, life would be live.

Q: - Any message for Balochs.
KBM: - Whole life I give messages, now I only say this that Never let your weapon to the ground till your last breath, don’t accept defeat and fight for Freedom. I tell to each Balochis that in day light live as common people but in night come up like loin.

Q: - Do you have plan for writing book on your life
KBM: - I am lazy, lot tried for writing but failed but by now I will write.
Veengas: - Thank for giving us time.
KBM: - Oh, don’t say this please.

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